A Luxury Amalfi Coast Trip

Natasha Bazika


The Amalfi Coast is known as one of the most memorable destinations in the world. Its iconic coastline, seaside villages, and all-round Italian charm captured the hearts of travelers, inspiring novels, movies, songs, and postcard-perfect sunset proposals. Anyone and everyone who has visited the charismatic coast returns home with a newfound sense of adventure, new tastes, and a new perspective. The Amalfi Coast had a similar effect on internationally-renowned fine art photographer and author, Gray Malin. Malin, whose work combines the spirit of travel, adventure, luxury, and artistry, fell in love with the coast from his first visit to his next. His collection "La Dolce Vita" is centered around his favorite places along the Amalfi Coast, including Praiano, Capri, and Ravello.

For the first time, Gray is sharing his secret spots including shooting locations with fellow travelers. The collaboration with luxury tour operator, Scott Dunn is priced from $11,676 (USD) per person based on double occupancy (long-haul airfare excluded). Travelers will also receive a hand-signed Gray Malin photograph and an unforgettable experience.

Whether it's your first, third or tenth time cruising the world's most famous Italian coastline, this itinerary will have you discovering new places, new tastes and the best Italy has to offer. 


Praiano is where this Amalfi Coast adventure begins. This ancient fishing village is a low-key summer resort packed with local flavor and none of the crowds. Malins favorite hotel is Casa Angelina, which is no surprise when you see what it's like. The boutique hotel is a high-design, high-spec house, that is more than a hotel. Boasting views of the coast and rocks of Capri, guests will feel more like they're sleeping in an art gallery suspended over the ocean, than a hotel. Glass sculptures, color-smeared oils, surrealist furniture, and many other fine art pieces grace colorless walls.

As for local flavor, it doesn't get any better than squash blossoms stuffed with fresh ricotta and shrimp at Ristorante Max. Take in the scenery while enjoying local flavors, and don't forget the Aperol spritz to start.

In the morning, wake up early to visit the gods via the 7km trek known as the Path of The Gods. The historic trail connects two mountainside hamlets and rewards at the top with a view that we can only assume the gods have. Each step of the way has an unbelievable view of the coast and cliffs.

Remember to picture what photograph Malin would have taken when he was staring down at the sheer beauty of the landscape.

Reward yourself with dinner at Ristorante Le Terrazze, the location where Malin captured the iconic front cover of his book ITALY.


Capri is a more well-known seaside town, popular with luxury jet-setters and celebrities. The expensive restaurants, museum-quality jewelry shops, and designer brands are enough to keep your credit card busy, but this hamlet offers more than great shopping. Gray visits Anacapri, the smaller, forgotten town of Capri. While here he visits the gardens of Villa San Michele for a bird's eye view of the coast, accompanied by vibrant florals. Be sure to stop at the locals’ favorite beach club, Lido del Faro. You will see Italian children cannonballing off rocks into the sea below, just like Gray did when he was shooting the image, Capri. Then head to the eastern side of the island following the narrow footpath until you reach La Fontelina Beach Club where Gray shot The Overlook, La Fontelina.

Relax in the sun under the iconic blue umbrellas, represented in Gray’s image: La Fontelina Loungers. La Fontelina is also home to an incredible, authentic Italian seafood restaurant. Here, you'll find fresh pasta, seafood, and refreshing sangria, all paired with spectacular views.

Head out to Green Grotto, via boat, to immerse yourself in the mesmerizing marine world of storied sea caves and secret inlets. Your captain can lead you to the best-hidden beaches and to see all the highlights of this incredible island. On the horizon, you’ll spot three steep cliffs that jut out of the water, the famous Faraglioni rocks. You may recognize this lovely vista from previous days. Heading towards (and under) the archway of the rocks you will see Gray’s shot Afternoon Ride, Capri.


Ravello is different from other towns along the Amalfi Coast. Firstly, Ravello is on a hill rather than down by the water, but its glamor and style are only second to Positano. Here, diners relax under the canopies of cafe's, bask in palatial hotels and revel in awe-inspiring views. When deciding where to stay, you can't go past Palazzo Avino, Gray's go-to for deluxe accommodation in town. The pink palace was built in the 12th century and is perched high on the clifftops, offering guests views of the fishing villages below.

During the day, tour the ornate grounds of Villa Cimbrone, a glamorous villa built in the 11th century, restored in the early 20th century, and now open to the public for tours. Its extensive gardens provide breathtaking panoramic views of the Amalfi Coast. Make sure to step onto the famed Infinity Terrace, where Gray shot his photo Pink Flowers, Ravello.

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