ASMALLWORLD Webinars Series: The lineup


Every Tuesday and Thursday our world-class speakers will be presenting a webinar on their area of expertise. Topics will vary every week ranging from health and wellness, business, online security, lifestyle interests and more! Below you will find the current lineup with new speakers and topics added every week. Join us for the ASMALLWORLD Webinars Series on Zoom!


'Happy Healthy Hormones' with guest speaker Inna Wearn

Tuesday, July 28th at 20:00 CET (20:00 Zurich, 19:00 London, 14:00 New York)


Download Inna’s new FREE ‘Healthy Happy Hormones’ ebook by clicking here: https://www.subscribepage.com/healthyhappyhormones

Learn all about perimenopause. What is it? How do you know you are in it? And how can you feel good throughout the process? You will also learn about why your hormones need help and what to eat and what to avoid. Why dieting and extreme exercise may not work for you anymore.


Inna Wearn is a registered Nutritional Therapist, Functional Medicine Practitioner, and Health Coach.

After years of living a hectic London life, working in a demanding corporate environment, and struggling with a multitude of various symptoms, she decided to take control of her health. Her passion for food and curiosity about supporting health by natural means led her to the decision to retrain as a Nutritional Therapist.

She has undertaken rigorous training at the well-known Institute for Optimum Nutrition, qualifying with a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy. She is a full member of the British Association of Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine and registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.

She has a special interest in women’s health, particularly perimenopause. She provides evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle advice that centres around your health and wellbeing.

Inna helps women fix their relationship with food and eat the ‘right’ things for them – which is more important than ever after 40. The truth is there is no magic pill. You have got to deal with your chemistry (your symptoms and what is going on inside), your lifestyle, and how you feel about who you are. When you work on all these elements together, the results can be truly astonishing.

As a woman in her 50’s, Inna is passionate about supporting women just like you. Women who want to lose weight, regain vitality, have more energy, find confidence, and restore hormonal balance.

Inna offers a variety of services including hormone balancing, weight loss, and health coaching that are designed to help women in perimenopause and menopause, escape from hormone turmoil, and feel amazing in their body.

Download Inna’s new FREE ‘Healthy Happy Hormones’ ebook by clicking here.

You could also find a vast array of free ebooks on all topics from supporting your immunity to helping you through the menopause by visiting Inna’s website.

'Agave Spirits and Mixology Class' with guest speaker David Rios

Tuesday, July 21st at 20:00 CET (20:00 Zurich, 19:00 London, 14:00 New York)


Join this unique opportunity to learn all about agave spirits from David Rios who has been awarded as the Best Bartender in the World. He will also show you how to prepare 2 delicious agave-based cocktails that you can easily replicate at home as well as sharing his tips about the right glassware, using different types of ice and aromas.

As a cherry on the cake, Padre Azul Tequila will be giving away a bottle of their finest award-winning and Mexican-crafted tequilas to 5 lucky winners! Please note that only members from EU or USA can participate in the lucky draw at the end of the webinar.


David Rios with over 20 years' experience under his belt in the hospitality industry is a multi-award winning bartender, not least of which was the Diageo Reserve World Class 2013 Best Bartender in the World Award. Having worked from the bottom-up, David is a self-taught bartender going on to become maitre and sommelier in prestigious hotels and restaurants, such as the Mugaritz Restaurant with world-renowned chef Andoni Aduriz.

Prior to winning the Diageo Best Bartender Championship, David was also won the Best European Bartender Award and the Punch & Glass challenge during the week-long World Class competition held on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean (2013). It is worthy to note that David was the first Gin and Tonic Champion in Spain (2010) in the Historical Gin and Tonic category, as well as International Gin and Tonic Champion (2011).

In recent years, David has participated in a number of high profile events, such as having served as the official Mixologist for the Latin Grammys and having created the official cocktails for the Ryder Cup. Additionally, he was involved with the Gastro Symphony Project with the world's best tenor and chef, Juan Diego Florez and Joan Roca respectively, which took place at the United Nations in Switzerland in order to commemorate Human Rights Day by combining music, food and cocktails. Another important event was the official launch of Haig Club Whisky in Spain with David Beckham.

Not only has David operated various cafés, cocktail bars, and even a cocktail catering service, he also dedicates his time to sharing his knowledge, expertise and experience by teaching training courses and Cocktail Master Classes around the world. Furthermore, he gives motivational talks to up-and-coming professionals, and is a cocktail and hospitality consultant, advising wine dealers on purchases and distilleries when developing new brands. David regularly acts as an international cocktail judge, and judge of world's best bars, while continually setting new professional challenges for the future such as in Dubai with one of the best chefs in the world.

He also recently obtained the title of official Sherry wine educator, David considers that wine and cocktails are brothers, which is why he considers the development of cocktails with wine base is very important.

To all this, we must add his certificate as a taster in sensory evaluation of Tequila obtained in Jalisco, Mexico with the master Ana Maria Romero.

His acclaimed cocktail creations are inspired by stunning Basque mountainous landscapes and coastal areas and beaches displaying a weakness for citric aromas and bitter tastes. Finally and most importantly, however, David's motto is: 'Learn, show respect and maintain ongoing improvement'.

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'How To Solve Difficult Problems' with guest speaker Stephen Shapiro

Thursday, July 16th at 20:00 CET (20:00 Zurich, 19:00 London, 14:00 New York)


To find better solutions, you need to first ask better questions. The questions you ask determine which solutions you'll see and which will remain hidden. What if you had an effective and systematic approach to deal with any challenge?

This virtual experience contains the formulas to reframe any problem multiple ways: twenty-five lenses that help you gain different perspectives. Packed with powerful stories and practical tools, this presentation will immediately enable you to address any challenge head-on.


