Exploring Bali's Abundance of Activities

Isiah Magsino


Bali, Indonesia, embodies a special kind of allure. With its emerald-green forests full of life, finely-decorated places of worship and endless white-sand beaches lined with crystal waters, there is no wonder why people from around the world feel inclined to visit. Bali can accommodate the luxury traveller just as easily as it can the traveller seeking a local experience. It is full of all-inclusive resorts, spa treatments and fine dining, but also culture and history. Here are three areas in Bali that will cater to any traveller's needs.

Legian: A Surfer's Wonderland

Legian should be nicknamed Wave Whirlpool, or something less corny but still indicative of the insane waves found on its beaches. They're tall. They're rough. They're fun. Surfers from all around the world can be spotted wading around the shores of the beaches in anticipation for their next wave to conquer.

For the surfing beginners out there, have no fear. The beaches of Legian are filled with friendly locals who offer hour-long surf lessons. These lessons begin on land, gaining a basic understanding of stances, then transitions into actual water action when the individual is ready.

After experiencing Legian's beaches, visitors can make their way to the local markets filled with vendors of all types. Vendors will insist that their product trumps the other, offering anything from beachwear (which are very chic), bags, hats, sunglasses, fish spas, and facials. You name it, they have it. 

Ubud: Home to Dense Forests and Elephant Mud Baths

The jungle of Ubud resembles a James Cameron movie; green canopies hang from towering trees with streams of golden light bursting through the cracks. Ubud appeals to a person's sense of wilderness and adventure. There are several places to stay depending on one's taste and preference. Many resorts offer a ‘living in nature' theme that allows you to make the most of the jungle, whilst also enjoying a few luxurious comforts like infinity pools overlooking rice fields where herons prance through the paddies in search of their next meal.

Ubud feels both liberating through the endless freedom of the natural world, and safe through the comfort of the local people. Though some residences are tucked away privately in the jungle, getting to the city centre—which was filled with shops, exquisite restaurants and cosy cafes— was only but a twenty-minute drive away.

Activities in Ubud are as rich as the evergreen jungle. Elephant mud baths are offered at the Bali Zoo, where they are noted to practice humane and ethical treatment to their animals. Those choosing to bathe with the gentle giant can feed them, rub mud over them and shower them with water. Essentially, it's an elephant spa day. This excursion lasts close to four hours but is accompanied by a tasty lunch overlooking the elephant's residence.

Visitors can also take on the rivers of Ubud through white water rafting. The river routes that companies take rafters on are a good mix of calm and rough waters making it fitting for both experienced and novice rafters. Rafters are even able to abandon ship and swim through the calmer moments of the river.

Continuing the adrenaline junkie theme, get a fast and furious experience of Ubud by riding an ATV through the jungle. Depending on the ATV company you choose, you'll have the option of four-wheeling through the depths of the jungle or rice paddies or both! 

Nusa Dua: For Lovers of Luxury

Nusa Dua is Bali's very own Garden of Eden. The area has a royal guard at a checkpoint monitoring all those that come onto the peninsula. Once passed, visitors are welcomed into an empire of finely kept gardens and private white sand beaches layered with the clearest of water.

Everything in Nusa Dua is centred around extreme relaxation and luxury services. Alongside the extensive spa and accommodation services, the area of Nusa Dua is open to boogie boarding, bike riding and body surfing. Crystalline waters offer a more relaxed aquatic adventure.

When talking about luxury, shopping options have to be mentioned. Nusa Dua, with no surprise, is home to the ‘Bali Collection Mall'. This outdoor shopping centre serves as the epicentre for all the surrounding resorts. Here, visitors can shop their hearts out. Stores specialising in linen clothing, local furniture and interior decor, silk dresses and local art can be found within the bazaar. Not to mention, restaurants with a seemingly unlimited supply of fresh seafood and live bands can be found here.

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