The Romantic City of Verona - Bern

Join Marina Sorina, for a livestream private tour of Fair Verona - Shakespeare's Inspiration Through The Middle Ages and Renaissance. Tune in on Tuesday, 13th December at 14:00 CET (14:00 Zurich, 13:00 London, 08:00 New York) for an unmissable event!

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Please note that this virtual experience has been postponed to the 13th of December!

ASMALLWORLD Members are invited to join Marina Sorina from Hop A Tour to explore the romantic city of Verona where Shakespeare set his scene for Romeo and Juliet. On this live virtual tour, we will see the city of these star-crossed lovers, full of dark secrets and symbolic architecture.

Starting at Julietta’s Courtyard, we will walk the streets and squares that still maintain the same functions they had in the Middle Ages; with places for commerce and punishment, dark prisons and lively fountains, bright-coloured frescoes and glorious stone lions.

From a simple well to a cemetery that looks like a fairytale house, each site has significance and hidden details. With endless stories of love, treason and vengeance, Piazza Erbe and Piazza dei Signori hold history and tales that will pull at your heartstrings. And like all good legends which have evolved over time, these ancient buildings have too: Marina Sorina shows you what’s imitation and what’s authentic in these historic landmarks. You’ll see how different artistic styles mix in one square and even in one statue!

In addition to Romeo and Juliet, we’ll talk about Dante and his exile spent in Verona, and Garibaldi’s connection with the city.

Tune in to this Online Tour on Tuesday, 13th December at 14:00 CET (14:00 Zurich, 13:00 London, 08:00 New York)

Your event meeting link can be found directly on the ticket. Please note that this event is organised in collaboration with Hop A Tour. Once you click on the link to tune in, you will be requested to fill in your display name and email after which you can enjoy the Full-HD quality live tour.

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