For over 20 years, Stephen Shapiro has presented his provocative strategies on innovation to audiences in over 50 countries. During his 15-year tenure with the consulting firm Accenture, he led a 20,000-person innovation practice. He is the author of six books, including his latest: Invisible Solutions: 25 Lenses that Reframe and Help Solve Difficult Business Problems. His Personality Poker® system has been used around the world to create high-performing innovation teams. In 2015 he was inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame.

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'Stop Stalling: Start Moving' with guest speaker Georgia Bamber

Tuesday, July 14th at 12:00 CET (12:00 Zurich, 11:00 London, 20:00 Sydney)


Are you struggling to get moving towards your goals? Things are all a bit topsy turvy at the moment and you may be feeling like your life has been turned upside down or completely put on hold. It’s tough.

But you still have goals and dreams. That hasn't changed, right? And even though the world seems a little crazy, that is not a reason to give up on them. There are definitely things you can do.

Do want to find out how to get started and keep yourself on track for success? If the answer is YES, listen in....because there is a secret to achieving success and reaching your goals. There is a key to making positive change happen, even in challenging times. And the best news is it is simple to learn and works for everyone.

Want to know what it is? All will be revealed during this thought-provoking, inspiring, practical workshop.


Georgia Bamber is a success coach, speaker and author of “Achieve Anything You Want”. Through her work, she helps people make positive changes in their personal or professional lives and reach their goals.

She teaches the tools and strategies needed to make change happen - to develop a success mindset, gain killer confidence and create the time to follow their dreams.

Her aim is to help people achieve their goals and dreams and empower them to live happy, healthy, vibrant lives.

Georgia has a diverse academic, professional and personal background from which she draws in her coaching and speaking.

She is a graduate of Cornell University, has an MBA from City University London, a Masters in Counselling Psychology from Monash University, is a certified Life Coach (Robbins-Madanes Training) and certified in Plant-Based Nutrition (Cornell University).

Georgia is a wife and mother of two teenage boys, is an ultra-runner and ironman, as well as a plant-based lifestyle advocate. So she knows just what it is like to do the juggle between mother, entrepreneur and maintaining a healthy mind and body.

Georgia offers private coaching and online group courses and can be found at www.georgiabamber.com

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'Leveraging Diversity by Inclusion' with guest speaker Awin Tavakoli

Thursday, 9 July at 20:00 CET (20:00 Zurich, 19:00 London, 14:00 New York)


Join Awin Tavakoli, Lawyer and Business Advisor and Founder & CEO of the Tavakoli Advisory, as she examines the topic of Diversity & Inclusion and the business around it. 

This Webinar will be moderated by Ariane Tavakol, Personal Reinvention Architect and Blog owner.

In the past few years the business around diversity has been booming, but not the diversity itself. In 2019 US companies spent over 8 billion USD on diversity training, which shows the relevancy of the issue but not necessarily the results. As a part of ASW - a global community, how do you experience and handle diversity?

Everyday in the world millions of decisions - at work and at home - are being made based on automatic preferences and prejudices; the so-called Biases. This is not always happening intentionally and consciously, but most of the time the unconscious biases guide us towards decisions with unfavourable outcomes. As long as we have a brain, we also have biases. Our brain seeks survival and safety, and being near people who think, look and act like us. Fact is though that innovation and diversity do not go in line with safety, similarity or sameness. Innovation likes risks, but safety doesn't!


Born and raised in a large Kurdish family in Tehran, Iran, Awin experienced the Islamic revolution in 1979 and grew up during the brutal war between Iran and Iraq. As a Kurd she had to cope with being labeled and excluded as ethnic minority in her own country. Also growing up to an ambitious rebel young girl aiming for the stars under the authority of an Islamic male dominated suppressive regime wasn’t easy!

With age of 26 Awin moved to Europe to start a new life but again it was about fitting in and adapting to other types of rules and clichés. After going through numerous challenges in her private and professional life, she ultimately decided to focus on building the new instead of fighting the old. In the meantime she is running her own boutique advisory firm in the heart of Zurich City and has built a powerful global brand around her person and her mission. Awin has helped and inspired tens of thousands of people by sharing her story and her mission on international stages and summits around the world and she is disrupting the legal industry by establishing a brand new way of practicing law.

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Stop. Think. Click: Follow-up with guest speaker Kieren Nicolas Lovell

Thursday, July 7th at 20:00 CET (20:00 Zurich, 19:00 London, 14:00 New York)


The first webinar by speaker Kieren in April, Virtual Bulletproofing, was the most-requested and highest rated webinar so far, and by your demand, we are going to take it one step further! In the next webinar, Kieren Nicolas Lovell, will show how you can better secure your digital footprint and your devices with live on-screen examples! In addition, people who have signed up will get a full Open Source Intelligence check included. You will receive your personal security assessment report by Kieren a few days later!

During these difficult times, a lot of people are pulling together to make the world a better place. Others, however, are doing their part to make things worse.

Stop. Think. Click: Follow-up will cover:

How to secure your Windows Laptop?

How to secure your Mac Laptop?

How to limit interception?

How to encrypt your files on your hard-drive?

How to encrypt your files in transit?

How to use TOR to hide your tracks (ethically)?

How to setup Password Managers?


Kieren Nicolas Lovell is a cybersecurity specialist, who specialises in Incident Response (CSIRT/CERT) and real-time cybersecurity simulations and live gathering exercises.

Prior to starting at Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech), Kieren was the Head of the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) at the University of Cambridge. He was also the Chief Radio (CIS) Supervisor & Battlewatch Captain for Standing NATO Maritime Group One, with the Royal Norwegian Navy on operations in the Gulf of Aden, mitigating the pirate threat. He was in the Royal Navy as a Communications and IT Specialist for twelve years, serving on Nuclear Submarines, Mine Hunters, and Patrol vessels, before he left for new adventures.

