Indian Ocean

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  • Maldives

    From swaying palms and turquoise seas to gleaming, white-sand beaches, the Maldives embody every tropical island cliché you can think of. This fabled archipelago comprises nearly 1,200 islands spread among 26 coral atolls straddling the equator. No two islands are the same: some are no more than slivers of land protruding from the ocean, while others are covered in rainforest. Only about 200 are inhabited, and half as many again have been transformed into luxury resorts with over-water villas or cottages tucked into beach vegetation. Better still, many operate in their own time zone, providing the ultimate disconnect.
  • Mauritius

    With some of the best beaches on the planet – and plenty of luxe resorts to match – Mauritius is a top choice for a romantic getaway or a family holiday, relaxing against backdrops of turquoise lagoons and golden sands. But the Indian Ocean island has plenty more to offer beyond the white-sand beaches, from world-class golf to soft adventures, designer boutiques to Creole culture and a vibrant dining scene. While basking in five-star opulence is an appealing (and easy) way to while away a leisurely week, make sure to get off your beach chair to explore the rest of the island’s varied charms.
  • Seychelles

    Nowhere fits the ‘tropical island paradise’ brief quite as well as the Seychelles. Bathed in year-round sunshine, this nation of 115 islands sits adrift in the Indian Ocean almost 1,000 miles to the east of Africa. From coral atolls to jagged peaks, the archipelago is incredibly varied but remains best known for its achingly beautiful beaches. Flanked by towering forests and signature jumbles of time-worn, granite boulders, the postcard-perfect shorelines are often considered among the world’s best. Add in colourful, local culture and some truly one-of-a-kind wildlife and you’ve got all the essentials for the ultimate island escape.
  • Sri Lanka

    The beauty of an island destination is that everything is near at hand. In Sri Lanka that means beaches, cultural cities, tea-covered highlands and wildlife-rich rainforest, all gathered within the central and south-western section of the island. How you play these various cards depends on your interest, and of course on the season, because the monsoon brings rain and tricky sea conditions to this area between May and August. Fortunately, the island’s best weather coincides conveniently with Europe’s wettest, so this is a wonderful place for winter sun.Sri Lanka is an excellent destination for touring and some of the most exciting places to discover are off the beaten track. If you’ve an adventurous spirit, we suggest that you consider a minor detour to experience them fully. You won’t find the kind of globally recognised luxury hotels that we review in these areas, however, we can personally recommend charming boutique guest houses and lodges, independently owned and elegantly managed.