Dive into the depths of your soul at Colca Canyon

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Located just outside of the city of Arequipa, the Colca Canyon is the second deepest canyon in the world. This enormous gorge has a wingspan of more than three meters and is the ultimate trekking site. The new Belmond Las Casitas Hotel offers an amazing escape and a luxury base for anyone wanting to scout Colca or even just relax from the hectic stresses of everyday life. This incredible hotel, nestled in the picturesque greenery of Peru, offers an authentic and homegrown escape. The Belmond Las Casitas is dedicated to showcasing the wonders of Peru. All ingredients in their divine local delicacies are regionally sourced, with the majority being grown on the premises. You will even have a chance to learn some of the trade-secrets at the gourmet cooking classes. Spend the day riding Peruvian Paso horses, feeding baby alpacas, or bird watching. Trek through the majesty of Peru or just allow yourself to be pampered at the full-service spa.

The Colca Canyon

This unbelievably deep canyon is awe-inspiring. In some regions, the drop is at much 3400 m. The perfect place for taking a glimpse into the abyss. There are a plethora of opportunities available to tour Colca Canyon. You can trek through the rocky terrain, go on shorter hikes, enjoy horseback riding through the stony wilderness, or connect with the local tribespeople. The Belmond Las Casitas offers plenty of packages that focus on exploring this incredible natural phenomenon. There is a debate as to whether the best time of year to visit the canyon is in the wet or dry season. Each has its own benefits and limitations. Obviously, if you are one for highly intensive trekking, it may seem to be more appealing to go in the dry season, however, the nights are much colder and, if you are camping, this could be an exceptional challenge. The dry season is also much busier in terms of other tourists. That being said, one of the best features of Colca Canyon is that, although it is one of the most beautiful sites in Peru, it is still relatively undiscovered. The tourism traffic is much less than other sites, such as Machu Picchu, allowing you to truly distance yourself from modern living. 

Connecting to nature, by going back to basics

Las Casitas has a firm policy when it comes to providing the freshest, local ingredients for its proudly authentic Peruvian cuisine. So much so that they have a portion of the grounds dedicated to cultivating these incredible ingredients. There are numerous furry friends on the property for you to form a bond with, such as horses, guinea pigs, and baby alpacas. Your heart will burst from their cuteness when you bottle-feed the fuzzy baby alpacas. Perhaps you could while the hours away, getting lost in the prickly pear orchard. This tranquil setting also serves as the spot for indigenous Peruvian tea tasting. This provides an incredible chance to learn about endemic herbs and herbal healing practices.

Eat like a king

By far, the most enriching culinary experience at the Belmond is the Peruvian cooking lesson. Learn to cook with authentic flair from the resort’s premier expert chefs. One of the lavish eateries, Curiña, offers an amazing array of farm-fresh, authentic Peruvian cuisine. Delicacies ranging from purple corn, Chapana cheese, and freshly harvested mountain honey. Puccq’io provides a more laid back spot to regroup from your canyon adventures. You can relax in the scenic bar, engrossed in the beauty of the lush Peruvian forest. Request your favourite cocktail or experiment with the extensive and creative wine list.  

Indulge in the pleasure of the spa

The Samay Spa is by far the most luxurious part of the Las Casitas journey. Find tranquillity and peace while being pampered in this glorious location within view of the stunning canyon. The spa draws on ancient wisdom and Peruvian ritual to provide a truly transformative experience. The use of local, naturally occurring botanicals makes this opulent experience a sustainable one. Some popular treatments include the detoxifying eucalyptus steam room and the altitude massage. The altitude massage is a personalized massage combining the use of aromatic oils and cocoa leaves. These amazing massages will allow you to achieve unadulterated bliss, specially tailored to meet your wellness needs. 

Tap into your artistic side

One of the most unique activities on offer at Las Casitas is the outdoor painting session. These are a fun-filled way to channel your energies to produce a beautiful keepsake of your journey that you can cherish for a lifetime. Perhaps you will draw inspiration from the sublime landscape and the circling condors overhead. Incidentally, the resort offers an expert-guided birdwatching tour to see these magical birds of prey in their natural habitat. Or perhaps you will be inspired by the exciting expeditions you had over your stay, like cycling in Colca with the wind licking your face or experiencing the depth of the canyon on horseback. Adventure, pampering, and luxury await at The Belmond Las Casitas. 

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