He is currently working with the following organisations: TalTech, University of Cambridge (Pembroke & King's Summer Programme), SpectX, Startup Wise Guys, Consulting.

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'The Influencer Culture: Impact & Future on Modern Workforce' with guest speaker Somi Arian

Thursday, July 2nd at 20:00 CET (20:00 Zurich, 19:00 London, 14:00 New York)


Join Somi Arian, Tech Philosopher and a 'Transition Architect', as she examines the influencer culture and its impact & future on modern workforce.

Millennials are often attracted to the influencer culture and entrepreneurship. If you understand what makes those cultures attractive to them, you will be able to create a culture of “intrapreneurship” within your company.


Somi Arian is a Tech Philosopher and a 'Transition Architect'. As humans merge with technology, and society enters a new phase of evolution, Somi works on frameworks to address the challenges ahead.

Somi is an Author, Award-Winning Filmmaker, Entrepreneur, and a LinkedIn-Top-Voice in the UK. Somi’s documentary, “The Millennial Disruption”, has won three international awards, and her book, “Career Fear (and how to beat it), will be released in August 2020. Preorder it here.

As a speaker, Somi give talks and workshops internationally on the impact of technology on society, the business landscape, and the future of work.

Somi is the founder of Smart Cookie Media, a modern-day Digital Marketing firm for thought-leaders. She is also the co-founder of Career Drive, an online platform that uses entertainment to teach emotional intelligence, and an investor and advisory board member of NuroKor Bioelectronics, an exciting wearable technology startup.

With a background in philosophy of science and technology and over a decade of experience in film and TV, Somi applies an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the impact of technology on consumer behaviour and the future of work.

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7 Steps to Profit with guest speaker Alan O'Neill

Tuesday, June 30th at 20:00 CET (20:00 Zurich, 19:00 London, 14:00 New York)


Alan O’Neill is a Change Consultant and Keynote Speaker specialising in Change Management, Organisation Culture, and Customer Experience. For more than 30 years he has worked with some of the most amazing companies around the world. He has supported global brands like Toyota, Getty Images, Harrods of London, Dubai Duty-Free, Primark, Intel, Moët & Chandon, and even the United Nations. What is it that has made these companies so powerful and successful in their respective fields? What are their secrets to success? Well… they all have one thing in common and it’s not that difficult! They all follow a very structured path to excellence and Alan wants to share that secret with you!


From Financial Services, FMCG, Hospitality, Industrial, IT, Motor, Retail, Telcos, Tourism to Travel and others, and with 30+ years of front line board-level experience, Alan has lots of no-nonsense expertise with lots to say.

Facilitating multi-million euro businesses to achieve amazing results, he knows what it takes to drive change right through a business – from top to bottom… and front to back. Up to 2004, Selfridges for example was a sleeping giant – but in recent years has achieved two significant accolades… it is officially the best department store in the world… and is one of the most profitable department stores in the world (per m²).

Alan's retail and hospitality experience ranges from food to fashion… luxury to mass… single to multiple-site… down-town to travel retail… in Europe, UK, Russia, the Middle East and the Far-East. But it’s certainly not just about retail and hospitality. His B2B experience includes international giants like Glanbia, Intel, Kizad, Lavazza, Lufthansa, Moët Hennessy, Nissan, Pepsi, St. Gobain, Symantec, Vodafone, Xerox, etc., where he has brought discipline, rigour and common sense to change projects.

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Four Pillars of Wellness with guest speaker Julie Wald

Thursday, June 25th at 20:00 CET (20:00 Zurich, 19:00 London, 14:00 New York)


Join Julie Wald, CEO and Co-founder of Namaste New York, as she examines the four pillars of Wellness, providing a powerful framework for self-care.

This intro to Namaste’s hallmark Four Pillars of Wellness (Movement, Stillness, Connection and Nourishment) provides a powerful framework for self care during challenging times. Inspiration, research and experiential moments help participants personally connect with the material and leave prepared to make meaningful changes in their lives through wellness practices. The presenter, Julie Wald, is known for her personal, down to earth style that leaves participants supported and inspired to live healthier, happier lives.


A wellness practitioner for over 25 years, Julie Wald is the Founder, CEO and Chief Wellness Officer at Namaste Wellness. Julie is also the bestselling author of “Inner Wealth - how wellness heals, nurtures and optimizes ultra successful people”, released in March of 2020. She holds a master’s degree in Social Work from New York University and began her career in 1995 as a clinical social worker treating adults, children and adolescents in mental health and healthcare settings. In the process of building her impressive mental health practice, Julie also pursued her personal wellness objectives and in doing so became a Certified Yoga Instructor, Meditation Teacher, Thai Bodyworker and Reiki Master. The mastery of these disciplines combined with her clinical training and experience in healthcare have proven to be invaluable assets to her professional path.

Namaste Wellness is uniquely positioned to consult, coach, curate and deliver world class virtual fitness and wellness for individuals, families and organizations. Serving a vast and influential clientele of high-performing business leaders and celebrities, as well as children, families and individuals coping with chronic illness, Julie’s team helps clients to navigate their day-to-day lives, manage stress and pain, and cultivate lifelong well-being through extraordinary self-care planning and practices.

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How to Amplify your Brand and Grow your Business with guest speaker Jane Anderson

Tuesday, June 23rd at 12:00 CET (12:00 Zurich, 11:00 London, 20:00 Sydney)


Join Jane Anderson, Personal Branding Expert, as she explains how to create powerful content that connects with customers and drives organizational change.

