Vernissage "A Better Planet, A better World" - Munich

You are invited to a vernissage "A Better Planet, A Better World" and the pre-opening Earth Day celebration. You will also have a chance to meet the artists Alessandra Mattanza and Architect and Kunstkurator Augusto Ferretti. Experience their inspiring work and join us in celebrating our planet.

ASW Events Team
ASMALLWORLD invites members and their guests to attend the "A Better Planet, A Better World" vernissage and exhibition, along with the pre-opening of our Earth Day celebration in Munich. This event offers a unique opportunity to meet the artists, Alessandra Mattanza and the Architect and Kunstkurator Augusto Ferretti.

This exhibition in Munich, from April 13th to April 28th, 2024, will focus on nature, biodiversity, and the animal world. Some pieces will come directly from the art exhibition at the UN in New York, but there will also be a lot of new artwork created specifically for Munich: paintings, fine art photography, contemporary art installations, and design.

The first 10 guests to arrive (first come, first served) will receive a small fine artwork gift. Additionally, a limited edition artwork pieces exclusive to Munich will be available for purchase at a discounted price. 10% of the sales will be donated to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

For more information, please see below.

We look forward to welcoming you to this inspiring event!

16 members and guests from 4 cities attended

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Born in Rome, Augusto spent his formative teenage years studying in Tokyo, Japan, before returning to Italy to graduate from Rome's prestigious La Sapienza University, where he received his Italian Architectural Master's degree and practicing license. Influenced by the rich architectural history of both countries, Augusto developed a passion for structural design and architectural ideology.

Upon graduating, he moved to New York in 2001, where he felt he could experiment with various styles and forms. He then began working as a freelance designer for exhibitions, art installations, and trade shows. Projects included utilizing lighting design in New York Art galleries and exhibits.

In the following years, he expanded this work to include several large-scale exhibition projects throughout the United States. As a multi-talented and diverse designer, Augusto oversaw and coordinated art exhibitions such as the Italian artist Gaetano Pesce's large-scale Pesce for Lunch exhibit at the ICFF, the inauguration of the Italian Emigration Museum in New Jersey, the Moleskine New Notebook Design Launching Party; Inner Earth Exhibition at The MACC Art Museum; and most famously, he curated, designed, and built the photographic exhibition of Bernardo Bertolucci's Images in tandem with the director's retrospective at MoMA.

During this time, Augusto expanded his architectural portfolio by working as a freelance designer for New York architectural firms on residential and commercial projects, utilizing his specific interest in contemporary design and minimalist features. Partnering with local architects, he contributed to the planning and building a wide range of projects, including residential complexes, private mansions, restaurants, galleries, landscaping, and landmark and industrial renovations.

As his body of work grew, he began branching out as an individual designer, allowing him to focus on a more artistically inspired career. He began personally designing commercial and residential spaces that included both interior design and exterior renovation work. In 2010, he formed crAft-nyc, an architectural design studio involved with interior renovations of residential and commercial spaces and exhibition design.

Today, Augusto is working on designing several townhouse and luxury apartment renovations and lobby designs in New York. He plans to do more exhibition work in museums and galleries, as well as in the urban environment and nature.


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