A solar-powered Maldivian seaside getaway

Lili Marie Flax


In the beautiful Islands of the Maldives, nestled far from the stresses of modern living, Finolhu Villas offer the perfect island escape. This unique five-star wonderland is the world’s first completely solar-powered luxury resort. The solar panels have been incorporated into the unique design of the hotel, so as to complement its beauty and authenticity. As the world’s lowest islands, the Maldives is in imminent danger of being lost forever, with sea levels rising due to global warming. Finolhu Villas, a truly innovative and one-of-a-kind resort, tackles this problem head-on, whilst giving you the experience of a lifetime. Although this resort is eco-friendly, no aspect of luxury is spared. With direct sea access from your opulent bungalow and private butlers to cater to your every desire, you will truly transcend to the highest level of peace and tranquillity.

Indulge in five-star cuisine

Variety is the spice of life and Finolhu Villas’ top-notch catering team never disappoints. With four different restaurants, each with their own culinary focus, you will be spoilt for choice. The Baa Baa Beach Restaurant is a global eatery situated on the white sandy beach, allowing you to watch dolphins pass while you eat meals from around the world. The Kanusan Restaurant is focused on fine-dining Asain cuisine and is located on stilts in the turquoise sea. The BaaHaa Grill focuses on North African cuisine and prides itself on giving clients a complete sensory experience: explosive tastes and textures, the sound of the meat sizzling on the grill, the music and view of the ocean, and the smell of Maghreb spices. If you are looking for a more beach-inspired vibe, the relaxed, simplicity of the boho-chic Crab Shack gives you a real taste of island living. 

Partake in activities to delight and entertain

The Finolhu Beach Bubble is a beautiful transparent tent located on the beach, where you can spend a private, romantic night under the stars. This evening escape will not only bring you closer to your partner but through the star-lit sky, it will bring you closer to the universe.

The crystal clear, azure warm waters surrounding these magnificent islands offer a diving experience like no other. The resort is a mere thirty minutes away from Baa Atol, the global hotspot for manta rays. The memory of these unbelievable creatures will stay with you for years to come. While you dive into the depths of the Indian Ocean, you will journey even deeper into your soul. To ensure maximum safety and quality of each dive, the resort provides you with your own personal dive butler. You can also journey into the deep blue with a mind-blowing snorkelling programme. If adventure is your game, the resort offers a wide range of water sports. Channel 007 with ultra-stylish jetski tours, or test your limits with X-blades that rocket you into the sky..

Be pampered in paradise with top-class wellness packages

Enter into the realm of the divine with a host of beauty treatments to help you transcend to the heavens. The Findolhu Villas’ spa offers beauty treatments focusing on hair, skin, and nails, with a particular focus on protection from harmful UV damage. Full body treatments ranging from wraps to massages help take your relaxation to the ultimate level. The spa exclusively uses the Ila range of products, sourced from the U.K. These products are all-natural, organic, and sustainably sourced. Ila pride themselves on adhering to the highest standards of both beauty and ethics, whilst providing the best quality available. 

Explore the beautiful town of Malé

The beautiful city of Malé is the lively capital of the Maldives and is located a mere 30 minutes from Finolhu Villas by boat. Malé is alive with cultural sites to explore, such as Sultan Park - a monument to the independence of the Maldives, as well as the many mosques and the hallowed Medhu Ziyaari Shrine. Explore the craftsmanship of this beautiful culture at the National Museum, which has preserved both pre-and post-Islamic artefacts. 

Marvel at Yuji Yamazaki’s cutting edge eco-friendly design

This resort is the first of its kind. Yuki Yamazaki, a world-renowned Tokyo based architect, has tried to make Findolhu Villas as congruent with its natural surroundings as possible. Although he admits that man can never recreate nature, he wanted his design to add to its majesty rather than detract from it. One look at this ocean-side paradise tells you that he has succeeded. Within a mere year of opening, Findolhu Villas won the prestigious Best Hotel Design at the International Hotel and Property Awards in 2015. The most unique part of this ingenious design is the 6000 m² of self-cleaning solar panels, which provide enough power to sustain the resort’s guests and staff. This is no mean feat, considering there are over two hundred people spread over four islands. The solar power, however, is not the only way in which the resort cares for its surroundings. Each bungalow has been constructed from eco-friendly materials and is designed to be as energy-efficient as possible. Furthermore, the island has a self-sufficient water desalination system, which provides all the necessary clean drinking water on the island. To complement this amazing design, eco-practices such as no plastic bottles or straws being kept on the island minimise the resort’s footprint. 

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