Luxury yoga retreats for a busy mind

Megan Wilkins


With the onslaught of the fast-paced, constantly moving world, and a global crisis to boot, finding a moment of peace and stillness can seem impossible. Whether occupied with work, socialising, or managing our time, the everyday grind has a way of catching up. Taking care of our mental and physical health has never been more important. Now is the time to ease into a new lifestyle by learning from the very best yogis in the world; escaping from the noise and drudgery of daily living. These yoga retreats are wholly private, ensuring the utmost exclusivity. Inhale as we take you on a journey of the best luxury yoga retreats in the world, and exhale all your worries away.

Parrot Cay Yoga Retreat - Turks & Caicos

This yoga retreat, found on the beautiful coral island of Turks and Caicos, offers the perfect respite for anyone looking to immerse themselves in sun, sand, and meditation. Parrot Cay provides exclusive and unique packages, which include the very best yoga instructors, giving you a blissful practice with a breathtaking backdrop. With your day planned out for you, including meals and spa therapy, your only worry will be which pair of yoga pants to choose.

The resort itself provides luxury and comfort in a tailor-made package. The instructors work closely with you to personalise your experience, offering private lessons for any practice level. Apart from the yoga itself, the package includes guided meditations, and pilates classes for those who are looking for variety in their yoga practice. In between sessions, guests are encouraged to walk along the sandy coast, or kayak in the pristine waters of the island. Let your soul be revitalised as you find your inner peace at Parrot Cay. 

Chiva Som - Thailand

Find a true spiritual haven at Chiva Som International Health Resort. This peaceful sanctuary provides a holistic approach to health and well-being, with personalised lifestyle coaching to help you transform the way you approach your life experiences. With a focus on the mental aspect of yoga as much as the physical, Chiva Som teaches you to get in touch with your inner self, while you rest and recuperate in complete comfort. Whether you visit the retreat for detoxification, relaxation, general health improvement, or emotional and mental balance, your yoga journey will be supported and guided by expert care and attention.

The aim of this retreat is to assist you in carrying your practice throughout your life, even after you leave Thailand. The instructors have a profound understanding of the deeper aspects of a yoga practice, and are there to assist you in finding this meaning for yourself. This retreat is more than a simple exercise holiday. It is the first step in changing your life.  

Ocean Soul Retreat - Bali

If you are seeking luxury and balance, this retreat is bound to give you both in one opulent package. For guests who are looking to find peace, tranquility, and better habits, the yoga sessions at Ocean Soul are geared towards a complete mental and physical reset. From advanced surf yoga, to one-on-one beginner classes, every guest is taken care of. Ocean Soul provides individualised packages with special attention towards meditation and relaxation. Meals are provided by locally sourced wholefoods, and spa treatments are given on request.

As your body starts to unwind, and your breath heals your inner wounds, you can spend your free time exploring the lush tropical gardens surrounding the retreat. Ocean Soul provides packages for women only, specifically focused on yoga and surfing, and alternative packages on different dates for men and women, which include yoga and freediving.

Find your inner happiness as you explore the forests and oceans of Bali. 

Karkloof Safari Villas - South Africa

Karkloof Safari Villas offers a yoga experience unlike any other. Completely unique and intriguing, daily yoga sessions are offered in between adventurous game drives in the African veld. This retreat is ideal for guests who are looking for more than your average yoga class, as your session is sure to include the sounds of elephants trumpeting in the distance. The award winning spa at Karkloof offers pampering and relaxation for your tired muscles, and the luxury accommodation provides the perfect place to rest before your next adventure in the morning.

Karkloof is the epitome of balance between rest and adventure, and is geared towards guests who have families or partners that need to be entertained while you attend your yoga class. Inner peace and tranquility are enhanced by seeing nature in its rawest and wildest form.

Silver Island Yoga - Greece

Privacy and exclusivity are two major draw cards for this yoga retreat. Located on a beautiful private island off the coast of Greece, the retreat caters to only ten guests per package, making sure that your experience is one of peace and solitude. The island itself is completely self-sufficient and eco-friendly, with all food made from their own gardens and cooked with solar power. Guests are invited to experience a fully vegetarian lifestyle while at this retreat, and detox their minds and bodies of toxic thoughts and behaviour.

The two-week long retreat is focused on cleansing and revitalising, with guests given access to snorkeling equipment and kayaks, in order to take advantage of the azure waters surrounding the island. Vegan wine is available upon request, to enhance the relaxing mood of this experience, while guests rest their heads and sore bodies in immaculate blue and white rooms. Enjoy life as a God or Goddess at this little piece of Greek heaven. 

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