The Best Thermal Spas in Italy

Diana Skok Corridori


A getaway of total wellness and relaxation is often what we need to switch off and rest. Blessed with natural hot springs, Italy is the perfect destination for when you need to disconnect. The warm and soothing waters also have numerous health benefits thanks to their mineral-rich content. From the Dolomites in the north all the way down to the sun-drenched island of Ischia in the south, here is a collection of the most scenic and luxurious spas in the country.

Terme di Bormio – Bagni Vecchi

As with many thermal springs in Italy, this spa has a rich history. Not only is it old (2,000 years), but it has also hosted key figures throughout the years. Leonardo da Vinci himself used to make visits to this area.

Coming to this spa is like taking a journey through time. Rustic in nature, there are thermal pools carved out from caves used during Roman times and grottos with detoxifying Turkish baths where one can experience wellness from the warm depths of the earth.

There is also an outdoor panoramic pool nestled in the mountains offering spectacular views of the Bormio Valley.

Additional services include massage, facials and special body toning treatments using mud and scrubs. 

Terme di Bormio – Bagni Vecchi

Abano Grand Hotel - Romanæ Thermal Spa

Abano is a spa town located just 45 minutes west of Venice – and the Romanæ Thermal Spa at the Abano Grand Hotel is the perfect place to rest those weary legs after days of sightseeing.

The origins of the thermal waters here come from the rain. The Pre-Alp area has very permeable grounds and rainwaters flow underground at a depth of around 3000 metres. During a 20-30 year period, it acquires a variety of minerals and healing elements not to mention heat. These waters are used for both beauty and health treatments.

The spa’s three thermal pools are in an idyllic park setting surrounded by olive trees and tropical plants and have every water therapy feature imaginable from whirlpools to water jets and even an underwater gym. The temperatures range from 29°C to 34°C.

The focus here is well-being 360° and therefore treatments range from aesthetics to health in an aim to balance mind, body and spirit. 

Abano Grand Hotel

Aquaria Thermal SPA

Aquaria is set directly on the blue-green shores of Lake Garda in the romantic, medieval town of Sirmione.

The sulfurous waters at this thermal spa range in temperature from 34°C to 36°C and contain a variety of minerals that greatly benefit the entire body as well as exfoliating properties for skin health.

The floor to ceiling windows of the indoor thermal pool provides an amazing vista of the lake, while the outdoor freshwater pool is the perfect place to get a little sun, have a drink or simply relax while listening to the soft lapping of the lake. Other features of this dreamy spa include a variety of saunas, steam baths, effervescent beds and whirlpools.

All types of services are available for the face and body from personal trainers to beauty consultants to medical exams. Special treatments such as a body brush with candle massage and thermal mud treatments will leave skin silky smooth. 

Aquaria Thermal Spa, Terme di Sirmione

Terme di Prè Saint Didier

Sitting pretty in the tiny region of Aosta Valley at the foot of Mont Blanc is the Terme Prè Saint Didier. Wellness seekers have been using the free-flowing warm waters from this area for over a thousand years. And why wouldn’t they? The warmth of the water offers a chance to relax while the high iron content helps soften skin and aids in blood circulation. Health and beauty surrounded by the majesty of The Alps? Yes, please!

This spa’s offerings are quite extensive, so make sure to arrive early to leave enough time to explore the entire property. There are three outdoor thermal pools – with mountain views of course - and a variety of steam rooms, saunas, hydro pools and several themed relaxation rooms with hanging pods and swinging hammocks. Other rooms include underwater music therapy pools, Vichy showers, footbaths and salt therapy.

Treatment options include a wide selection of massage therapy, toning services and beauty programmes.

Terme di Prè Saint Didier

Terme di Saturnia

The healing waters of Saturnia in Tuscany have been in use since the Etruscan era. Volcanic waters are fed directly into the resort gushing at 500 litres per second resulting in an overall turnover every four hours. With a temperature of 37°C, these pools are not only soothing, but the high concentration of Sulphur and mineral salts provide health and beauty benefits treating a variety of skin conditions as well as reducing tension and boosting pulmonary ventilation.

With five outdoor pools set amongst the rolling Tuscan hills, it is impossible not to completely unwind. And for further relaxation and wellness, make sure to take advantage of the hydro-massage tubs and the hot/cold circulatory wading circuits.

The available treatments and therapies on the menu are very comprehensive and include massage, facials, medical checkups and nutritional guidance.

Terme di Saturnia

Giardini Poseidon Terme

This spa is located on the island of Ischia situated off the of the Gulf of Naples. The suggestive landscape of this spa with its exotic vegetation and private beach contribute to the wellbeing experience.

The Giardini Poseidon has a whopping 22 pools each with its own characteristics and temperatures ranging from 20° C to 40° C. But the hyperthermal waters only tell half the story because they are also very rich in mineral salts and aid in the treatment of a variety of ailments including tendonitis, bronchitis, psoriasis and osteoporosis.

Some standout facilities include a traditional Greek-Roman thermal steam grotto and a Japanese bath which is a pebble layered pool that has alternating hot and cold water used to stimulate circulation.

For a bit of extra pampering, there is a wellness centre that offers everything from physiotherapy to massages.

Note: this spa is only open from April through October.

Giardini Poseidon, Terme Ischia

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