A small piece of heaven for true coffee lovers

Megan Wilkins


The lingering, earthy aroma drifts through the air to slowly wake you up in the morning. The soft, fluffy foam greets your lips as you and your friend chat away. Or perhaps the bitter, fruity taste sobers you on your walk home after a festive evening out. Coffee is more than a hot drink. It’s a daily ritual. True coffee lovers appreciate the depth and complexities that come with different kinds of coffee, and even casual coffee drinkers can benefit from learning more. We’ve compiled a list of must-see places for true coffee lovers to visit. Unique indulgence awaits!

Higher Ground - Melbourne, Australia

Australia is known the world over for its devotion to coffee and, in particular, the invention of the Flat White. Any true coffee lover should be chomping at the bit to try this creation in its birthplace. Higher Ground cafe and restaurant in Melbourne offers guests the chance to experience a more refined coffee ritual.

Set in an old, industrial-chic building, space is used to full effect. Every element is well-thought-out, with comfort being the key. Higher Ground encourages guests to blur the lines of dining, offering a coffee pairing with almost every meal. They feel that coffee is not just a breakfast pick-me-up or an after-dinner closer. Instead, you are invited to taste some of their exclusive in-house blends, which are only available within their restaurant group. The food is to die for, and the coffee is out of this world. So why not indulge a little?   

Bebek Kahve - İstanbul, Turkey

Turkish coffee is so completely different from the regular cappuccino you get on your Monday commute. The way it is made, and the centuries-old tradition behind the ritual is something spectacular to behold. Now, Turkish coffee has become popular in many big cities, with speciality restaurants offering their version of the drink. However, you cannot get the authentic experience unless you go to Turkey itself. 

Turkey is positively littered with corner cafes and black-market stalls, selling its ‘original Turkish Coffee’. But if you are looking for something more upmarket, comfortable, and delightful, look no further than Bebek Kahve. Located in one of Istanbul’s more upscale neighbourhoods, the staff at Bebek Kahve understand the desire to be enthralled by your dining experience. Their coffee is second to none, and the food and ambience will leave you with a smile on your face every time.  

Café Choche - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

You cannot claim to be a true coffee enthusiast unless you have tried Ethiopian coffee. After all, coffee originated in Ethiopia. It is only fit, therefore, for us all to pay homage to the true home of coffee. In Ethiopia, coffee is more than a drink to have with friends. It is considered a life-giving elixir, and it often consumed as a savoury affair. Cafes in Ethiopia serve their coffee alongside salted pop-corn, which is supposed to help bring out the earthy, nutty flavour of the coffee bean.

Exalted as the ‘best coffee in Addis’, Cafe Choche brings modern living to centuries of ritual. Your coffee is served to you in the traditional fashion, but you don't need to sit around a fire in order to enjoy it. As fun as that may sound. The oasis of calm brought about by this café, found in the middle of the bustling city, is sure to leave you feeling a part of the family. Your palette will be forever changed once you try this distinct version of your favourite drink.  

Simple Kaffa - Taipei, Taiwan

The growing consumption of coffee in Taiwan has seen the emergence of speciality coffee shops throughout the country. The attention to detail, not only in the décor but also in the menu is just one of the many reasons to explore the blossoming coffee culture here. Added to the fact that it is relatively unknown to outsiders, your next trip to Taiwan is sure to be that much more exciting.

Simple Kaffa coffee house used to be located in the basement of the Hotel V, and was considered to be a hidden gem, if you were lucky enough to find it. They have since moved above ground, but their basement vault remains as an exclusive tasting room and bean dispensary for their loyal customers. The feel of the hidden tasting room is akin to the fabled speakeasies of the past, and the warm and inviting atmosphere only increases the overall experience. Those of us who are a little nervous of being underground are welcome to join the owners in their cafe above, for the very best coffee and sweet treats that Taiwan has to offer.   

Café Central - Vienna, Austria

The history and patronage of this cafe are as long and well-known as the city itself. Boasting past patrons such as Sigmund Freud, Leon Trotsky, and Victor Adler, the Café Central has become synonymous with intellectual debate and modern invention. The interior of the café offers some of the most spectacular architecture and artwork, recalling the grandeur and elegance of 17th century Vienna. 

While the opulence alone is enough to enthral guests, the menu is just as enticing. With coffee being a staple, you are welcome to order a cup while you debate whether John Finnis was correct in his view of Natural Law. The waitrons have even been known to add a view or two. The history of this remarkable establishment is unmissable, and the celebration of the “coffee with a friend” ritual is too good to pass up.   

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