During this webinar, Jane Anderson will lead you through the following:

- Why the future of your growth is content creation

- How many pieces of content it takes for a client to want to work with you

- How to create a world class piece of content in less than 10 minutes

About Jane Anderson

Jane Anderson is a Strategic Communications expert. With over 20 years’ experience in Personal Branding, Content Creation and Tribe Building. She has worked with over 100,000 people on building more trust and influence in their businesses and brands.

Her clients include some of the world’s leading experts in their field as well as iconic brands such as Virgin Australia, Lego, Ikea, Rio Tinto and Origin Energy.

Jane has recently been voted in the top 3 branding gurus globally. She has won International Stevie Awards for Women in Business and nominated in the Telstra Business Women Awards 7 times. She also has one of the top 1% of most viewed LinkedIn profiles.

She is the host of the iTunes podcast "The Jane Anderson Show" interviewing people like Seth Godin and has been featured in Business Insider, Sky Business, Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. She is also on Forbes Coaches Council. Known for helping people become prolific, she recently helped over 500 influencers create over $50 million of IP in two days.

She is the author of seven books including “Catalyst Content: Create a Piece of Purposeful Content in Less than 10 Minutes.”

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Work Happy with guest speaker Nic Marks

Thursday, June 18th at 20:00 CET (20:00 Zurich, 19:00 London, 14:00 New York)


This talk presents a focus on why happiness is functional in a work context and it's contagious effects, for example how it builds teams and everything around it. Nic Marks will describe how all our feelings are highly functional. Our positive emotions help us thrive whereas our negative emotions help us survive. Come and join this webinar and find out how happiness creates better futures and how to be happier at work but also in your life.

About Nic Marks

Nic Marks was once described as a “Statistician with a Soul” because of his unusual combination of ‘hard’ statistical skills and ‘soft’ people skills, he draws on scientific evidence to show that everyone benefits when businesses take happiness seriously. Nic founded Friday Pulse an innovative tech business based in London to be the catalyst in changing the world of work for the better.

After studying Mathematics, Economics and Management at the University of Cambridge, Nic gained postgraduate qualifications in Operational Research at Lancaster University and Organizational Change at the University of Surrey, also completing a three-year practical training in Counselling and Psychotherapy along the way.

In 2001 he founded the Centre for Wellbeing at the London-based think tank the New Economics Foundation. Nic and his team produced a stream of ground-breaking reports including the Happy Planet Index, Five Ways to Wellbeing and National Accounts of Wellbeing. In 2008 they were awarded the “Betterment of Humankind Award” from the International Society for Quality of Life Studies for their work on wellbeing in public policy.

Nic was an advisor to the UK Government Office for Science on the Wellbeing Foresight Programme and has written over 20 publications. In 2010 Nic was invited to speak at the prestigious TED global conference. His TED talk has now been watched well over a million times, and he authored one of the original three TEDbooks, entitled ‘A Happiness Manifesto’. Nic was named as one of the Top Ten Original Thinkers by the UK’s Institute of Directors magazine and his work was listed as one of Forbes Magazine’s Seven Most Powerful Ideas in 2011.

Nic is an in-demand public speaker, giving talks at a wide range of events from keynotes at HR conferences to an exclusive Virgin Unite gathering on Necker - Richard Branson’s private island - though undoubtedly his favourite recent talk was in a circus tent at the Wilderness music festival.

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Meditation for Strong Emotions with guest speaker Lodro Rinzler

Tuesday, 16th June at 18:00 CET (18:00 Zurich, 17:00 London, 12:00 New York)


Join Lodro Rinzler, award-winning author and world-renowned meditation teacher, as he leads us through a talk about meditation for strong emotions.

During this very uncertain and groundless time, let's learn to get grounded. Join long-time meditation teacher and award-winning author Lodro Rinzler for an hour where we will learn the different forms of meditation, explore how consistent meditation changes our neurological patterns related to stress, hear about the three ways emotions get stuck in the body, practice two different meditation techniques to get us unstuck and grounded, hear about on-the-spot ways to manage strong emotions when we get triggered and learn how to set up an at-home meditation practice. In addition to the talk and a guided meditation session, there will be a Q&A where you can get all your nitty-gritty meditation questions answered. We look forward to taking a deep breath and learning new methods for navigating these uncertain times.

About Lodro Rinzler

Lodro is the author of six meditation books including The Buddha Walks into a Bar and Love Hurts: Buddhist Advice for the Heartbroken and the co-founder of MNDFL meditation studios in New York City. His books Walk Like a Buddha and The Buddha Walks into the Office both have received Independent Publisher Book Awards.

He has taught meditation for nineteen years in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition and travels frequently for his books, having spoken across the world at conferences, universities, and businesses as diverse as Google, Harvard University and the White House. Named one of 50 Innovators Shaping the Future of Wellness by SONIMA, Rinzler's work has been featured in The New York Times,The Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, Good Morning America, CBS, and NBC. He lives in Hudson with his wife Adreanna and a swarm of furry beings.

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Courage and truth with speaker Kirsty Spraggon

Thursday, 11th June at 12:00 CET (12:00 Zurich, 11:00 London, 20:00 Sydney)


ASMALLWORLD is honoured to present a webinar with Kirsty Spraggon, a world-renowned Forbes and Fox speaker, a PRISM awards nominee, and award recipient for the ‘Hall Of Fame’. During the webinar, you will have a unique opportunity to ask Kirsty about her experience with Oprah.

In this webinar, Kirsty Spraggon will share practical techniques to build your inner courage so you can be inspired and motivated to reach your fullest potential. Kirsty has her own online talk show and was lucky enough to be invited to spend Oprah's birthday with her (ask her about that later!!). In her conversation with Oprah, she talked a lot about fear & anxiety and that's what she will be sharing with us.

