Coronavirus Myths Debunked

Angela Wood

Senior Contributor

During unusual times such as these, it’s easy to get caught up in the tabloid and Twitter frenzy. Misinformation is everywhere, and sometimes with conflicting stories and confusion, it’s hard to determine fact from fiction. From far-fetched tales of catching Coronavirus from Corona beer to stockpiling toilet rolls, how can we deal with an international crisis, with a sense of humour while keeping a level head?

You Can’t Catch Coronavirus from Drinking Corona Beer

Just to clear something pretty logical up – you can’t catch Coronavirus from drinking Corona Beer. In late January 2020, the New York Post reported that ill-informed individuals were spreading the misinformation across the web.

Google Trends calculated that over 50% of people searched for “beer virus” online which lead to thousands of posts and lots of confusion. In fact, the only thing the Mexican beer and the virus have in common is that they share the same name.

The only way you could possibly become infected is if someone with the virus drank from the same bottle before you. In conclusion, the worst thing you can get from drinking Corona Beer is a hangover.

No Symptoms of the Virus Require Buying All the Toilet Rolls

Around the world and in the UK in particular, consumers have been stockpiling food and more bizarrely toilet rolls. According to the WHO website, the most common symptoms of Coronavirus include fever, tiredness, dry cough, aches and pains, sore throat and shortness of breath, although this doesn’t always mean you have the virus, it could simply be a common cold or sore throat.

The World Health Organisation states that very few people will report diarrhoea or runny nose as symptoms - two things you would stockpile toilet roll for, which makes the ongoing trend for buying up all the toilet paper even stranger.

Can I Catch the Virus from Online Shopping?

This is a logical question, especially now as most of us are indoors and ordering everything remotely. So, are you safe to order packages online? The facts are many people will come into contact with your order at various stages, from picking the product to the packaging and delivery.

The National Institutes of Health says traces of the virus can be found in aerosol particles for up to 3 hours, on cardboard for up to 24 hours and on plastic and stainless steel for up to 3 days. If you are ordering items online, opt for standard rather than next day delivery, as in many cases experts say any traces of the virus will be eliminated during longer transit. Upon arrival, handle the delivery with disposable gloves whenever possible, disinfect the cardboard box or plastic packaging with antibacterial wipes and leave for a while before opening.

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention says although it may be possible to catch the virus from touching a surface then touching your face, this is not the main virus transmission method. However, they do admit that they are still in the learning phase as to truly knowing how it spreads.

To be on the safe side and eliminate risk, if you have to receive a delivery, take the above precautions before opening, wash hands thoroughly afterwards and dispose of the packaging responsibly.

The Virus Can’t Be Transmitted Through Mosquito Bites

Although it’s been noted by the World Health Organisation that Coronavirus or COVID-19 can be transmitted in hot or humid climates, indeed any climate, there is NO evidence to suggest that mosquito bites can infect humans with the virus. Coronavirus is respiratory and spread from airborne droplets in coughs and sneezes via an infected person.

So, if you’ve been away on holiday and were bitten by a mosquito, don’t panic, it’s highly unlikely these tiny insects gave you the virus.

Buying Ultraviolet Disinfection Lamps Won’t Eradicate the Virus

Many people believe that purchasing an ultraviolet lamp can help to eradicate Coronavirus on the skin. The WHO (World Health Organisation) debunks this theory and says that the UV radiation from such lamps can cause skin irritation and does not get rid of the virus.

The best thing you can do is wash your hands regularly, employ social distancing and avoid touching your face if you can help it. 

Eating Garlic Won’t Prevent You Catching it (But it May Ward off Vampires)!

Although eating lots of garlic may enhance your immune system, it’s not known to prevent people from catching Coronavirus. However, the British Heart Foundation states that garlic does have many other health benefits from helping to cure a common cold to lowering cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

These pungent bulbs of goodness contain a chemical compound called allicin – an antioxidant which has shown reductions in blood pressure on patients. So, even though eating raw cloves of garlic won’t prevent you from catching Coronavirus, it can still keep you healthy overall, so pop a clove or two in your bowl of spaghetti or atop a homemade pizza.

Another bonus – eating lots of it will prevent people from getting too close during this time of social distancing.

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