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The experience of life underwater feels almost impossible and gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘deep sleep’. It is said that science knows more about outer space than about the bottom of the ocean. So, why not allow your heart to explore the magic of what lies below? These logic-defying architectural phenomena can be found all over the world. From the warm tranquil seas of Zanzibar to a tour of the Caribbean in a submarine. See a view of the world of which precious few people could ever hope to catch a glimpse. Tonight, you are sleeping with the fishes.

Find paradise at the Mantra Resort, Zanzibar

Located in Pemba Island, Zanzibar, the Mantra Resort offers rooms above and below the beautiful turquoise ocean. Their Swedish designed underwater suites have three stories of comfort. Nothing can compare to being immersed in a world of multispectral blue. Zanzibar is well known for its bountiful aquatic life and now you have the opportunity to marvel at these wonders from down below. If you wish to investigate more of this magical world, you may also want to try both their snorkelling and diving programmes. The Mantra Resort has a plethora of above-ground activities to keep you entertained when you are not in the underwater room. The adventures on offer include safari, kayaking, and boat rides. If paradise is what you are after, the top-notch Kipepeo Spa is available to aid you in your pursuit of ultimate relaxation. The Mantra resort has won many awards, most notable being: Winner Best Brand - We Are Africa Innovation Awards 2016; Number 1 on Pemba Island Tripadvisor 2018, and a winner of the Zanzibar Tourism Awards 2018.

Experience the duality of land and sea in the exclusive Ocean Suite at Sentosa Resort, Singapore

Resorts World Singapore offers eleven premium ocean suites. These double-storey five-star suites give an unparalleled experience of both land and sea. The top storey is the entertainment and living areas leading onto the balcony with a private jacuzzi. The exploration continues on the underwater level, which provides guests with an incredible view of over forty thousand different species of marine life found at the world’s largest aquarium. No possible comfort is spared, with a butler to cater to your every whim while you find yourself in the azure of the ocean.

Travel the ocean’s depths in Lover's Deep Submarine, St. Lucia

UK-based Oliver’s Travels are well-known for specialising in extravagant and luxurious holidays. Once again, they deliver with this amazing underwater tour. This submarine hotel is the definition of exclusivity. Lover’s Deep offers couples an opportunity to rent an entire submarine with only three staff members aboard to cater for your needs - the captain, the chef and your very own private butler. Your privacy is assured as their quarters are on the opposite side of the ship from your romantic suite. The submarine travels the waters of the Caribbean, passing many islands, including Barbados, St Lucia, and Martinique, but you also have the opportunity to customise your trip according to your fancy. If there is a particular coral reef or shipwreck that you would like to see, consider it done, as the whole ship is at your command. 

Plunge into the depths at Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai

This underwater hotel is a testament to the endless ingenuity of the people of Dubai. You will have the once-in-a-lifetime journey into the depths of the Arabian Gulf, while still being able to look at the magnificent Dubai skyline. What more could you ask for? Your heart will be filled to the brim with the pleasure of the magnificent sea-views. Your appetite for adventure will be satisfied by the excitement of the Atlantis Aquaventure Water Park and Aquarium. You will even have a chance to engage with sea-lions and dolphins. You are guaranteed a taste extravaganza with five celebrity chef restaurants available, including the fiery-tongued Gordon Ramsey. If you are looking for a party, the Atlantis resort is the ultimate nightlife destination in Dubai. Dance with your toes in the sand and the most “Instagrammable” cocktails in your hand at the world’s hottest beach parties, featuring an array of live musicians from around the globe.

Celebrate and conserve the majesty of the ocean at Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji

Allow the Poseidon’s Mysterious Island resort to fulfil all of your vacation dreams. Located on a private island in Fiji, this five-star resort has all the amenities you could ever hope for. The underwater suites are as divine as if they were designed by Poseidon himself. An underwater hideaway like no other will help you escape from the stresses of everyday life ‘on the surface’ and delve into the depths of your soul. These suites are fully immersed in the crystal clear waters of Fiji, with 70% of the surface of each suite being clear acrylic. You will experience every single detail of these heavenly views. You need not worry about your privacy, which can be controlled by LCD screens on each acrylic panel. You will also have access to underwater lights, your own private coral garden, and pushbutton fish feeders to amplify your views of the deep. 

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