5 Tree houses to live out your childhood dreams

Lili Marie Flax


There is a certain intangible magic about a treehouse. It makes us laugh, sing, and dream as we did when we were children. Perhaps it’s born from the memories of hours whiled away, or maybe it’s a manifestation of our need to connect with nature, or even our desire to rise above the world below. Wherever our love of treehouses comes from, the bottom line is that they seem to generate happiness. Innovative tree-top hotels make sleeping on top of the world an experience unlike any other. Sample the finest luxuries the hospitality industry has to offer: impossibly high thread counts, five-star tree-top dining, and spa treatments, all whilst nestled in the arms of nature.

Sway in the soft breeze at Mamole Tree House, Indonesia

Hidden away on Sumba Island in Indonesia, this tree-top escape has everything you need to help you forget about the stresses of modern living. This luxury hotel was designed by respected German architect, Walter Wagner. The interiors, created by Marco Scarani and Susan Colley, stay true to the incredibly rich Sumbalese culture, whilst providing everything the heart could possibly desire. The hotel staff are there to serve your every need, whether it is planning an excursion to the nearby East Nusa Tenggara beaches, or a horseback ride, they have you covered. In 2016, the Nihiwatu Resort, where Mamole Tree House is situated, was voted the best hotel in the world by Travel and Leisure travel guide. You are guaranteed to revel in the magnificent nature and rich culture that Indonesia offers, while you soak in the joy of the bird’s-eye view from your treehouse. 

Contemplate life from up above at TreeHotel, Sweden

Nestled in the ancient pine trees of Northern Sweden, this winter wonderland will become your home away from home. Channel your sense of adventure in your very own snowmobile, or watch the Northern Lights from your bedroom in the sky. The activities offered by this amazing establishment include horseback riding in the summer and forest skiing in the winter. Marvel at Sweden’s natural beauty and taste authentic cuisine made with only the freshest of local ingredients. 

Have an eagle’s view of the savannah at Lion Sand Game Reserve South Africa

Spend the night in South Africa’s incredible Savannah, surrounded by the majestic wildlife, while you are safely cradled in the trees. Under the African sky, the music of the buzzing, howling, and growling of animals around you will be the only thing that breaks through the tranquil silence. This fully immersive safari experience is not to be missed. You will have an opportunity to see Africa’s Big Five: lions, buffalo, leopards, elephants, and rhinos, in addition to a plethora of other magnificent creatures, such as giraffes and springboks. This incredible game reserve has been voted one of Travel and Leisure’s top 10 lodges in Africa and is one of the top 20 resorts in Africa in the Condé Nast Traveller Readers Choice Awards. 

Experience the tranquillity of the Orient at the Four Seasons Golden Triangle, Thailand

The path to enlightenment is found up above. This exclusive tree-top hotel markets itself as a luxury camping site. The ‘tents’ do not, however, offer anything of the sort. The bamboo havens more closely resemble five-star hotel suites than a tent in the classical sense. If you need some help unwinding, seek out the amazing outdoor jungle spa. If adventure is more your scene, your appetite will be more than satiated by river tours, hikes, and personalised excursions. Situated in a Northern Thailand forest, bordered by Laos and Burma, this paradise is shared with rescue elephants. The friendly giants can be found lazing about the forest and having splash contests in the river. These wise beauties will find their way into your heart, despite their enormous size. 

Retreat from the cold at Arctic TreeHouse Hotel, Finland

Allow yourself to fall into nature’s welcoming arms in this ultra-luxurious, one-of-a-kind arctic nirvana. This hotel has the most amazing panoramic views of both the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun, allowing you to transcend into unparalleled peace and relaxation. Although it will be powdered with snow outside, you will be perfectly cosy in your sleek, modern nest equipped with its own sauna. Connect with your inner child in Lapland, the home of Santa Claus and reindeer. Perhaps you will be inspired to make snow angels and build snowmen. Explore the icy arctic wilderness, knowing you have your warm nest up above to return to. Arctic TreeHouse Hotels’ fabulous eatery, Rakas, which translates to ‘beloved’, specialises in Northern Finnish cuisine and will be sure to take you on a culinary adventure. 

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