Vino, Tropical-style at Schnebly's Winery in Miami

Chanoa Tarle

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Miami is known for many things- not necessarily wine. And yet, the Magic City is home to a stunning secret: Schnebly Redland’s Winery, producer of delicious varietals made from exotic and tropical fruits. This well-kept secret is a must-visit South Florida destination with delicious dining, tours and tastings, a lush setting and wine made from the likes of lychee. Here’s how to spend a day at Schnebly’s Redland’s Winery...

Homestead, Florida

Take the Ronald Reagan Turnpike, the Homestead Extension of Florida’s Turnpike to reach the rural-agricultural city of Homestead from places like South Beach or Miami International Airport; it’s about as far south as you can drive in Miami-Dade County. If you’ve visited Miami one hundred times, you’ve probably still never visited this neck of the woods best known for the Homestead-Miami Speedway- home to races including NASCAR and the IndyCar Series. Races aside, it’s a quiet place… home to families living on several acres of land for raising animals, farming and other natural pursuits. Many of South Florida’s most prominent chefs look to this area, the Redlands, to bring their farm-to-table restaurant concepts to life. Still, Schnebly’s Winery isn’t the only fruit-obsessed destination in the area; the property is just minutes away from Fruit & Spice Park, a singular tropical botanical garden featuring over 500 varieties of fruit, nuts, spices, vegetables and herbs.

Meet the Schneblys

Schnebly’s Winery is the brainchild of the husband-and-wife entrepreneurial duo, Peter and Denisse Schnebly. The couple founded the business as the perfect solution to two burning questions: What could they do with the leftover fruit from the produce distribution company they owned at that time- and what kind of agricultural-themed tourism destination could they create in Homestead and the Redland? After the Schneblys received a visit from a good friend and winery owner from New York, he quickly inspired them to go into the business. The concept of their exotic and tropical fruit winery soon came to life, launching on a lush property complete with a sprawling estate, tropical foliage, tiki huts, art installations and natural coral waterfalls… all compelling reasons to drive south. 

Wines of Tropical and Exotic Fruit

There’s not a single grape to be found on the Schnebly's Winery estate, and yet it’s home to award-winning wine. Delectable varieties are produced from the exotic and the tropical: lychee, guava, passion fruit, avocado, mango and more. The winery combines sustainable farming techniques with the power of the local subtropical climate to deliver rare wines, spectacularly specific to the region. Fruits hand-picked for fermentation serve as the ingredients for table wines including Carambola Wine (also known as starfruit), CocoVino and Kiss of Passion, dessert wines such as Lychee Dolce- and even sparkling wines like Grand Reserve and Sparkling Passion. Schnebly’s Winery currently offers a selection of 19 proprietary wines.

Wine Tastings, Picnics and Tours

Though vino may be top of mind, Schnebly's Winery happens to be a family-friendly destination. The little ones take delight in the wide-open spaces and beautiful gardens while the bright green, allergen-free artificial turf beckons for hours of play. Choose from alfresco seating options or snack picnic-style on the grass with a charcuterie board, snacks and wine; spring boasts the best climate for a picnic.

Then there are the tastings and tours. The Grand Tasting Room - designed to bring the feel of nature indoors - is spacious, home to daily wine tastings and a small retail shop. Guests are invited to sample a selection of five exotic wines, and every participant may keep his or her glass as a souvenir. Meanwhile, 45-60 minute wine tours are available on the weekends, or a private tour may be booked any day of the week. Guests witness every step of Schnebly’s handcrafted winemaking process- even their handcrafted brew rituals too. The expansive winery is also home to Miami Brewing Company, a brewery, taproom, and dining establishment centred on a selection of flagship and seasonal beers (Miami Vice, Big Rod, Beach Blonde Ale…). The Schnebly's’ craft beers and ales are light and often incorporate fruit flavours- ideal for enjoyment under the South Florida sun.

The Redlander Restaurant

Finally, a meal at The Redlander is a must for anyone seeking the full experience. Open for brunch, lunch, dinner and even dancing, The Redlander stays true to the exotic winery’s roots with a farm-to-table concept. The establishment features indoor dining in the property’s grand estate, in addition to alfresco patio seating. While there aren’t many options for vegetarians, seafood and meat lovers can take delight in local surf and turf offerings complete with expert wine and beer pairings. Large groups are accommodated as well, greeted with such speciality platters as spicy guava chicken wings, roasted pork and conch fritters. As for the entertainment, the winery is home to karaoke sessions on Fridays and live bands playing anything from reggae to country music on the weekends (line dancing and all).

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