About Kirsty Spraggon

There are very few speakers who are truly capable of creating meaningful & lasting change. Why not give your live audience more than just fleeting inspiration? Kirsty’s work gets to the core of what inhibits true growth & she understands what it is that drives human behaviour towards positive change.

With over 3 million views on KirstyTV in 120 countries, Kirsty knows how to work through the camera to make sure your people are engaged, uplifted & inspired. Webinars can be an amazing way to connect your people together. in times of crisis. With over a decade of speaking experience all over the planet, Kirsty brings a depth of knowledge when it comes to what engages an audience. Her powerful storytelling abilities allow her to connect deeply & as someone who has braved the path to change - not once, but many times before on her own journey, she has the powerful capacity to hold space for the human experience.

Her work has been nominated for two PRISM awards by the Entertainment Industry Council.

She has been featured in Fox Business, Women’s Health, The Huffington Post, Forbes, The Today Show and more.

A successful entrepreneur in her own right, ranked in the top 1% of 120,000 realtors worldwide with Re/Max and awarded the ‘Hall Of Fame’.

Kirsty is the go-to person for those wanting clarity, perspective & a dose of TRUTH delivered with a little tough love when needed to push attendees out of their comfort zone.

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Digital revolution and new order with speaker CHRISTOPH HOLZ

Tuesday, 9th June at 20:00 Zurich, 19:00 London, 14:00 New York


Join Christoph Holz, computer and rocket scientist by training , as he leads us through the digital revolution and the new world order after COVID-19.

This talk examines what we can learn about the exponential illusion of the epidemic, how we can prevent the next outbreak through PC's virus scans, why only quantum computers will come up with vaccinations faster, and much more!

About Christoph Holz

Christoph Holz is a computer and rocket scientist by training. He is a university teacher and a real cyborg. As a business angel, he invests in artificial intelligence, blockchain and co-living from Australia to Singapore. Startups benefit from his 20 years of experience as an IT entrepreneur in Europe and Silicon Valley. He is known to a broader public as a TV expert e.g. known from CNBC, Sat1 or N-TV.

As a speaker at Google, BMW, TEDx and others, Christoph Holz connects technology, economy and society. His extensive knowledge makes the substantial difference - excitingly told, from practice, with surprising examples and humorous perspectives.

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The science of happiness with speaker Catherine Sanderson

Thursday, 4th June at 20:00 Zurich, 19:00 London, 14:00 New York


Join Catherine Sanderson, the Manwell Family Professor of Life Sciences (Psychology) at Amherst College , as she examines what is the science about happiness and what role do money, friends, children, weather, age and religion play in making us feel better.

This talk presents both surprising and not-so-surprising information on the science behind happiness. What role do money, marriage, friends, children, weather, age, and religion play in making us feel happier? Is happiness stable over time? How can happiness be increased? Dr. Catherine Sanderson will describe cutting-edge research from the field of positive psychology on the factors that do (and do not) predict happiness, and provide participants with practical (and relatively easy!) ways to increase their own psychological well-being.

About Catherine Sanderson

Catherine Sanderson received a bachelor's degree in Psychology, with a specialisation in Health and Development, from Stanford University, and received both masters and doctoral degrees in psychology from Princeton University.

Her research has received grant funding from the National Science Foundation and the National Institute of Health. Professor Sanderson has published over 25 journal articles and book chapters in addition to four college textbooks, middle school and high school health textbooks, and trade books on parenting as well as how mindset influences happiness, health, and even how long we live (The Positive Shift). In 2012, she was named one of the country's top 300 professors by the Princeton Review.

Professor Sanderson speaks regularly for public and corporate audiences on topics such as the science of happiness, the power of emotional intelligence, the art of ageing well, and the psychology of courage and inaction. These talks have been featured in numerous mainstream media outlets, including The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, The Atlantic, CNN, and CBS Sunday Morning with Jane Pauley. She also writes a weekly blog for Psychology Today - Norms Matter - that examines the power of social influence on virtually all aspects of our lives.

Her latest trade book, published in North America as Why We Act: Turning Bystanders Into Moral Rebels (Harvard University Press) and internationally as The Bystander Effect: The Psychology of Courage and Inaction (HarperCollins), examines why good people so often stay silent or do nothing in the face of wrongdoing. For a preview of the topics addressed in this book, watch Catherine’s TEDx talk on the Psychology of Inaction, which describes the factors that contribute to inaction and provides strategies we all can use to help people act, even when those around them are not.

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Communication at work with speaker Anna Percy Davis

Tuesday, 2nd June at 20:00 Zurich, 19:00 London, 14:00 New York


Join Anna Percy-Davis, motivational speaker, leadership consultant and wellbeing specialist for an interactive webinar focusing on the key skills, behaviours and perspectives to help you manage and grow your confidence and your communication skills at work.

Self-limiting beliefs and a lack of confidence frequently inhibit us from performing at our best and realising our potential, which in turn can affect our overall wellbeing. Anna will be running an uplifting, informative and useful masterclass exclusively for ASMALLWORLD to help you own what is great about you. This dynamic workshop will help you manage the thoughts, perspectives and behaviours that are holding you back.

Anna will examine and help you to adopt strategies so that you can exude confidence, communicate more effectively such that you find your voice and adopt affirmative and empowering behaviours that are advantageous not only to yourself but to others around you.

About Anna Percy Davis

Anna Percy-Davis is a leading Executive and Careers Coach Trainer and Consultant. Anna works with people at both an organisational and individual level, helping them to develop the skills they need to thrive. Anna specialises in mindset, motivation, confidence and communication, key aspects and skills which are needed to improve performance and unlock potential. Anna has a first class degree in Economics and Psychology, a foundation training in Psychotherapy and a coaching training from The Coaches Training Institute. With a background in both Investment Banking and Recruitment, Anna is well-versed in the pressures that we can all face at work.

