An unsurpassable wellness experience at Chablé

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Located in the spell-binding Yucatan Jungle, Chablé Spa and Resort offers an unsurpassable wellness experience. At Chablé, they are dedicated to giving you an authentic Mexican experience. Both the food served at the five-star restaurants and the spa products are made from locally sourced ingredients. Chef Jorge Vallejo, the resort’s executive chef, has been awarded the highest accolades, including being rated the #11 Chef by the “World’s 50 best restaurants”. The Resort itself is built on a 19th Century Sisal Plantation. The unique design by Mexico-City top architect, Jorge Borja, manages to amalgamate historic features with modern style and comfort, to great effect. The Yucatan region is rich in historic sites, with Mayan ruins just a stone’s throw away from this fabulous resort. Allow your spirit to recover from the stresses of modern living with world-class spa treatments focused on holistic wellness.

Let nature heal you from the inside out

By far the most healing aspect of this incredible Spa is the magnificent Mexican Jungle in which it is nested. This thick canopy of tropical forest will not only allow you to come back to your roots but provide the tranquillity you need to find your higher self. The Resort is focused on incorporating the healing powers of nature into every aspect of the Spa treatments as well as your lodgings. The resort offers an array of cultural activities to enrich your stay and bring you closer to these beautiful surroundings. If you wish to explore your natural oasis further, seize the opportunity to go hiking in this incredible forest. You could even take a trip down to the Yucatan coast, which is hailed as one of the most beautiful in the world.  

Visit the “fountain of youth” and turn back the years

The Spa has been designed around the cenote, a sacred body of water, perhaps even the fountain of youth. This tranquil setting provides the ultimate relaxing environment for you to begin your healing journey. The culture of Chablé incorporates many ancient Mayan themes and rituals. By trusting in this ancient wisdom, Chablé hopes to give you a unique opportunity to connect with your higher self. If you are seeking to transcend, the beautiful meditation lawns are the perfect spot. At night, the lawns even become lit by fireflies. After a day filled with soul searching, enlightenment, and spa treatments, follow this beautifully lit path to your very own private casita. These lavishly equipped, decadently comfortable havens will become your home away from home.

Spa treatments + Tequila = a recipe for bliss

The resort has two beautiful bars to keep you well hydrated. A beautiful, enormous hollowed-out tree-trunk makes up the main bar. In the Hacienda, you’ll find a beautiful tequila-tasting bar where even the fussiest tequila connoisseur would be spoilt for choice. In fact, Chablè has one of the biggest Tequila collections in Mexico. To top this all off, you can have a joint tequila and chocolate tasting, which is sure to make your taste buds explode with wicked delight. The bar staff are highly trained in mixology to make your wildest dreams come true. Their cosy wine cellar can be booked out for romantic dinners and wine tastings. 

Sample Mexico’s finest cuisine

The incredible menus at all three amazing eateries, located in this bountiful paradise, are designed by the multi-award-winning chef, Jorge Vallejo. Working under his guidance, executive chef Luis Ronzón provides vibrant Mexican foods with ingredients sourced from the on-site Mayan Gardens. This ‘from the garden to table’ paradigm produces not only the most delicious but the most sustainable culinary experience. The Mayan Garden utilizes traditional raised garden beds to optimize water and resource consumption, and is 100% organic, pesticide, and GMO-free. Once again, demonstrating that Chablè has only your highest wellbeing at heart.

Additionally, all three restaurants offer 100% vegan and gluten-free options. The wellness restaurant focuses on nutritionally balanced, plant-based fare that draws on the rich Mexican culinary heritage. The poolside Ki’ol restaurant provides a relaxing atmosphere to enjoy freshly cold-pressed juices, nutrition-focused breakfasts and lunches, as well as poolside cocktails. The IXI’IM restaurant provides the site for truly fine dining. This sophisticated menu show-cases traditional Mexican cuisine with a modern twist. IXI’IM has been ranked #22 on “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants” annual list.

Become swept up in the mystery of the Mayans

The Mayan Influences at Chablè are incredibly strong. The rich cultural heritage of the region is incorporated into everything from spa treatments to decor and even their vegetable farming techniques. The Temazcal Ceremony is an ancient Mayan ‘sweat-lodge’ ritual which was employed for many thousands of years for its incredible healing and rejuvenation powers. This unique resort offers you the chance to embark on a fascinating physical and spiritual journey. The local community invites guests into their traditional Mayan homes. You will make your own fresh corn tortillas and learn what life is for these incredible local people. Local artisans are invited to the resort to present their creations everything from traditional clothing to artwork, giving you time to connect to the Yucatan locals. You will even have a chance to participate in traditional chocolate manufacturing. 

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