We carefully curate each journey around your specific needs so you can enjoy the ultimate travel experience.
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The ultimate travel experience, curated just for you

  • A journey like no other

    We curate every travel itinerary based on your specific needs and preferences so you can enjoy the best possible travel experience.
    Whether you are a beach lover, a ski-bunny or celebrating that special life event, we’re here to create unique, unforgettable memories for you.
  • A team of travel experts

    Our team of expert Travel Designers consist of some of the most travelled and most knowledgeable in the industry.
    Whether it’s the plains of Africa, the frozen Artic or the ultimate beach vacation, we’ve probably been there already and we will help you to curate your ultimate travel experience.
  • Best value for money

    The advice of our team of expert travel designers comes at no extra cost to you. Our travel designers always ensure the very best value on every journey you book with us!
  • Every aspect of your journey covered

    We take care of all aspects of your journey: hotels, flights, transportation, activities and anything else you might need, so you can focus on what really matters: enjoying every moment of your journey.
  • Memories that last for a lifetime

    Ever thought about dining on the Great Wall of China? Enjoying sunset cocktails in the middle of the African bush? Or celebrating an anniversary with your family in a stunning Moroccan riad?
    We will expertly plan those special occasions for you to create memories that last for a lifetime.

Personalised travel curation service

We believe great travel experiences are created through passion, knowledge and an unwavering focus on detail. Based on this philosophy, we created ASMALLWORLD Private as a high-end, personalised travel curation service, where each itinerary is carefully crafted to your needs.

We offer this service for travel arrangements with a combined value of EUR 5’000 or higher.

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What we offer

  • Cruises

    Experience extraordinary luxury and expedition cruises to the world's most exotic destinations
  • Destinations

    Get the most out of your dream vacation with our expert advice
  • Activities

    Enjoy your favourite activities and unique experiences in exciting new locations
  • Safari

    Experience Africa in its spectacular glory without compromise
  • Private Jet

    Travel on a private jet to reach your next destination in style and comfort
  • Honeymoons

    Let us create the ultimate romantic escape for you

Ready for the trip of a lifetime?

Reach out to us and let our team of expert travel designers plan an unforgettable journey for you!

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