Immunity Booster Retreats

Angela Youngman


Maximising your immunity is set to be one of the key wellness themes of the coming months. Apart from maximising the body’s capability to cope with the effects of Covid-19 including long Covid, possessing a healthy immune system helps limit health problems and adds longevity. At the same time, by improving immunity to illness, such breaks also help people cope with the negative effects of stress and tension. Not surprisingly, special immunity booster retreats are proving very popular. An immunity booster retreat is designed to meet specific personal needs. It is a social distancing getaway wellness opportunity comprising a range of specialised treatments, fitness classes and weight loss programmes designed to improve the body’s natural defences amid beautiful, relaxing surroundings.

The Euphoria Retreat

The Euphoria Retreat in Greece is one of the many centres that have begun offering Immunity Boosting sessions. Built into the side of a mountain, it immediately brings visitors closer to nature. Wellness programmes centre around the elements of the ancient Chinese and Hellenic world – water, fire, wood and metal. Sessions are tailored to each participant’s needs so as to create a better immune system for lifelong health and vitality. The programme includes stress scanning, blood scanning, plus consultations with molecular nutritionists, pathogen experts and a specialist in nutrigenomics.

A wide ranging selection of treatments are available such as learning breathing exercises, a salt room, acupuncture, outdoor physical training, medication, mind detoxing, forest bathing, energy walks and discovering ways of managing long term transformations. A key element in the programme is the meditative experience involving the hydrotherapy Sphere pool and Kneipp Walk Therapy within a four storey water well. By climbing a spiral staircase and undertaking a different hot or cold water therapy on each floor, it promotes improved circulation and boosts immunity.

The retreat programme can be combined with time to discover the beautiful surrounding landscape of Mystras and the Peloponnese with its deep ravines, mountains and forests. The Byzantine splendour of the churches of Mystras along with its fortresses, and pretty houses encourage exploration while meandering through its cobbled streets. 

The Kamalya resort retreat

Over in Thailand, the Kamalya resort offers an immunity and resilience programme complete with holistic support to improve physical health and resilience of body and mind. Steam caverns, plunge pools, traditional foot massage, sessions with a Chinese medicine practitioner combine with yoga, fitness and wellness studies to create a tailored wellness programme.

One of the more unusual treatments available is Bioresonance therapy designed to identify sources of disturbance within the body. Meditation training helps to create a sense of equilibrium and develop long term methods to face future challenges. Throughout the resort, there is an emphasis on calm and tranquillity with lots of lily ponds, bathing pools and yoga pavilions.

Kamalya is located on the island of Koh Samui, the second largest island after Phuket. It enjoys a tropical climate, eased by the sea breezes and is much drier than Phuket. The extensive golden beaches are irresistible, as is the Ang Thong Marine National Park with its rich variety of sea creatures and exotic wildlife. Further inland, visitors can explore the Big Buddha Shrine with its 12 metre high golden Buddha statue. There are regular flights and ferries between the islands and the mainland.  

The Galo Retreat

The Atlantic island of Madeira is popular all year round as this is where Europe blends with the tropics. The warm sunshine and pleasant temperatures provide an ideal setting for an Ayurveda based immune boosting wellness break at the Galo Retreat. Sessions here are combine yoga, guided Qui Gong sessions, a balanced diet, fresh air and exercise in a programme designed to relieve tension, oxygenate the body thus helping to fight pathogens naturally.

There are daily consultations with an Ayurvedic doctor, resulting in treatments based on medical history along with regular sessions of forest bathing. Numerous opportunities are available to take part in a variety of group classes such as pilates, power jump, zumba, body combat and cycling depending on personal responses to immune boosting sessions.

Quite apart from those tailored sessions, this beautiful island is perfect for enjoying lots of fresh air with walking routes, golf, water sports, mountain biking, hiking and canyoning (a mix of walking, climbing, rapelling and swimming). An underwater nature reserve just off the coast provides a fascinating marine environment to investigate.

Exploring slightly further afield from the Galo Retreat offers access to whale and dolphin spotting safaris. Madeira’s capital, Funchal, describes itself as being ‘the most picturesque and cleanest capital’ ensuring that visitors can enjoy a pleasant ambiance, good shopping and a variety of cultural opportunities. The combination of an immunity boosting retreat with a superb climate and relaxing surroundings ensures visitors leave feeling refreshed and revitalised, able to cope with whatever the future holds. 

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