Hudson: A Hidden Getaway from New York City

Isiah Magsino


Hudson, New York, with its wavering mountains, forests and ultimate sense of freedom, is nothing short of a perfect solution for a private escape for residents of NYC. Only a short two-hour train ride north from New York, Hudson caters to any need of luxury relaxation or appetite for adventure. Popular with artists and interior designers, the city of Hudson and its surrounding towns is a hidden gem, fruitful with many amenities one should consider experiencing when the bustling city gets a little overwhelming.

Housing: Thinking Outside of Ordinary Hotels

There are a handful of dainty hotels found within the city of Hudson, but for those who are truly looking to get away from the sensory overload, renting a private home on the outskirts of Hudson is always an option worth looking into. There is a large variety of types of homes available and a quick scan through Airbnb will reveal one's options. During my short trip, I retired in a mid-19th century home that was hidden deep within a wood. A swift trip through a dirt road that weaves within the woods revealed an oasis of property. A handsome dark-stone home rested on the edge of the hill, allowing it to overlook much of the surrounding area and beyond.

Spread out in the yard, tall evergreen trees spread out from one another, while still ensuring that the yard was abundant with open space. An outdoor shower was placed shyly next to the homeowner's stock of firewood. The interior continued the mid-19th-century aesthetic but was modernised with a stainless steel kitchen and a good amount of contemporary artwork. The crown jewel of it all was the home's patio: an outdoor pavilion that felt both indoors and outdoors because of its stone foundation but breathtaking view of the wood and beyond.

Hudson, NY

Outdoor Activities: Hiking and Swimming In a Painting

Thomas Cole, best known for his romantic depictions of American Landscapes, painted ‘Kaaterskill Falls' in 1826. Capturing the area's vibrant autumn environment, the painting alludes to an enchanting, primal land. Visitors to Hudson have the chance to live within this specific art piece through a short 20-minute hike filled with breathtaking scenes.

Hikers are urged to follow the Yellow Trail, which is the direct route to Kaaterskill falls. Weaving through small crystalline creeks and smooth boulders, the hike is sure to appeal to any adventurous soul. The falls themselves are enough to take one's breath away with their celestial atmosphere, and if one is fortunate, the falls are gentle enough for visitors to bathe in the pool below.

Kaaterskill Falls, Hudson, NY

Shopping: Vintage or Boutique

Having a relaxing getaway doesn't necessarily exclude shopping. Retail therapy is alive and well in Hudson. Warren Street, Hudson's mainline hub, is filled with unparalleled shopping experiences that include both vintage and high-end boutique stores. Because of its discrete location, the possibilities of finding a rare piece are endless. The shops found here cater to a small-town sense of style, conclusively embodying the theme of Hudson and its surrounding cities. Though Valentino and Tom Ford stores do not find their way this far north, there is still an opportunity to find quality staple pieces in the small town.

Nina Z, a chic boutique store that is finely decorated with a mostly white interior and clean display, carries an array of soft cashmere sweaters, riding boots and jumpsuits, while linen pieces still lingered around until the complete transition into the fall. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Sideshow Clothing was a vintage store filled with unique pieces and antiques. Though the space was quite cluttered, the store carried rare antiques: from wooden furniture to designer blazers and dresses; the store had, well, everything! 

Warren Street, Hudson, NY

Food: Fresh Farmer's Markets or Endless BBQ!

Being upstate and away from the city means a bounty of farmer's markets. These farmers markets reject mass commercial farming and source from home. Subjectively, the food is fresher and tastier due to the exclusion of chemicals and preservatives. If one is looking for a genuine experience and prefers cooking a meal at their residence as opposed to going out, a grocery visit to a nearby farmer's market is highly suggested. The food is remarkably fresh and is often placed right in front of the vendor's farms.

However, visitors who are looking for a sit-down restaurant in the city of Hudson should turn their stomachs towards American Glory - a restaurant made for barbecue lovers. The restaurant vividly captures the small-town feel of Hudson with it's dark, rustic features and side stage where it's assumed that weekend visitors have their turn at the open mic after a few drinks. The BBQ tycoon's menu is as wavering as the ocean, consisting of a large array of barbecue (shocker!), sides and drinks, leaving guests wondering if thanksgiving had come a bit early. 

Farmer's Market, NY

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