10 Artsy Instagram Accounts to brighten your feed

Alix M Campbell

Senior Contributor

Following artists on Instagram makes procrastinating feel more like a positive distraction than a mindless and endless scroll through semi-interesting content. Especially in times like these, getting a bit of colour and happiness into our lives is vitally important. You might even get inspired to pick up your coloured pencils for a creative break from work.


This mixed media artist always posts inspiring pictures of her abstract works of art in progress as well as her beautiful colour palettes. She offers online art classes, a podcast, and even a free mini-class for anyone who wants to dip their toes in. Her choice of colours and interesting shapes are extremely soothing.


This page is pure art therapy. You'll absolutely love looking at these lush, bright, vivid colours ettavee paints with to embellish naked walls and canvases. It’s hard not to get in a good mood when you scroll through the account of this American artist living in France.


This digital artist makes any day a little bit brighter with her uplifting art picturing strong and independent women. She also teaches classes on Skillshare for anyone who wants to learn how to create digital masterpieces. If you’re keen to look over the artist’s shoulder, she shares some tips about her work on her account.


Her colourful florals and happy little live painting videos will make you come back to this account time and time again. Only after scrolling through the artist’s collection of works for a couple of minutes you'll start feeling a little bit lighter. She offers online courses that are definitely worth checking out.


If you ever wanted to do something creative but always found it too daunting, then this is a great art account to follow. This mixed media artist and teacher often posts mini videos of little art projects that you can easily try yourself at home. You’ll learn how to make your own postcards or a cute little calendar, for example.


This travelling artist posts her bright and happy watercolour pieces as well as digital art inspired by all the places she visits in the world. She’s also a Skillshare teacher and her classes are really popular among budding artists. Her art can be found on pretty much everything, from mugs to phone cases and wallpaper.


This artist creates artwork for pattern design and illustrations, and she teaches her techniques on Skillshare. Looking at her dreamy landscapes and botanicals is a great distraction from work or isolation boredom. In her shop, you can browse through her playful art on mugs or shirts.


A major source of inspiration for many. Bonnie Christine creates art for all sorts of products, and she teaches her skills for everyone to learn to do the same. If you’re into delicate florals in beautiful colour palettes, then you’ll be spending a lot of time scrolling through her account.


Digital art in beautiful earthy tones and with women taking centre stage – this artist captures the mood of the day like no other. Her intricate modern designs are perfect to lose yourself in. Those motifs look good on t-shirts and phone cases too if you’re looking to surprise your mum or your best friend.


If happy abstract art is your thing, then this will be your favourite mood enhancer on a rainy, grey day. You can easily lose track of time while looking at those really unique, colourful shapes the artist creates. She also offers workshops and shares videos of her work process online.

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