New England's lesser-known fall foliage spots

Ellie Swain

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As autumn settles over New England, a kaleidoscope of colours transforms the region into a fall wonderland. While many flock to well-known locations such as Acadia National Park and The White Mountains, plenty of lesser-known spots throughout New England offer jaw-dropping autumn beauty without the crowds. We’re here to highlight some of the more overlooked fall foliage spots in various states where you can admire the season's mesmerising hues.


Nestled in the heart of the Green Mountain National Forest, the Moosalamoo National Recreation Area covers over 15,000 acres, offering serene views of the crimson and gold landscape. Wander through its intricate network of trails and discover tranquil ponds reflecting the vibrant foliage.

And the expansive Groton State Forest is a mosaic of colours come autumn. The panoramic views from Owls Head Peak and Lake Groton's shores are a treat to the eyes. Be sure to pack a picnic and savour the scenery from the many shelters in the forest.

New Hampshire

Beyond the well-trodden paths, the Pawtuckaway State Park offers boulder fields and marshes framed in fall colours. From the fire tower, enjoy a bird's-eye view of the park's rolling landscape cloaked in red and amber.

If you want to completely immerse yourself in fall nature, the Milan Hill State Park offers four yurts for overnight stays so you can awake from your slumber amidst the autumn splendour. The fire tower here also gives visitors stunning 360-degree views of the iconic White Mountains that look like they could’ve been set alight, burning with bright orange and amber hues. Observe one of New England’s more popular fall spots from a distance, without the swarms of people.


As the highest point in the state, the Mount Greylock State Reservation provides panoramic views of the surrounding nature that stretch far and wide. With its rustic charm, the Bascom Lodge at the summit is the perfect place to warm up with a hot drink and enjoy the view of the blanket of fiery trees below.

If you have the time, the Chester-Blandford State Forest is just an hour’s drive away. A mix of hardwood trees ensures a diverse display of autumn. And with pretty waterfalls adding to its charm, this forest offers the perfect backdrop for photographers and nature lovers. Don't forget to wear sturdy shoes, as some trails can be slippery, especially during the fall months.

If you make a stop in the waterside city of Boston, The Boston Harbor Hotel, situated on the banks of Rowes Wharf, is an excellent option. There, enjoy stunning water views, nautical-themed rooms, and top-notch amenities, including a state-of-the-art health club. With its maritime décor and the convenience of water taxis and valet parking, guests can experience a blend of luxury and history while exploring the city's attractions both by land and sea.


If you’re seeking wild coastal colours that meet the turning of the season, Maine is the place for you.

Home to rugged terrain and pristine blue ponds, the Deboullie Public Reserved Land contrasts beautifully against the water during the fall with its flaming autumn backdrop. If you do decide to take a trip, know that the area is quite remote, so ensure your vehicle is equipped for rougher roads. The reward? A fall spectacle all to yourself.

Then, imagine the striking contrast of deep blue ocean waves crashing against the cliffs, surrounded by a rich palette of fall shades. The Cutler Coast Public Reserved Land, a five-and-a-half-hour drive from Debouille, offers this remarkable coastal-meets-autumn landscape.


It’s all about the deep valleys and babbling brooks in Connecticut. At the Macedonia Brook State Park, visitors can appreciate the outline of the Catskill Mountains against the sky painted in autumn tones from the winding trails. The park's namesake brook adds a serene touch, its waters sparkling amidst the fall foliage.

Just a 45-minute drive away, the Sunny Brook State Park, known for its hiking and fishing, delights with the warm golden light of autumn playing on the browned leaves.

Rhode Island

Covering over 4,000 acres, the George Washington Management Area comes alive with colour in the fall. The Bowdish Reservoir only adds to its allure, with the gleaming water reflecting the gorgeous shades.

Drive 30 minutes, and you’ll reach the eerily-named Snake Den State Park. This undiscovered park offers visitors an escape into a world painted in autumn hues. The old farmhouse and stone walls give it a nostalgic touch.

Dame Farm within Snake Den is a working agricultural farm with seasonal 30-minute wagon rides, so you can take in the fall foliage from a different angle. After your ride, browse the farm stand and choose from fresh fruits and veggies and a selection of local honey and syrup to take home. 

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