Take a romantic retreat to Bol, Croatia

Ellie Swain

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Situated in the sparkling Adriatic Sea on Croatia’s coastline, the town of Bol on Brač Island is an enchanting island retreat, particularly ideal for couples. Think candle-lit waterside restaurants, pale sun-drenched beaches, and white-washed architecture that wouldn’t look out of place in a summer rom-com.

Discover Bol

Nestled on the southern coast of Brač Island, Bol is famed for its iconic Zlatni Rat Beach, known as Golden Horn Beach, which refers to its unique jutting shape against the turquoise waters. This paradise beach is often hailed as one of the most beautiful in Europe or even the world.

But there's more to this idyllic spot than just its standout shoreline. Bol's charm shines through its clean cobblestone streets, historic buildings, and its locals' warm, welcoming spirit.

Brač Island is only accessible by boat. While Bol offers a peaceful atmosphere, in the summer, the island vibrates with a gentle buzz, filled with enchanting evenings of laughter and clinking glasses. Visitors can board a catamaran from the stylish city of Split on the mainland, which is highly worth a visit itself. A swift and scenic boat ride whisks you directly to Bol, which is especially popular during the summer months for its efficiency and postcard-perfect coastal views.

Romantic things to do in Bol

Start your romantic Bol adventure with a hand-in-hand stroll along the famed Zlatni Rat Beach before settling down to relax in the sun. A picturesque 20 to 30-minute walk takes you from the centre of Bol direct to the beach, passing by pretty beach bars and boutique shops. Another exciting option is to hop on a taxi boat, where you can admire the local kitesurfers dancing in the wind on the glimmering Dalmatian coastline.

Bol is also surrounded by lush vineyards that produce some of Croatia's finest wines. Enjoy a romantic wine-tasting tour to savour the local flavours and enjoy the verdant views, with the sea shimmering in the distance. We recommend a visit to Stina Vina Vinarija, an award-winning winery on the island that proudly brings together tradition and modernism in its bottles.

Or, consider renting a boat or joining a sailing tour to observe the sun melting into the Adriatic Sea. There's nothing quite like watching the sun dip below the horizon, painting the sky in calming hues of pink and orange, with the gentle sea breeze caressing your faces.

For the adventurous duo, a hike to Zmajeva spilja, otherwise known as Dragon's Cave in Murvica Village, offers a glimpse into the mystical. This cave, sitting above Murvica Village, is home to ancient 15th-century carvings of a dragon that tell a tale of mythology and history.

Romantic restaurants to dine in

Tucked away in a secluded spot by the sea, the cosy Ribarska Kućica Tavern dishes up delicious seafood dishes, including freshly caught mussels and squid, in a romantic atmosphere. Listen to the sound of the gently lapping waves and breathe in the scent of salt air for a romantic date to remember.

Villa Daniela is another excellent option for couples. This charming restaurant is part of a boutique hotel and offers an amorous setting with elegant decor and beautifully presented dishes. The dinner menu offers a host of Dalmatian specialities, including plenty of seafood and vegetarian options seasoned with flavoursome Mediterranean spices and rich extra virgin olive oil.

And while not a restaurant, no romantic evening is complete without a sweet treat. Share a scoop of artisanal gelato at aROMA Gelato Experience as you amble along the idyllic waterfront, enjoying the simple pleasure of each other's company.

Where to Stay

For couples seeking a blend of luxury and intimacy, Boutique Hotel Bol is an excellent choice. With elegant rooms offering sea views, a swimming pool with sundeck, a gym and a relaxing area with sauna facilities, it's a haven of comfort and romance.

If you decide to visit the buzzy city of Split, Le Meridien Lav epitomises five-star luxury with a private beach, stylish rooms with sea views, and a range of sophisticated dining options. From its outdoor infinity pool to its world-class spa, this beachfront haven is a dream for a romantic couple’s trip away. With attractions like the iconic Diocletian Palace just a short drive away, it promises an unforgettable stay combining the best historical exploration and seaside leisure.

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