Fitness Professionals Share How To Stay Fit

Natasha Bazika


Keeping a sense of normalcy in our every day lives might seem impossible in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, but it’s not. Many of our go-to activities are restricted, but you can still keep fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle at home. Former Radio City Rockettes Jacey Lambros and Danielle DeAngelo transformed one of their studios into a film studio, bringing their signature classes into the digital universe only using their iPhones. The app known as Jane Do On-Demand is helping people stay fit while social-distancing.

Need Motivation?

If you’re struggling to get out of bed or off the couch most days, it’s important to create a routine that will help you keep moving and stay busy for the day, if you’re working from home. According to Lambros and DeAngelo, “carving out an hour in the day will hold you accountable to prioritising your health. Overall health is the most important thing right now. A balanced diet and consistency in your workout will keep you feeling strong and healthy.”

Try doing an hour in the morning before starting a workday or in the afternoon when you clock off. The Jane Do on Demand App has seven classes to choose from with each class targeting a specific body type. For a total body workout, opt-in for Train Jane, a HIIT style workout with steady-state cardio. You can also Dance Your A$$ Off, which is a class that combines high and low impact sport and dance routines fused with strength training increments. You burn calories and increase your metabolism by simply dancing. 

How Often Should You Be Exercising?

Lambros and DeAngelo recommend exercising up to five days a week and for at least an hour. The Jane Do app has exercises from as short as 15 minutes to as long as 60-minutes, making it easy to include exercise into your daily routine. According to Lambros and DeAngelo, “it's important to keep your body moving as our health is the only defence we have against this thing.

It's also important to take at least two days a week for active recoveries such as stretching, myofascial release or walking.” This could also be the perfect time to incorporate yoga into your routine. It not only helps with blood flow and the release of endorphins but also provides stress relief and a way to slow down and take the time to breathe. 

Do I Need Equipment?

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have dumbbells or weight plates, you can still achieve a good workout without it. Lambros and DeAngelo say get creative. “You can turn ordinary household items into extraordinary resistance tools. Grab soup cans for lightweights and detergent for heavy. Don't let lack of equipment hold you back from gaining strength and confidence.”

The exercises on their Jane Do app can all be done without equipment. For instance, all you need for abs is a spot on the floor and a mat if you have one. If not, use a towel. If you want to work on your upper body, use bodyweight or grab bottles and start lifting. There’s no excuse now. Even the professionals are using frying pans, which you can see in the live stream classes.  

Live Classes

If you need someone there to motivate you, opt-in for a live stream class. Jane Do Live lets you follow along with the trainers, as you push, pump and sweat your way through a class. Live scheduled classes are available through existing memberships or can be purchased individually as a class package. Once booked, log on and wait for a trainer to join and get pumping.

Joining live classes forces you to get up and work out, keeping in tune with the trainer and staying motivated to complete the workout. 

Fitness Apps

There are many fitness apps out there including Chris Hemsworth’s app, Centr. It’s just a matter of finding one to suit your ability and preferences. Jane Do is great for women who want to increase their strength, durability and confidence. Each musically charged, energy driven, cross-training workout is designed to lift your butt and your spirit. 

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