Top Secrets of Gracie Mansion, The Home of NYC's Mayor - New York

Step inside Gracie Mansion and explore its historic rooms on an exclusive ASW tour! Join us to experience the magic behind the scenes at New York’s “Little White House”.

ASW Events Team
ASMALLWORLD invites members and their guests to join Ambassador Arthur Glass for an exclusive private tour of The Home of NYC's Mayor, Gracie Mansion!

Tour Highlights
  • Learn about the history of New York’s “Little White House”
  • Visit interior spaces such as the dining room, ballroom, various parlours, the library
  • Discover antiques and other decorative art collections that have been donated or loaned on an ongoing basis to adorn the interior

Since the year 1963, when the First Lady of New York City, Susan Edwards Wagner (1909-1964) conceived and realised the public wing at Gracie Mansion which now bears her name, antiques and other decorative arts have been donated or loaned on an ongoing basis to adorn the interior.

Such collecting spread and accelerated in 1981, when Mayor Edward I. Koch ((1924-2013) created the Gracie Mansion Conservancy as the nonprofit partner to restore the landmark structure and recreate its interior to reflect its creation in 1799. In the year 2002, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg (b. 1942) again re-envisioned the interior and added to the historic collections, while during the ensuing Bill de Blasio (b. 1961) administration, the focus fell instead on changing art exhibitions. Most works shown from 2014 to 2021 were loaned but a few items remain as permanent legacies as this comprehensive catalogue shows.

Today, when New Yorkers and lovers of New York City visit in person they can discover most of these collections in person. They belong to and in The People’s House as a public trust maintained by the Gracie Mansion Conservancy. It will always be a work in progress – like the history made here daily. Come see the collection and learn about the colourful history of New York’s “Little White House!”

15 members and guests from 3 cities attended

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Photo ID is required for entrance. Limited photography is permitted.

Prohibited Items include, but are not limited to, the following:
Large book bags, large backpacks, food and beverages of any kind, strollers, large professional video cameras, selfie sticks, tobacco products, any pointed objects (knitting needles, etc.), aerosol containers, guns, ammunition, fireworks, electric stun guns, mace, martial arts weapons/devices, or knives of any size. The NYPD reserves the right to prohibit any other personal items.

Approved Items:
Umbrellas, wallets, compact cameras with a lens no longer than 3 inches, cell phones, small handbags and car keys are permitted.

Please come prepared as there are no storage facilities on-site.


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