Feast on this: 5 Foodie Experiences in Tasmania

Ellie Swain

Senior Contributor

Blessed with rich soil, fresh air, and clean water, Tasmania is fast becoming a world foodie destination. The Australian island state is famous for its fresh-from-the-farm produce and mouth-watering seafood. That’s not to mention the score of fine wineries, dairy farms, and craft breweries dotted around the island. The landscapes aren’t to go amiss, either. Tasmania is packed with rolling verdant hills, lush forests, sprawling landscapes, and – believe it or not – some of the best beaches in Australia. Luckily, the compact nature of the island makes it an ideal place to explore by car. For the ultimate gourmet adventure, check out these five foodie experiences to discover in Tasmania.

Indulge on Cheese in Pyengana

While there are many quality dairy farms spread across the island, the 130-year old Pyengana Dairy Farm comes up trumps. Producing handcrafted cheese and dairy products in the heart of the lush Pyengana Valley, visitors can watch curiously through the farmhouse windows to see how the good stuff is created. The tradition of crafting cheese at Pyengana Dairy Farm dates to the 1880s. That tells us that the process has been skillfully perfected over the years. Visitors can sit in the sunshine of the farmhouse paddocks with a gourmet cheese board as you admire the rolling hills stretching out into the distance. From there you can also spot the farm’s black and white spotted cows which roam amongst the green grass.

Another top spot for cheese in Tasmania is The Bruny Island Cheese Company which serves up hand-made traditional cheese. Enjoy an indulgent cheese platter outdoors, which changes its offerings day to day, surrounded by calming eucalyptus trees. If you time it well, you may even smell the wafting aroma of freshly baked bread escaping from the kitchen.

Savour Oysters on Bruny Island

When it comes to Tasmanian seafood, oysters are the state’s speciality. The cold, fresh, and clean waters are claimed to produce sweet and plump oysters featuring a distinctive salty tang. While there are oyster farms found on every stretch of the coast, Bruny Island is the most famous spot for the seafood, and it is here that one place, in particular, has visitors queuing up.

Have you ever sampled a wild oyster straight off the rocks? At Get Shucked that’s exactly what you can do. At this locally owned and operated oyster farm you can watch as the staff shuck the oysters through the glass of the preparation room. The skills are second to none, and the shells are swiftly popped open within a matter of seconds. From the oyster bar, choose the gourmet treats au naturel, or sample them drizzled in three different dressings, each of which wonderfully complements the zingy taste of the oysters.

Sip Wine in Deloraine

The cool climate of Tasmania means that the state produces high-quality wines. These include pinot noirs and sparkling wines which attract the interest of connoisseurs and drinkers from all around the world. With more than 200 wineries spread across Tasmania, it can be difficult to know where to source the best wines possible, but a good place to start is the 3 Willows Vineyard, found by the small town of Deloraine. The handmade Pinot Noir is lightly oaked for 18 months in the barrels and is aged further in the bottle offering a smooth and oaky taste. Grab a bottle and a cheeseboard and relax outside the winery as you admire the pretty vineyards which stretch out into the horizon.

Another recognised winery is Pooley Wines, located in the historic and charming town of Richmond. Established in 1985, Pooley Wines is a five-star rated multi-award-winning family winery offering velvety and delicious cool-climate wines. These include grape varietals such as Riesling, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay.

Sample Cider in Huon Valley

While it may come as no surprise that the Apple Isle produces sublime cider, the range of diverse varieties Tasmania offers is remarkable. There are dozens of cideries and craft breweries dotted across Tasmania. However, what’s interesting is that each one tends to have a different approach when it comes to crafting cider. From Spreyton Cider’s Rich Bold and Bitter created with Fuji apples to Lost Pippin’s twice-fermented Wild Tasmanian Apple Cider, there’s bound to be a refreshing formula to suit your taste buds.

One of the more renowned cideries is Willie Smith’s family farm found in the verdant Huon Valley. The first apple tree was planted in 1888, and after four generations the family still pick from the very same orchard. The organically grown apples are juiced, fermented, and bottled on the same farm, reaching you fresh and ready to drink.

Feast on Fudge in Hobart

It seems visitors can’t get enough of the sweet, crumbly fudge produced in Tasmania, and the award-winning House of Fudge offers some of the best in the country. The business supplies over 60 businesses and tourism operators across not only Tasmania but mainland Australia. There are 12 different gluten-free flavours, each offering that sensual, smooth, and creamy, melt-in-your-mouth taste we all desire from a quality piece of fudge.

To track down your dream fudge, head to Hobart’s waterfront Salamanca market any Saturday between seven am to three pm. Fudge isn’t the only scrumptious offering sold at Salamanca Market either and you should be careful not to visit with a full stomach. Tasty treats on sale also include crumbling scallop pies, juicy tempura mushrooms, and buttery apple chocolates.

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