An Instagrammer's Guide to Venice

Ashley Chalmers

Senior Contributor

Few places are as stunningly beautiful as Venice. Yes, it’s most famous for its canals and gondolas, but there’s beauty tucked away in every corner of the Floating City – down cobblestoned alleyways and between the colourful facades of each building. It’s easy to see why Venice is a photographer’s paradise, and why it’s become a top destination for Instagrammers, too. But while endless lazy days meandering around Venice is the ultimate dream, most travellers spend only a short while here. With limited time in mind, we pulled together an easy Grammer’s guide to capturing the best that Venice has to offer.

Book a Centrally Located Hotel

Venice is small and easily navigable on foot, but staying in the heart of the city is the best way to maximise your photo opps. The Bauer Palazzo is a beloved pick for exactly this reason. With its Grand Canal views and timeless guest rooms, the Bauer Palazzo boasts another key photo-snapping spot: Settimo Cielo on the 7th floor, the highest terrace in Venice. Along with its central location and cityscape views, the Bauer is also the ideal place for leaning into the full aesthetic of Venice. Embrace the hotel’s jewel-toned palette and its gilded ​​De Pisis Restaurant – it will truly set the tone for the rest of your trip. 

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See Piazza San Marco at Sunrise

As Venice’s most well-known plaza, it’s to be expected that Piazza San Marco gets intensely crowded. The city’s busy season lasts from May through September, but even year-round, navigating the square can be an overwhelming task. Thanks to throngs of tourists, cheesy street performers, and fellow photographers, it’s easy to believe this stop is one of Venice’s most overrated - but it all comes down to timing. Travellers with a reliable alarm clock and the willpower to rise before the sun are rewarded with an instant payoff. Even that first amble through the quiet streets of Venice is special, and after a strong Italian coffee, your feed will be #blessed with the unforgettable view of Piazza San Marco as it’s bathed in the first golden hour of the day. Blissful!

Take in Culture with a View at the Peggy Guggenheim

Venice has an unfair reputation for being a bit shallow – if you ask the wrong person, they’ll tell you it’s all beautiful views with a hit-or-miss culture, but no real substance. The Peggy Guggenheim collection single-handedly proves that theory wrong. Located in the socialite’s former home, the Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, the gallery features the personal art of the self-described “art addict.” Displayed alongside temporary exhibits and masterpieces from the Hannelore B. and Rudolph B. Schulhof Collection, there’s also a beautiful sculpture garden. The collection itself is worth a long and leisurely visit, and at the end, a quiet view over the Grand Canal is the picture-perfect cherry on top. 

See the Colours of the Island of Burano

Venice isn’t just one island – it’s actually built atop 118 interconnected islands. Outside of the main heart of Venice, the most well-regarded of its smaller islands is Murano, which is known for its handblown glass seen all over the region. But the neighbouring Burano is also well worth a stop. Known for its needle lace (a type of lace created with only needle and thread), this island is particularly photogenic, thanks to its brightly coloured homes. While Venice itself is full of beautiful buildings, they have a sort of muted beauty – all terracottas and faded greens. But Burano offers a different palette. Local legend says it’s due to the foggier positioning of Burano – the colours help fishermen best navigate its canals. Whether that’s factually true or not isn’t clear, but one thing that is a fact: a visit here is sure to brighten up your Insta feed. 

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