How To Remain Positive, Social and Healthy

Isiah Magsino


Before this, it seemed that everybody wanted this lifestyle: staying in pyjamas all day, working from the comfort of your couch, and evading the outside world. But beyond day one and two, isolation quickly called for boredom and restlessness. Twitter’s black hole of refreshing for updated news is almost too alluring but has a depressing downside to it. Quarantine can get the best of some of us, but the below are a few tips on how to remain positive, social, and healthy.

The Internet is Your Friend, But Stay Off Social Media

In times of anxiety, the black hole that is twitter becomes all too alluring. Scoping out the latest updates of the virus becomes almost instinctive. Thirty minutes becomes an hour, and an hour becomes two. Your thumb can’t seem to refrain from refreshing the page and suddenly your eyes start hurting from staring at the screen for so long. Do yourself a favour and limit your time on social media and use the internet for better.

Meditating during challenging times such as these can aid in easing the mind and meditation centres around the world have opened up their services to the internet. The Lincoln Center’s Opera and Ballet have followed in suit, streaming their shows live on their website. The best part? It’s free. YouTube still remains an incredible source to find random, informative documentaries that can help you learn a new thing or two.

The bottom line, keep yourself stimulated by remembering that there’s more to the internet than twitter and Instagram. Having access to the internet during quarantine is a great time to learn about all the things you’ve been wanting to. Social media is certainly not the limit. 

It’s Family and Friends Time

Odds are, many of us are busy people. Before Coronavirus made its way through the world, our calendars were full and our workdays were long making it challenging to spend time with family and friends. Though these aren’t the ideal circumstances, having to stay at home and spend time with your friends and family can easily be seen as a blessing in disguise.

This extended allotted time together makes way for catching up with them: how is work? Do they have a new significant other? Are they reading new books? The list goes on and it’s important to recognise that this is a rare opportunity that should be capitalised on.

During times like these, reverting back to being in the moment with those that mean the most to you is emotionally and mentally healthy. In a loud, bustling world, why not accept the few moments of quiet with loved ones? 

Don’t Stop Moving!

So long equinox, hello home gym! Although staying in bed sounds like the perfect situation, the worse thing you can do during quarantine is to stop moving. What’s great about home workouts is that they challenge you to be creative and think outside of the box from your usual gym routine. To get technical, this is also great for your physique as the new workouts switch up on your muscles, challenging them even more.

And for all the gym junkies who swear they need weights: pilates, yoga, and other body-weight exercises are just as effective. In fact, these exercises further increase flexibility adding onto lean body builds.

Additionally to the point made earlier about online sources, the internet is a great way to find new, creative workouts. Many personal trainers and gyms have switched to an online presence where you can subscribe or follow. 

It’s All About Mindset

At the end of the day, we as humans are facing COVID-19 together. It’s universally understood that this illness has taken a toll on many lives but the way we manage our mental health during quarantine may drastically alter how we experience it. This is a great time to draft new goals for your career and personal life. Maybe you’ve always wanted to get into knitting, or painting-- now’s the time!

Ask yourself: What are you thankful for? Do you still have a job? Do you have a good support system? Are your friends and family still healthy? There are so many things that all can be grateful for and it’s our responsibility to realise that. 

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