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Exploring human design with speaker Erin Claire Jones

Thursday, 28 May at 19:00 CET (19:00 Zurich, 18:00 London, 13:00 New York)


Join Erin Claire Jones, for an interactive webinar introducing you to Human Design.

Human Design brings together ancient wisdom — Astrology, the I Ching, the Chakras, the Kabbalah — with modern science — Quantum Physics, Genetics — to give you an operating manual for how you uniquely are designed to make decisions and communicate, making it easier to flow and materialise what you truly want in life with every decision you make. Join this conversation to discover whether you are a projector, reflector, generator, manifesting generator, or manifestor, and learn who else in the world is your particular Human Design. Get a taste for how you are uniquely designed to make decisions and navigate your relationships and career with the most ease and least resistance as your most authentic self.

About Erin Claire Jones

Erin Claire Jones uses Human Design to help thousands of individuals and companies step into their work and their lives as their truest selves and to their highest potential. Her work as a guide, coach, and speaker has attracted a growing community of over 50,000 people who turn to her teachings for practical tools, digestible tips, and deeper self-knowledge they can access to live with greater ease and authenticity every single day.

With work featured in Forbes, mindbodygreen, Well&Good, and Nylon; words shared on over 60 podcasts such as Almost30, That’s So Retrograde, Highest Self, and Chatty Broads; and conversations with crowds of hundreds around the world, Erin’s insights are highly sought-after because they make Human Design pragmatic, tangible, accessible — and immediately applicable to everyday life.

Human Design is a synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern science that sheds light on a person’s energetic makeup, as well as specific tools they can use to live at their happiest, healthiest, highest potential. It doesn’t change who they are; it teaches them who they are. It offers insight into what’s possible and highlights the significance of understanding and living as the fullest expression of themselves.

By putting this tool to work in her own life, Erin is showing the world a new way of work, a new path toward success, and a new perspective on living as you truly are.

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Intelligent weight loss with speaker Kim Pearson

Wednesday, 27 May at 19:00 CET (19:00 Zurich, 18:00 London, 13:00 New York)


Recent research has highlighted that 46% of us have gained weight in lockdown with 16% gaining more than 5lbs in the first six weeks. Increased alcohol intake, comfort eating and lack of exercise are key factors behind the weight gain, as we have socially distanced from everything except the fridge! Harley Street nutritionist and weight loss expert Kim Pearson talks us through her intelligent weight-loss approach, which includes overcoming emotional eating and effective strategies for healthy habit formation.

About Kim Pearson

Celebrity Nutritionist and Weight Loss Specialist

Kim Pearson qualified as a nutritionist at London’s Institute for Optimum Nutrition in 2008 and has worked in the field of nutrition and health for over 15 years. Frequently featuring in the media, Kim writes articles and provides professional comment for a wide range of magazines, newspapers and medical journals and has appeared on national television and radio. Kim speaks at conferences and trains healthcare professionals in nutrition and diet. She has worked with businesses to develop corporate nutrition policies, has created dietary guidelines for medical research trials and is an ambassador for leading nutrition brands. Kim is a full member of CNHC (Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council) BANT (British Association of Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy) and the Guild of Health Writers.

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Building resilience with speaker DR PATAPIA TZOTZOLI

Tuesday, 26 May at 19:00 CET (19:00 Zurich, 18:00 London, 13:00 New York)


Join Dr Patapia Tzotzoli, for an interactive webinar to explore resilience and emotional well-being.

It’s inevitable that we’ll all be affected somehow during the coronavirus crisis, either by getting infected or by experiencing disruptions and facing unprecedented challenges in our daily lives. The situation we find ourselves in offers us a unique opportunity to learn some new skills. Adversity helps us build resilience so we can better cope with life’s inevitable difficulties – which is an invaluable attribute to nurture.

We can begin to do our part by tuning in our mindset and consciously committing to do what it takes, however uncomfortable that may be. We must accept the challenge to learn and avoid shirking the responsibility, running away, or turning a blind eye. We can achieve this by taking control of our mind, body, and emotions, and by believing in our abilities to see this through. In the end, our efforts will benefit ourselves, as well as our whole community.

About Dr Patapia Tzotzoli

Dr Patapia Tzotzoli founded My Psychology Clinic where she gained her reputation working as a clinical psychologist with clients on a one-to-one basis in London, and worldwide via online therapy. She specialises in adult mental health and couples therapy. After studying at the University of East London, Oxford, and Cambridge, she trained at the Institute of Psychiatry where she worked across world-renowned NHS Trusts. Dr Tzotzoli is also the CEO and founder of iConcipio Ltd, a digital mental health company that aims to enhance students' resilience and improve their experience in higher education institutions by supporting their mental health, wellbeing, and study skills.

On both a personal and professional level, Dr Tzotzoli has been advocating that we embrace adversity. Our past influences how we think and feel as we face everyday challenges and life’s distressing events and transitions. But by choosing to learn from adversity, we can reclaim the freedom and power to behave as we wish today. Adapting well in the face of adversity is known as resilience; an invaluable attribute to nurture as it empowers us to grow and helps us efficiently navigate a more rewarding life. Dr Tzotzoli strives to study, practice, and build resilience daily. This is how she mindfully endeavour to take care of her mental health. For her, it's a lifetime goal and she finds meaning in helping others make progress on their path to resilience and mental health.

