5 Less-Publicised Causes to Support

Chanoa Tarle

Senior Contributor

During any crisis, a few major causes for people to support emerge, while other worthy missions lie underfunded in the shadows. In the case of the novel coronavirus, little-publicised causes such as baby care products for out-of-work parents are crucial. And while there’s nothing wrong with supporting gargantuan nonprofit organisations, there are many less widely-known or smaller organisations with excellent resource allocation records and equally worthy causes. Here are five less-publicised causes to consider today.

Baby Care Products and Supplies

In a climate of job layoffs, furloughs, company closures and other economic devastations, efforts tend to be centred on helping adults (such as is the case with the charity examples below). However, babies around the globe represent a significant at-risk group thanks to the financial impacts of the pandemic.

Seek out charitable efforts that help parents get through tough financial times. Organisations like Baby2Baby and Miami Diaper Bank provide parents with the supplies necessary to keep their children healthy and safe- in times of emergency and beyond.

Meals and Household Products

Food is top of mind as we shop to have food and essential household products to last us for weeks at a time. However, not everyone can make it to the grocery store on their own. Organisations like Food Lifeline are delivering groceries to adults with disabilities.

Then there are all of the busy medical workers on the frontlines. Organisations are galvanising to feed them during their extra-long shifts, and private individuals are producing bespoke efforts. For example, a private citizen contacted the popular Neapolitan Express organic pizza food truck in New York City, asking them to feed all of the frontline medical workers at an area hospital, no matter what it would cost. The food truck company shared the story with gratitude on social media and excited followers quickly inquired how they could do the same.

Then there are organised efforts to feed medical workers that are cropping up in hot zones, Dine 11 Los Angeles and the Feed NHS by University College London Hospitals Charity UK are two examples. Brainstorm ways to feed the most affected people in your area- whether via food banks or private initiatives.

Blood Drives

Giving blood doesn’t immediately come to mind for this sort of health crisis, however, hospitals are always in need of blood for patients for different needs. Do your part to help solve another health priority during the novel coronavirus pandemic- give blood if you meet the health criteria for participating in a blood drive.

Schedule an appointment ahead of time and inquire about your local blood drive’s updated safety standards for COVID-19. They may have a new process for how and when you enter their facility and you should arrive at your appointment with your mouth and nose covered, preferably with a medical-grade face mask.

If you’ve recovered from COVID-19, your blood may have antibodies which could be useful for medical research. Contact your physician to find out if and how you can help.

Independent Artists and Fashion Designers

Then there’s the issue of keeping fashion designers and independent artists afloat. European and American organisations are brainstorming solutions to keep fashion labels in business.

Two wonderful causes to support in this effort are A Common Thread by the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) and the British Fashion Council (BFC) Fashion Fund for the COVID Crisis. Meanwhile, the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund is assisting not just musicians but others in the music profession who have been impacted financially by the virus.

In the visual arts world, organisations such as The Andy Warhol Foundation are giving sizable grants to artists and the funds may be used for everyday expenses during this time, including childcare, rent and mortgages. 

Animal Support

Finally, animal rescue and support organisations are often forgotten in the context of a health pandemic. Find out how you can help your local organisations or donate monetary contributions instead.

Alternatively, if you’re in the market for a new pet, consider adopting. There are still so many animals around the world awaiting adoption and pets, especially cats and dogs, can be wonderful sources of emotional support during hard times. In fact, the strength of keeping pets for company has taken on in some areas.

New York City is running low on cats and dogs due to record numbers of adoption during the coronavirus crisis. If you’re not sure you’re cut out to own a pet for the long-run, look into your local pet fostering programs for a shorter-term experience often offered with the option to adopt.

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