Health & Wellness in the Algarve

Angela Youngman


Beautiful beaches and a warm, sunny climate have made the Algarve one of the best areas in the world for health and wellness breaks. No matter whether you are seeking boot camps, wellness retreats, a little sport and lots of relaxation or high tech medical spa facilities, the Algarve has the answer.

Quiet wellness retreats

Encountering the atmosphere of tranquillity and calmness common to the smaller boutique hotels within the area is instantly relaxing, providing an immediate escape from stress filled city life. While many hotels are modern buildings, some have a whimsical atmosphere such as Molinium, which is a pretty country house complete with windmill offering bespoke programmes. Nature plays a major part in these wellness retreats. Memmo Baleeira’s detox retreat is aims to rejuvenate and restore using nature as a natural playground. Included in the retreat are outdoor yoga sessions, specialist detox lunches and facials along with lots of contact with the beautiful wild, Costa Vicentina. Taking part in activities such as surfing in the Atlantic, cycling along the cliffs, kayaking or simply trekking the ancient trails helps revive body and soul. 

Medical spas

For generations, people have visited spas for medical reasons. Drinking or bathing in spa waters has long been regarded as highly beneficial. In the Algarve, Longevity Health & Wellness Centres have taken this concept a step further, by creating a series of medical spas targeting the problems faced by busy people.

Longevity’s Filipa Glória says “We have been developing and refining a new way of looking at medicine - integrative, preventive – in conjunction with tourism for almost a decade. More and more health professionals are starting to embrace our philosophy. The Algarve has all the conditions to make it a reference wellness destination – a fantastic location/climate, proximity to complementary support hospital facilities, as well as the typically Portuguese welcoming spirit.”

As a result, Longevity has developed a reputation for creating programmes covering every potential need including anti-aging solutions, weight loss, high impact detox, women’s health optimisation and Osteo rebalance. Longevity’s Filipa Glória says, “Juice detox and Weight Loss programmes are our most popular.” All participants are given fitness and wellness evaluations at the start and end of each programme so that they can see exactly what has been achieved during their stay.

For many people, simply having the time to relax within the lush gardens with access to secluded beaches helps restore a sense of peace and well being, much needed within modern highly stressed lives.

Longevity’s Alvor adults only Health & Wellness hotel is perfect for anyone seeking detailed help since it offers an extensive range of world-class medical and non-medical state-of-the-art diagnostics and therapies designed to rebalance body and mind while focusing on disease prevention and optimal health. Even the building is designed to create a sense of well being, as it incorporates wave shaped architecture.

Lifestyle plays a major role in the Longevity programmes so participants are encouraged to take part in activities such as yoga, pilates, cycling and walking. Partners who want a little more than spa activities can enjoy a game of golf at the Villamoura centre, explore the countryside or relax on the private beaches.  

Boot camps for fitness training

For a quick, reviving fitness training programme, boot camps can be a perfect answer – especially when undertaken in a warm, sunny climate with plenty of sea and sand to enjoy. Companies like No1 Boot camp have merged military style group training with fitness techniques to develop a range of holiday styles designed to leave you energised in body, mind and soul. It offers periodic luxury residential camps at Quinta do Largo, a major sporting venue in the centre of the Algarve. Participants can combine training with treatments in the holistic spa rooms, relax by the pool or explore the natural surroundings while chilling out and relaxing.

Other boot camp providers offering work out challenges within the Algarve include Marco Baioa, CrossFit Vilamoura, Prestige and Saytanna Wellness.

Flexibility is crucial within these boot camps, allowing participants to choose the options that suit their specific needs. Many are located in hotels, while others such as Prestige Boot camps opt for luxury villa provision. Team games, workouts, hikes and intensive fitness sessions ensure that every individual goal can be met. Even the meals are given a fitness/wellness touch focusing on healthy food and juice detoxing. It’s fun, active and challenging, helping to develop a healthy body and mind allowing participants to do as much or as little as they desire.

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