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Optimising team efficiency with speaker Michael Saunders

Thursday, 21 May at 19:00 CET (19:00 Zurich, 18:00 London, 13:00 New York)


You don't survive in the world alone and even if your goal is creating money. Money comes from other people so you can't survive without other humans. The success of the human race in competition with other species has been our ability to work together and cooperate.

Sometimes it might not feel like it, we war, we argue though together we survive better.

Michael creates higher performing teams for the worlds largest organisations. Find out what it takes for you to develop top-performing teams inside your work, sporting group or family.

About Michael Saunders

Leadership Coach and International Speaker

A passionate, engaging and customer-centric C-suite Executive with years of experience in propelling start-ups and established organisations to the next stage of their evolution, he spearheads revenue growth, product innovation and expansion using his eclectic skill set and business acuity to deliver strategic visions. He considers himself a sector-versatile that collaborates with globally renowned brands, including Lloyds Bank, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Cuscal Ltd and SunRice.

Michael has been speaking in local and international events, talking about Leadership, Banking and Technology. With his vast experience in the industry, he speaks based on exposure to different work cultures and challenges that he has encountered. Being able to tell engaging and victorious stories makes him a sought after speaker.

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Holistic Self-Care for lasting happiness with guest speaker Erica Matluck

Tuesday, 19 May at 19:00 CET (19:00 Zurich, 18:00 London, 13:00 New York)


Join Dr Erica Matluck ND NP, for an interactive webinar to explore holistic self-care during the pandemic and beyond.

The Seven Senses framework is a holistic approach to healing and transformation that coordinates the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of health toward a unified goal.

In this webinar, you will learn how to apply this framework to your health and life. You will deepen your understanding of how holistic health works, how to optimise the relationship between your health and your life, and how to use your nervous and endocrine systems to better integrate the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual quadrants of your health. Prepare to gain a new set of tools and practices to apply to your holistic self-care routine.

About Dr Erica Matluck

Dr Erica Matluck is a NYC-based naturopathic doctor and holistic guide. She was trained as a Reiki Master at 20 years old and began studying yoga as a teenager. Combining decades of experience working in conventional and alternative medicine, she brings a truly holistic lens to wellbeing, addressing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of health. Eastern philosophy threads through all of Matluck’s work, where she emphasises the intersection of health and spirituality to help people find meaning through the challenges of life and health. 

Prior to opening a private practice, she spent nearly a decade at One Medical Group building integrative medical services and training healthcare providers in holistic practices and group facilitation. She has travelled all over the world to study with masterful healers and deepen her understanding of how people of different cultures heal. In 2017, she synthesised all of her knowledge and experience into the creation of Seven Senses, a holistic framework for healing and transformation. She applies this framework to all of her work, which has been featured in Harpers Bazaar, MindBodyGreen, Well and Good, Vogue, and Women’s Health.

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Freedom from 'Busy' with Danielle Brooker

Thursday, May 14th at 19:00 CET (19:00 Zurich, 18:00 London, 13:00 New York)


If you want to break up with 'busy' and still achieve all that you want, this webinar is for you. Danielle Brooker, joy coach and positive thinking enthusiast will be sharing her knowledge and best practices.

In this webinar, Danielle Brooker will share a sustainable approach to your success so you can finally feel free from “busy”, ditch the stress, and reclaim your joy.

About Danielle Brooker

Danielle Brooker. Joy Coach. Coffee snob. And positive thinking enthusiast.

Danielle spent over a decade building a career in economics and policy, working in the Australian government and the UK charity sector – only to keep finding herself in great jobs she didn’t feel great in.

Reaching a burnout from stress and always being “on” she had to start questioning herself in a whole new way. Which led her to follow her dreams to London and (eventually) establishing her business, The Daisy Patch.

She now works with highly ambitious, stressed-out women in their 30s globally, who are stuck at a crossroads. She takes them from questioning “should I or shouldn’t I quit my job?” to living a joyful life regardless of what job they’re in.

Through her private coaching programmes, group sessions, digital courses and podcast she guides women through phase-of-life transitions (like big career changes or starting a family) to reclaim their lives from busy and finally feel like themselves again.

A Credentialed Practitioner Of Life Coaching and Certified Meta Dynamics Practitioner (an integration of NLP, positive psychology and other modalities)—Danielle uses a blend of tools and techniques from years of her own self-discovery, integrating both strategy and heart-led work. She believes sustainable success and a joyful life comes from asking yourself the right questions and allowing what feels good to lead the way.

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Optimising your diet at home with JENNA HOPE

Tuesday, May 12th at 19:00 CET (19:00 Zurich, 18:00 London, 13:00 New York)


Struggling to get to grips with your nutrition at home? Tune in via Zoom to join accredited Nutritionist, Jenna Hope.

Has all routine gone out the window or are you finding yourself grazing all afternoon? Nutritionist, Jenna Hope will be talking you through how you can optimise your nutrition whilst you’re working from home. Jenna will also be discussing key nutrients required to support you against stress and anxiety during this pandemic. Additionally, she will take you through common daily habits which may be hindering your wellbeing at home!

About Jenna Hope

Jenna Hope is registered with the Association for Nutrition. She works closely with brands, corporates and individuals to help them implement smarter strategies for Nutrition. With an undeniable passion for making nutrition smarter, clearer and simpler, she provides quick, and easy, nutrition advice which you can implement every day. Having worked with 100s of leading brands such as ASOS, Google, Phillips, Accenture and many more she delivers corporate talks, presentations, strategies and consultation services that help create smarter strategies to support your team, brand or product. 

Featured regularly in leading media outlets such as This Morning, Sky News, ITV News, Women’s Health, Yahoo, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Red magazine and The Daily Telegraph, it is her mission to educate as many people as she can on the smart ways nutrition can change your life.

