Four Tips to Start a Fresh Morning Routine

Alix M Campbell

Senior Contributor

As the weather is getting better, you’ll probably feel like migrating from a lazier winter routine to more active ways in the morning. This isn’t easy in lockdown, but there are a few things you can tweak and implement to refresh your morning routine this spring in order to kick-start your day with some extra energy.

Start your day with meditation, journaling, and gratitude

Instead of grabbing your phone first thing after waking up, try and implement a different element into your morning routine. You could make yourself a fresh cup of tea and jot down your thoughts as well as things you want to get done on that day.

Maybe you want to write down an especially vivid dream you had the night before or make a list of the things you are grateful for. This is not an easy task when everything around you is layered with uncertainty, but there are probably still little things that put a smile on your face. Said fresh cup of tea for example, drinking from your favourite cup, the sunlight coming through your window, a good book, relaxing music. The list goes on.

Another way to begin your morning is to sit for a few minutes in silence and meditate. Whether you do that with the help of an app for a guided meditation or just by focusing on your breath is up to you. Give yourself these precious few minutes in the morning and you’re setting the tone for the day.

Get your blood pumping before you sit down for work

If you’re not commuting to work at the moment, you probably have a bit of extra time in the morning. Staying in bed and hitting that snooze button one more time sounds tempting, but it won’t do anything positive for your energy levels (unless you need some extra sleep that day). Transitioning into spring also means that natural light will wake you up earlier than during the darker winter months.

Take advantage of this new season and go for a quick run or walk to get some fresh air before sitting down at your desk. If going out is not an option at the moment, you can make use of various (free) online classes, which come in every shape and form. Whether you prefer a slow yoga class to gently wake up your muscles or a high-energy HIIT workout to sweat out all of your demons, go with your preference and get your blood pumping.

Knowing that you already got your share of physical exercise in before you start working might just put a positive spin on the rest of your day.

Make sure you hydrate as soon as you wake up

This one is pretty self-explanatory but so important. With changing seasons and everything else that is going on in your life at the moment, drinking water is probably not constantly on your mind.

By implementing this healthy habit into your fresh spring routine, however, it will become second nature over time, especially if you have a stylish water bottle to bring with you wherever you go (which is probably from the living room to the kitchen at the moment, but still).

Drinking a refreshing glass of water once you are awake could become something like a wellness ritual. You’re nurturing and taking care of your body, thus also making sure that you stay healthy, which is especially important during times of a threatening pandemic. Plus, you’re making sure that you don’t get ‘lockdown constipation’.

Try to avoid scrolling through social media until later in the day

As mentioned before, this habit of scrolling through social media as soon as you open your eyes is tempting, but it doesn’t do anything for your wellbeing. Although there is a general focus to currently mainly push out positive messages, you can still get stuck in one too many rabbit holes, even before leaving your bed.

Instead, start your day with grounding, soothing and energising activities and save social media for later. Once you finished work you can log on and see what everyone else is up to. Social media isn’t bad in itself, but it is a passive pastime that can trigger negative emotions like jealousy or overwhelm.

By staying offline when you’re busy with work or family activities, you won’t feel guilty for wasting precious time in the morning and subsequently falling behind with your schedule.

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