Webinar: Learn from History's Greatest Artists - Bern

Join Michelle Perchuk, Founder and CEO at MTV Coaching, as she explains what can one learn from History's greatest artists about achieving greatness in your personal and professional life. Tune in on Tuesday, September 14th at 20:00 CET (20:00 Zurich, 19:00 London, 14:00 New York).

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ASMALLWORLD Members are invited to join an online webinar on the "Learn from History's Greatest Artists" with guest speaker Michelle Perchuk, as part of our ASMALLWORLD Webinars Series.

Speaker Michelle Perchuk is the "Da Vinci Career Coach". She is the rare professional who has found a way to converge her passion for art and career coaching in an unexpected and exciting way. In this webinar, Michelle will share with you valuable strategies for standing out in a competitive job market inspired by great artists. Learn how artistry and the hiring process can converge to positively boost your career and business.

Michelle will shift your mindset and give you new and powerful tips as she guides you through the stories of great artists and demonstrates parallels in their lives to our complicated lives today. After listening to her webinar you will know what to do to find clarity in your career and like purpose. Discover how Leonardo Da Vinci thrived by leveraging his transferable skills and learn how you can do the same!
Michaelangelo found power in hidden potential, Rembrandt used marketing to build his brand, Frida Kahlo channelled her passion to find meaning in her work. Plus Michelle will tell the stories of courage and resilience from Picasso, Van Gogh and Chagall.

Tune in to this webinar on Tuesday, September 14th at 20:00 CET (20:00 Zurich, 19:00 London, 14:00 New York).

Your Zoom link can be found directly on the ticket. You can access the link without installing the Zoom app and it can be used on both your laptop and mobile device. Should you have any issues, please find our Zoom instructions here.

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Michelle Perchuk is a certified career and business progression coach and founder of MTV Coaching, a company that works with professionals across all industries to help them achieve full potential and career aspirations. She is a sought after speaker and has presented at numerous events for various organizations. She is the author of a highly acclaimed book called "Swimming in the Talent Pool" voted a must-read for anyone looking for a job by Textpander. Her insights and expert advice are captured in her innovative project called The Da Vinci Career Coach available as an E-Course or on Knowable. She has been featured in Business Insider, Black Enterprise, NY Wire, US Reporter, Kiva Daily, NYU Bulletin, Yahoo News and many more. Michelle serves as President of TEAM NYC Virtual Connections and VLO Committee at NYU.


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