Jenna delivers wellness programmes to businesses to educate employees on how to support their overall wellbeing, productivity, sleep, stress management and mental health. She also offers interactive workshops focused around snacking, healthy meal options and menu ideas. Jenna is committed to creating a bespoke service based upon the needs of her clients.

As the co-founder of The Yoghurt & Juice Network, a company which specialises in nutrition education in schools, colleges and universities, Jenna is passionate that nutrition should be taught from a young age and should be inclusive for all. She is an avid foodie and believes that food should never be boring and always be enjoyable and nutritious.

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Live decisively when it matters with Patrick McGinnis

Thursday, May 7th at 19:00 CET (19:00 Zurich, 18:00 London, 13:00 New York)


Join Patrick J. McGinnis the creator of the term 'FOMO' as he previews his latest book 'Fear of Missing Out: Practical Decision-Making in a World of Overwhelming Choice.'

McGinnis, who coined the term 'FOMO' back in the early 2000s while a student at Harvard Business School, will also talk about how to make better, and faster decisions and how to manage your career to navigate through the current crisis.

About Patrick J. McGinnis

Patrick J. McGinnis is an international venture capitalist and the author of Fear of Missing Out: Practical Decision-Making in a World of Overwhelming Choice. He coined the term FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), which has since been added to the dictionary. Patrick is the host of the hit podcast, FOMO Sapiens, which is distributed by Harvard Business Review. He has been featured in The New York Times and Politico and gave a popular 2019 TED Talk called Making Faster Decisions. Originally from Maine, he has visited over 100 countries and now lives in NYC.

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Family Mental Health Tips with guest speaker Dr Kathy Weston

Thursday, May 7th at 19:00 CET (19:00 Zurich, 18:00 London, 13:00 New York)


Learn how to protect your family's mental health and resilience by supporting your children through Covid-19 with speaker, Dr Kathy Weston, an academic, motivational speaker, wife, and mother.

About Dr Kathy Weston

Dr Kathy Weston is considered one of Britain's national experts on parental engagement in children's lives and learning. She holds a Law degree, Masters and Doctorate in Philosophy from the University of Cambridge and has co-written two books for teachers, published by Bloomsbury Press (2018; 2020). She is passionately bridging the gap between academic research and parenting and is committed to giving parents the practical tools they need to help their children flourish.

Her website attracts tens of thousands of parents every year, keen to download her resources and listen to her #getagrip podcast series for parents. In her spare time, she loves to travel and has written a travel guide for her hometown of Belfast in Northern Ireland, 'Secret Belfast' for the famous Jonglez Travel Guide Series.

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Virtual Bulletproofing with Kieren Nicolas Lovell

Thursday, April 30th at 18:00 CET (18:00 Zurich, 17:00 London, 12:00 New York)


Secure your digital footprint with cybersecurity specialist, Kieren Nicolas Lovell.

During these challenging times, most people are pulling together to make the world a better place. Others, however, are doing their part to make things worse. COVID-19 has led to a huge increase in Social Engineered attacks; playing on people's fears, and using your own digital presence online against them. This webinar will give an introduction to OSINT (open-source intelligence), how it can be weaponised against you, and more importantly, tips and tricks to make your life more secure during a time when we are working more remotely, and the risks to your data have never been higher. Cybersecurity is not an IT problem. It is all of our responsibility.

About Kieren Nicolas Lovell

Kieren Nicolas Lovell is a cybersecurity specialist, who specialises in Incident Response (CSIRT/CERT) and real-time cybersecurity simulations and live gathering exercises.

Prior to starting at Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech), Kieren was the Head of the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) at the University of Cambridge. He was also the Chief Radio (CIS) Supervisor & Battlewatch Captain for Standing NATO Maritime Group One, with the Royal Norwegian Navy on operations in the Gulf of Aden, mitigating the pirate threat. He was in the Royal Navy as a Communications and IT Specialist for twelve years, serving on Nuclear Submarines, Mine Hunters, and Patrol vessels, before he left for new adventures. He is currently working with the following organisations: TalTech, University of Cambridge (Pembroke & King's Summer Programme), SpectX, Startup Wise Guys, Consulting.

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Elevate your gut health with Sandra Mikhail

Wednesday, April 29th at 18:00 CET (18:00 Zurich, 17:00 London, 12:00 New York) 


Learn how to prioritise your gut health in order to support your immunity and mental health, with speaker Sandra Mikhail, an internationally-known accredited dietitian and nutritionist.

Do you ever think about your gut when it comes to immunity? Given that 70% of our immune system lies in our gut, we need to somehow change our approach and nourish our gut microbiome as a priority. More and more research is emerging highlighting how your gut health is crucial in supporting your immune system and mental wellbeing, so come and find out how to thrive by prioritising your inner galaxy!

About Sandra Mikhail

Sandra Mikhail is an internationally-known accredited practising dietitian as well as the founder of Nutrition A-Z and co-founder of The Wellbeing Hub. She holds a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics (Monash University, Australia), a Master of Advanced Studies in Nutrition and Health (ETHZ) and is a member of the Dietitian's Association of Australia. She is also currently part of the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) Sports Nutrition Program.

Being a globe-trotting dietitian, she has extensive experience in clinical practice, nutrition consulting and health promotion, working in Australia, the UAE and Switzerland. Her main areas of speciality are digestive disease, sports nutrition and corporate health working with popular brands and partners such as Switzerland's football club FCZ, She’s Mercedes, Lululemon and Adobe to name a few. As a mental health advocate, her workshops and articles on stress and nutrition have gained popularity internationally where she was personally invited by Arianna Huffington to contribute to her global platform Thrive and has appeared on CNN to talk about nutrition and stress in the workplace.

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