Release your inner-viking on Icelandic adventures

Megan Wilkins


Adrenaline - the heart-pounding, head-thumping, spine-tingling feeling you get before you step into the unknown. Travel doesn’t have to involve endless days of admiring architecture or learning facts at the local museum. A plethora of more exhilarating travel adventures are waiting to be had. From air, land, and sea, experience Iceland in an entirely new and exciting way.

Attend the most exclusive Secret Solstice festival

Iceland’s Secret Solstice festival is unlike any other event on earth. Feel your heart beating to the music and your head, dizzy with joy, as the world’s most incredible music acts take the stage to celebrate Iceland’s midnight sun. Due to the fact that the sun does not set in the middle of summer, you can enjoy 72-hours of warmth, dance, and festival frivolity. Secret Solstice is themed around Norse Mythology, so why not party with Óðinn and celebrate all things Viking?

The festival boasts a lineup unlike any other, from rock legends like Radiohead, to alternative heros like Deftones, you are sure to find a musical smorgasbord waiting for you to dive into. And in case you find the endless summer sun too hot, the party moves into cooler venues. Celebrate inside a glacier, known as Hel, which is a chance of a lifetime for anyone who loves experiencing new and exciting environments, or even those with a penchant for Norse Mythology. Just think of the stories you can tell your friends. Or rather, leave all your memories on the dancefloor.    

Marvel at the Northern Lights aboard a private yacht

Arguably the most exquisite experience in Iceland, and one that should be on every person’s bucket list, is the chance to see the mystical Northern Lights. But why spend hours trying to find a good viewing point, or go on crowded tour-buses in the hopes of catching a glimpse? No, the only way to properly experience the full majesty of this natural phenomenon is on your very own private yacht.

Iceland Yacht-Charters offers a level of luxury surpassed by none. Complete with every creature comfort you may need, your voyage will be one of heart-fluttering wonder. Take a short cruise out into placid waters with an experienced skipper. Or if you yourself are licensed, take your travel party on an unforgettable trip to see one of nature’s most awe-inspiring jewels. Wine and dine under the colourful sky, while you drink in the moment in total privacy and splendour. 

Experience life in the clouds with individualised helicopter tours of Reykjavik

Leave the ground far beneath you as you experience a thrilling new way to take a tour of Iceland’s capital. From close encounters with dormant volcanoes to whale watching over the majestic ocean, this way of travelling is perfect for adrenaline seekers looking to learn more about the land. Choose from one of several customised packages that take you on a journey of fire and ice through Reykjavik’s most phenomenal natural wonders.

Sit back as an experienced pilot whisks you through the air, while your friendly tour guide explains some of Iceland’s more mysterious areas. Stop atop a summit for an awe-inspiring lunch of some of the area’s most famous dishes, and watch in amazement as the true beauty of the region unfolds before your eyes. Nervous flyers will be converted into daredevils on this magical journey in the clouds.    

Learn Iceland’s secrets as you explore the most exclusive and hidden caves

For more adventurous spirits, and travellers with a passion for finding hidden places, Iceland has numerous ice caves that are just waiting to be explored. With various guided tours available, even inexperienced hikers will be able to find the perfect excursion. The Sapphire Ice Cave tour is perfect for those who wish to explore exquisite caves without the worry of having to camp in the cold. Die-hard hikers and climbers have the option of a two-day discovery tour of Iceland’s South Coast, where you will encounter the very best of Iceland’s hidden caves.

If you would prefer a much more exclusive and private experience in the caves, you have the option to hire a personal tour guide, who will fly you to the most remote of Iceland’s areas, complete with an aerial tour by helicopter, and up-close and personal tour inside a glacier itself. This tour is considered to be the ultimate chance of a lifetime for anyone interested in the spectacular formation of ice and rock, especially because it includes a private dip in a geothermal pool inside the glacier.  

Luxuriate in hot springs and geothermal pools in a 5-star spa

After experiencing the adrenaline rush that comes from helicopter rides and glacier hiking, rest and rejuvenate in one of Iceland’s luxury spas as you sink into the healing waters of a natural geothermal pool. Feel your tension float away in the warm volcanic water, and allow the icy outside air to bring life back to your face. Once known for revitalising Viking warriors, returning them to their full strength, these geothermal pools are sure to provide you with the pick-me-up that any tired traveller needs.  

The luxury Geothermal spas in Iceland make use of volcanic mud to provide your body with a treatment enriched with the earth’s most precious minerals. From deep and soothing massages to beautifully individualised facials, you will be pampered from head to toe with natural healing and the utmost care and attention. Allow all your worries to melt away in these warm and tranquil lagoons - the perfect end to your adrenaline-filled adventure.  

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