Exclusive VIP Preview: Cathedrals by Michael von Hassel - Dusseldorf

ASMALLWORLD invites you to join us at Anna Laudel Düsseldorf for the VIP preview of ‘Cathedrals’ by Michael von Hassel, supported by the German Football Museum.

ASW Events Team
Join ASMALLWORLD Members for this exclusive VIP preview to celebrate the UEFA EURO 2024 by showcasing Michael von Hassel’s extraordinary five-year project, ‘Bundesliga Cathedrals’.

Expect to see 36 iconic Bundesliga stadiums captured in a unique nocturnal setting, depicted in a deserted yet brilliantly illuminated state. The preview, taking place on Wednesday, June 12th, 2024, offers a first look at this remarkable series, providing a fresh perspective on these famous landmarks. Join us at Anna Laudel Düsseldorf for this unique opportunity to experience the emotional essence of football culture before the public exhibition begins.

Michael von Hassel's series presents football stadiums in an unprecedented way, meticulously crafted from approximately 90 individual shots each. After 36 intensive negotiations with key figures in the sporting world, the resulting images showcase these iconic sites bathed in night-time silence yet illuminated with radiant light, offering a unique perspective rarely seen when stadiums are empty.

ACCESS EVENT: This event is organised by a third party and no ASMALLWORLD representative will be present. Should you have any questions regarding this event, please contact the ASMALLWORLD Events Team directly at: events@asw.com. Space is limited, so kindly update your RSVP in case you are unable to attend.

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Born in Munich in 1978, Michael von Hassel is a photographer known for his surreal photographs. His working method is characterised by capturing and interpreting reality from unconventional perspectives. Von Hassel's work often focuses on as yet untreated or controversial subjects.

His notable series include photographs of the escape routes through the Sahara (2020), the destruction of Iraq by Western forces (2021) and the trenches in Donetsk/Donbass (2021). Using modern photographic technology, von Hassel creates multi-layered images with vivid colours and distinctive lighting that present viewers with an intense version of our world.

The content of his work has evolved from single images to a series of complex reflections. Since 2018, he has been working in unconventional places where many thousands of people come together. The artist examines these mass phenomena and opens up an as-yet-unnoticed perspective for the recipients through his works.

Michael von Hassel currently lives and works in Munich, where he continues to explore the boundaries of modern photography, capturing the cultural Zeitgeist spirit and encouraging viewers to look beyond everyday reality.


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