Events Policies

ASW hosts a range of events organised exclusively for our members and your guests throughout selected ASW Cities. Most events will be free of charge for members who register in advance and arrive within the time frame highlighted in the event listing, while non-members may be required to pay a fee unless otherwise specified.

We will inform you of events taking place in the ASW cities nearest to you or other cities you follow. However, you are welcome to register to attend any event in any ASW City.

Event Registration

To attend our events, you must register online, through the ASW Website or ASW mobile applications, in accordance with any deadlines or other restrictions as specified in the event listing. Registration occurs on a first come, first serve basis. Advance registration is crucial to respect any capacity limits that may be imposed by venues or organizational requirements. Members are responsible for registering themselves from their own accounts. Members may not register on behalf of other members. Unless otherwise specified, a limited number of friends who are not members of ASW may attend our events as guests of members, however their full names must be registered online in advance of the event as per any criteria specified in the event listing.

ASW may, in its sole discretion, cancel registration at any time. We may also bar members from registering for events for any or no reason, without penalty.

Registration must include full first and last names of all attendees, as well as any other information requested. Attendees are required to present their Membership Card in conjunction with valid photo identification upon arrival in order to confirm and note their attendance. Members are required to present both photo ID and their Membership Card in order to be granted free access within the allotted arrival period.

Admission to Events

Admission priority will be given to ASW members.

ASW reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone whose name does not appear on the list, who has not registered, or who does not present valid photo identification that corresponds with the name that has been registered.

ASW may refuse entry to registered or unregistered members or guests for any or no reason without penalty, including capacity problems, objectionable behaviour or unforeseen circumstances. ASW is not responsible if a venue refuses entry to a member or guest.

Admission is not guaranteed.

We may, in our sole discretion, admit members or guests who have not registered in advance of the registration deadline.

ASW reserves the right to cancel events at any time.

Attendance Fees

Event listings will specify any required attendance fees. It is your responsibility to read event details thoroughly in order to be aware of the relevant fee policy.

Most events, such as ASW Meetups, will be free of charge for members, however guests who are not members of ASW will be required to pay a fee in order to attend.

Fees are non-refundable.


Since capacity limits may be imposed due to venue rules, local laws or service and organizational requirements, only a certain number of people may attend events. Since guest lists are limited, and therefore only a small number of members may register, it is important that all ASW members and guests who are not members of ASW register in advance.

Any non-attendance from a member or guest will be noted. Members will be held accountable for their registered guests. Members will be warned by ASW if they, their registered guests, or both members and guests, fail to attend an event. After three non-attendances and three respective warnings, members will be restricted from registering to attend ASW events. Such members may not attend events as guests of other members.


ASW is not liable for any technical, user or other problem that prevents registration, payment for an event or entry to an event.

ASW does not assume responsibility for any theft, dissatisfaction, or other problems occurring at any events.