Transforming Your Home Into a More Comfortable One

Chanoa Tarle

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If you are struggling to think of ways to pass the time at home, take a look your living environment. Consider finding the right lighting to create a warm and inviting atmosphere while minimizing stress; houseplants and relaxing music assist as well. Finally, anxiety-promoting clutter should be organised or stored- and a good-old-fashioned furniture rearranging session can breathe new life into your space. Use what you already have to make it a more comfortable quarantine, and then look to online shopping to take care of the rest.


Ask any retail lighting designer or interior designer about the profound psychological power of lighting. If you’ve been meaning to swap out certain bulbs or fixtures, now is the ideal time to make it happen.

Staying home for such a long time can create an emotional impact of its own- don’t let lacklustre lighting damper your mood. Instead, liven things up with an optimistic home environment thanks to warm, soft lighting in the evening and as much natural sunlight you can let in during the day.

Your friends, family and colleagues will also enjoy clearer visuals on video calls when your home is illuminated effectively.

Relaxing Music

Whether you’re working from home or simply finding productive ways to pass the time until the lockdown is over, relaxing music can make a world of difference. Soothing music can incite creativity, help you feel calm and serve as a reminder to be mindful and live in the moment. Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube are excellent sources for relaxing music.

You’ll find various styles of classical music, meditation music, sound healing sessions, nature sounds, calming music intended for working or studying and more. Depending on your cable network, you may also have a channel or a few with relaxing scenes and sounds to play in the backdrop. It doesn’t have to be loud; play relaxing sounds to set the ambience at home every day.

Of course, when you’re in the mood for an at-home dance session, amp up to more active music by all means.


Bring a little nature indoors and beautify your space. Since houseplants are living and they require care, they can be soothing and give you something else to look forward to in these unconventional times.

If you don’t have a green thumb, purchase plants that only need to be watered once per month; jade plants, rubber plants and spider plants are lovely, versatile and low-maintenance options. Succulents are also simple to maintain and they’re visually-interesting with an exotic look.

Find inspiration in the plants themselves, as well as their planters and pots, transforming your home. They also make great gifts for sending well wishes to loved ones quarantined afar. There are many places to purchase houseplants online. Research to find the online shops that are still operating in or shipping to your region. 

Storage and Organisation

Quarantine only serves to drive home the importance of the in-depth spring cleaning session. Take a walk around your home, making a list of organisational projects that need to be done, ideas for getting better organised and items you can donate or sell.

Next, create a realistic calendar outlining when everything can be done. Don’t forget about storing away your winter gear if it’s already warm in your area, or taking out the winter clothes and storing summer looks, depending on where you live.

Hop online and order any missing supplies such as storage containers, hangers and extra shelves. You may not have control of everything that goes on in the world, but you can find solace in the power of organising your home for a greater sense of calm, clarity and comfort.

If you’re looking for guidance in this process, now is a good time to catch up with the Netflix series, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”, the international-acclaimed organisation expert.

Furniture Rearrangement

Once you’ve organised your home, the next step could be to change things up. You may have already grown tired of your current setup at home, and now that you’re there every day of the week, it’s the perfect opportunity to switch to a new look.

You may be able to source new furniture online or simply new home accent pieces to complement the updated appearance of your space, however, none of that is necessary to transform your home. Simply rearranging your furniture can bring the refreshment your home requires.

Browse Elle Decor, Architectural Digest, your favourite interior designers’ Instagram accounts and any interior design or home-themed coffee table books you may have. Inspiration is everywhere. This may even be the most ideal time to learn the principles of Feng Shui; read a book to design your life for greater ease.

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