Thimphu, Bhutan

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"Reconnect and feel the moment in this spiritual and unspoilt land with a visit to several – or each and every one – of these five luxury lodges tucked away in breathtaking settings."

With five luxury lodges scattered across Bhutan's valleys, Amankora offers one-of-a-kind accommodations with unforgettable views, first-rate service, immersion into nature and the opportunity to connect with local traditions and daily life. Each lodge is set in a picturesque location: Thimphu Lodge in a blue pine...   Show more

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  • Suite

    • 52 m2 / 560 ft2
    • King bed
    • Various views

    The Suites are crafted from natural materials and include details that complement and reference Bhutanese culture.
    Suites enjoy a combined lounge and bedroom with a traditional Bukhari (wood-burning stove). A spacious bathroom is dominated by a large terrazzo-clad bath.

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