6 Travel Podcasts to Get Lost In

Ellie Swain

Senior Contributor

Most of us are currently in full quarantine or self-isolation mode, confined to the walls of our homes. That means the travellers among us are counting down the days until we can hop on a plane to far-flung exotic destination ready for another adventure. While that may be a while away, in the meantime it’s comforting to indulge in some gripping travel talk to have us excited for future trips. Sink into the sofa, grab a glass of your favourite wine, and treat your eardrums to one of these fascinating travel podcasts.

1. Flight of Fancy

Flight of Fancy is run by experienced travel journalist Ben Groundwater, delivering 30-minute episodes on pretty much anything you could want to listen to in a travel podcast.

Every week, Ben interviews travel experts on a diverse range of travel topics including terrifying border crossings, cliched-but-worth-it travel experiences, and the matters of love on the road, offering a versatile selection of travel insight.

2. Women Who Travel

The Women Who Travel podcast is hosted by the editors of the renowned Conde Nast Traveler magazine. 

Originally the concept started as a Facebook group where women felt free to share travel stories, seek advice, and ask questions but it soon transformed into a fortnightly podcast focusing on the highs and lows of travelling.

The podcast digs deep into what it’s like travelling around the world today as a woman, covering topics that are specifically relevant to females, yet are fascinating to everyone. These include what it’s like to travel as a solo woman, how travel inspires our cooking and the experiences of embarking on an all-women group trip.

3. America’s National Parks 

Listen to the stories, facts, and anecdotes behind America’s national treasures – the country’s national parks, on America’s National Parks podcast.

Discover the history, people, and stories of some of America’s most famous national parks from Denali National Park, home to the tallest mountain peak, to Death Valley which holds the iconic Badwater Basin which sits 282 feet below sea level. 

Each carefully curated episode delivers fascinating facts about the parks, with many featuring historical records or current news events topics.

With nearly 90 million acres of land that’s protected by 20,000 rangers and 246,000 volunteers, there’s certainly plenty to learn about these expansive landscapes.

4. The Trip That Changed Me

Listen to The Trip That Changed Me podcast and open your heart and ears to the people whose lives have quite literally been transformed by travel. 

From passionate love stories on the road to business ideas that were strung together on a trip, you’ll learn of many personal stories of different characters and how travel changed their lives.

The podcast hosts weekly interviews with various types of adventurers from entrepreneurs, entertainers, authors, influencers, activists, and everyday voyagers with every personality and story being completely different.

Let your heart warm as you listen to uplifting travel stories that will inspire you to make a change on your next big trip.

5. The Food Chain

Head on a gastronomic journey around the world as you tune in to the BBC’s enigmatic The Food Chain podcast.

The podcast covers everything food-related with a focus on cuisines around the world. You can listen to internationally celebrated chefs pinpoint five of their favourite dishes to describe their lives, learn about the uncertain future of the much-loved southeast Asian street food, and discover more about the prestigious wines of the world. 

There are plenty of unusual topics too for those who prefer something more out-the-box. Listen to the presenters delve into subjects you’d never think to ask about, like ‘what happens when you pump up balloons of gluten?’ 

6. Zero to Travel

Hosted by expert traveller Jason Moore, the Zero to Travel podcast is designed to help you travel the globe on your terms. Most episodes offer a similar format, beginning with a quick introduction from Jason before starting a long-form interview.

The guests are versatile, coming from all walks of life, as are the topics. Generally, the episodes work to deliver practical advice on long-term travel and location independence, treating listeners to dreamy destination guides and inspiring travel tales.

From travel finance to how to pack light and everything in between, Zero to Travel has you covered. Refreshingly, Jason also candidly delves into the not-so-amazing travel issues many of us face, such as burnout, anxiety on the road, and imposter syndrome. As a long-term digital nomad, Jason understands many of the challenges of life in travel and his advice and feedback hits the nail on the head. 

Alternatively, if you’re looking to live as a digital nomad yourself, tap into Zero to Travel and you’re sure to gain plenty of insight and advice.

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