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Megan Wilkins


When you love to cook, finding inspiration for your next dish often requires a bit of research. However, if you love to eat, but can’t really cook, finding the drive to pick up a pan is almost impossible. Thankfully, there is a whole world of delicacies just waiting to be tried and tested as you travel through various regions across the globe - all known for their mouth-watering cuisine. To top it all off, these holidays are designed not only for tasting the food, but also learning how to cook it. No matter your experience level, you will be a complete master of these international dishes when you are through. So plan your next dinner party and serve your guests a truly global feast.

Les Petits Farcis - Nice, France

Both French and Mediterranean cuisines are renowned for being utterly delectable. The perfect style of food for a proper sit-down dinner, the flavour combinations are familiar and comforting, while still bringing the ‘wow’ factor. Les Petits Farcis in Nice marries the cooking styles of France and Italy, creating a truly unique fusion. Classes take place near the Cours Saleya market, and there is enough room for eight students per class. Each lesson is hands-on and gets you fully involved in the process, rather than just standing around and watching the masters do their thing.  

Cass Abrahams - Cape Town, South Africa

One of the most unique cooking styles and flavour profiles comes from the Cape Malay region of South Africa. A complicated mix of Indian, African, Dutch, and British flavours, Cape Malay cooking will bring a spark of life and excitement to any dinner party or casual get together. 

On your cooking journey with Cass Abrahams, the foremost authority on Cape Malay cuisine, you will be introduced to the history of the Cape, and how the food and culture have become so integral to the region. The cooking classes are conducted in Cass’s home, where you will have a hands-on crash course in flavour and soul, while you sing, dance, and hear stories from the chef herself. You will typically learn four different dishes and how to combine flavours to make these dishes at home. After which, you will all sit down and enjoy your food together, laughing and chatting as you go. Happiness is the order of the day whenever you cook Malay. 

Hot Stove Society - Seattle, USA

America is known for big flavour and big eats. From traditional American barbeque to family inspired celebration feasts, you will never go hungry with this style of cooking. Hot Stove Society in Seattle takes inspiration from all over the world, teaching you tradition with a twist. Each class is themed and celebrates fresh and inspiring ingredients.

The chefs hand-pick recipes for your skill level while adding a bit of a challenge along the way. Even complete novices will be able to contribute towards the class and learn from some of the most skilled cooks. Choose from a multitude of different classes, or attend a bunch in one day, for a complete foodie festival. Celebrate the different cultures and backgrounds of America, while chopping, slicing, and dicing your way through the recipes.  

GalilEat - Israel

If you are looking for a cooking course unlike any other, you have found the right one. GalilEat is more than just a cooking class, it’s an entire food experience. Celebrating authentic Galilean food, the team at GalilEat will take you on a culinary tour of Israel, keeping your eyes and palate open to the knowledge and experience of the locals. You will learn to appreciate traditional Galilean cooking, as well as modern Israeli methods, making it easy to replicate what you learn at home.

The course begins with a tour of the markets and local eateries. Full-day tours include trips to wineries, cheese shops, olive presses, and coffee roasteries. You get to learn all about where your ingredients come from, and how their origin can affect the flavours in your dishes. Each step along the way will be filled with information and learning, which culminates in a group cooking class, bringing all you have learnt into one final meal.  

Rimba Jimbaran - Bali, Indonesia

Indonesia, and Bali, in particular, have a culture that celebrates fresh and flavoursome ingredients. In fact, most sit-down meals in Bali are a celebration on their own. From meticulous attention to detail in cutting and prepping, to the building of complex, well-balanced flavours, Balinese cooking is not something you come across every day.

The cooking school at Rimba Jimbaran offers some of the most authentic and easy-to-learn classes out there. From fresh ingredients to masterful teachers, your experience is bound to be filled to the brim with delight and amazement. As part of the full-day course, you are taken to the famous markets, where you are taught how to buy ingredients, and which to choose for specific uses and dishes. After which, you will go back to the school and use your ingredients to cook Balinese staples, which are easy to recreate at home. Your entire experience will impress anyone lucky enough to try your new cooking skills.   

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