Nightwatchman Tour and Dinner at hotel "Fitzgerald" - Prague

Opportunities like this don't come around too often! An exclusive chance to attend a guided historical tour which will finish with some drinks and food at a new bistro, "The Twisted Fig".

ASW Events Team
ASMALLWORLD invites members and guests to join host David Merten for the Nightwatchman Tour. The tour will finish close to a local new Bistro, "The Twisted Fig" located in the brand new hotel "Fitzgerald" in the beautiful area of Prague Karlin.

The tour starts at 6 pm, followed by dinner and drinks at 8 pm.

About the Tour:
Join the Nightwatchman and enter the town of Prague from the 17th Century. Follow the track of the noblemen, common people and colourful figures who made history. A historical tour from the famous Charles Bridge until the old Powder Gate. A historical tour through the centuries which brings the past back to life. Experience the beauty of the city when crowds of tourists disappear and the watchman stays on duty with his lantern and halberd.

About the Bistro:
The Twisted Fig is a new and innovative bistro. It is located at the newly opened Hotel Fitzgerald and is named after the quaint, twisted fig tree in the heart of the stylish lobby. The bistro combines a Mediterranean-focused, A La Carte menu with a more casual, bar snack menu. If you want adventurous, great-tasting food and drink sourced sustainably, both globally and locally then the Twisted Fig is definitely worth a visit.

Please make sure to arrive on time!

10 members and guests from 3 cities attended

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David Merten established his Night Watchmen & Plague Doctors team about 7 years ago in Prague. His team has a passion for medieval history and to bring the past back to life. They actively represent the guild of Night Watchmen in Europe and help guests around the world immerse into the history and culture of Medieval times gone by.

David has hosted 4 zoom events for ASMALLWORLD during the last 2.5 years, one of them was the online version of the Plague Doctor of Prague, which was seen by the New York Times, Vogue, Wall Street Journal and Forbes.


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