7 Apps to Help With Anxiety During Coronavirus

Ellie Swain

Senior Contributor

Anxiety is a regular occurrence for lots of people and many of the stresses brought on by the coronavirus pandemic has amplified feelings of uncertainty, fear, and unease. While it can prove hard to relax and practice mindfulness given the circumstances, looking after your mental health during these tentative times is key. Each of these apps helps reduce and ease feelings of anxiety by promoting mindfulness, helping you place things into perspective, or simply by distracting yourself from your worries.


One of the most popular self-care apps out there, Headspace, presents guided mediations headed by co-founder and former Buddhist monk, Andy Puddicombe.

The app can also be used in other ways to promote wellbeing such as assisting with sleep, productivity, exercise, and physical health. Use the Wake Up mode to help you begin your day on a positive note with short stories and advice, or opt for the Move Mode so you can work your mind and body simultaneously.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Headspace has also incorporated a new ‘Weathering the storm’ collection of helpful mediation and mindfulness content, zoning in on dealing with change, reframing anxiety, and providing advice for hard times.

Available on iOs and Android. Free with in-app purchases.

My Possible Self

Some people feel that they must know everything about anxiety to deal with it, while others are the opposite. If you’re in the former category, then the My Possible Self app may be ideal for you.

The app offers lots of different interactive learning modules that use proven psychological methods such as cognitive behavioural therapy and positive psychology to talk you through your anxiety.

The app also offers a mood tracker so you can note down the people, places, and activities that affect your feelings. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll know what to focus on to reduce feelings of anxiety or to improve your mood.

Available on iOS and Android. Free with in-app purchases.

AntiStress Anxiety Relief Game

If you need a calming distraction from the overwhelm and worries whirring in your mind, the AntiStress Anxiety Relief Game can do exactly that.

While the games may sound simple or even childish at first, you’ll be surprised at how soothing and comforting they are to play when snuggled up on the sofa.

Quiet the chaos within your head by playing games like ‘Window Mist’ where you use your finger to gently wipe the mist off a window on your screen or ‘Water Flow’ where you work to link pipes for an easy flow of water.

Available on iOS and Android. Free with in-app purchases.

Calmer You

Calmer You is a new app designed by Headspace’s former Head of Research, Nick Begley, with hypnotherapist and anxiety specialist, Chloe Brotheridge.

Calmer You provides a selection of clinically proven tools and resources designed to ease feelings of anxiety. These include cognitive behaviour therapy courses to mindful workouts to journaling to breathing exercises.

With plenty on offer, the app is ideal for someone who isn’t sure what the best approach for alleviating anxiety is for them yet.

Available on iOS, with Android coming soon. Free to download, but it costs £5.99 per month or £35.99 per year for access to all courses and tools.


Urban is a wellness app that usually brings wellness treatments to you in the comfort of your own home. While this isn’t possible during the coronavirus pandemic, Urban has welcomed a new category called ‘The stay at home club’.

This section provides a selection of one-to-one live-streamed sessions, including mindfulness classes, yoga, fitness lessons, and physiotherapy sittings. Not only will such sessions benefit your mental health during quarantine, but it also gives you a chance to support practitioners that would otherwise be unable to work during the pandemic.

Available on iOS and Android. Classes start at £15 for a 20-minute meditation session, increasing to £49 for a 55-minute physiotherapy session with 70 per cent of all fees going to the practitioner.

Beat Panic

If you suffer from panic attacks, you’ll know how scary it is for one to occur suddenly. Beat Panic is your saviour and secret weapon for abrupt panic attacks, available and ready to use on your phone with the swipe of a finger.

The app is created to guide you through a panic attack or an instance of increased anxiety and offers a pattern of flashcards in calming colours in a gentle, kind, and reassuring manner to help you through your alarm.

Available on iOs for 99p.

Stress & Anxiety Companion

The Stress & Anxiety Companion app works as a cognitive behaviour therapy inspired toolkit to help manage worried thoughts. The app provides effective visual exercises to help you learn to breathe calmly, along with relaxation recordings to listen to and a simplified cognitive behaviour therapy method to help you understand your anxiety triggers and how to reframe their related thoughts.

Available on iOS and Android. Free with in-app purchases for subscription features.

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