Four wineries that offer virtual wine tours

Alix M Campbell

Senior Contributor

The pandemic has forced many companies to look for online or virtual options to sell their services, and wineries are no exception. If visiting a winery has been on your bucket list of experiences for 2021, you’re in luck. You can schedule a virtual trip from across the globe and join these four wineries in the US for a personalised event.

Far Niente

The Far Niente Napa Valley Wine Estate was established by John Benson in 1885. The name of the company derived from an Italian phrase that can be translated as ‘without a care’, even though creating the winery’s Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay is carried out with meticulous care, attention to detail and uncompromising craftmanship. This includes the parchment label with its intricate art nouveau design.

‘No detail is too small. No suggestion for improvement is ignored.’ The Far Niente winery is not messing around when it comes to the quality of their precious drop. This highly professional attitude is carried over to their personalised tastings, which can be done virtually.

The company will send you their curated selection of wines for the tasting to your doorstep and coordinate a time that works for everyone. The winery experts on the other side will guide you through this experience and are ready to answer all of your wine-related questions. It’s the perfect combination of learning and enjoyment and you can partake in this event with friends and family, wearing your comfiest clothes.


Approachable and to the point - Wine.com is here to bring the world of wine to your house. ‘The World’s Largest Wine Store’ is happy to offer you the world’s biggest wine selection you can find in one place. They don’t leave you hanging wandering around their huge virtual warehouse by yourself. Wine.com pairs their wines with expert guidance.

The company prides itself on building relationships with wineries – big and small – from all over the world. Every wine region, grape variety and price is said to be included in their broad selection, which can be navigated thanks to easy filters, helpful ratings, recommendations and live chats with wine experts, even if you’re not at sommelier-level. Wine.com is here to help you rediscover old wine favourites and find new ones.

On top of all this, as well as a 5-star mobile app, the company offers virtual tastings and live streams to introduce winemakers, critics and other wine professionals to everyone who’s eager to learn more about the winemaking process, wine pairings or tasting notes. You can search the virtual tastings by category and choose your favourite. Cheers!

Priority Wine Pass

Providing customers with unforgettable wine tasting experiences since 2012, Priority Wine Pass prides itself in cultivating lasting relationships with family-owned high-quality wineries at the West Coast of the USA. It’s a company priority (pun intended) to pair their customers with the perfect wineries to enjoy wine tastings like a true local and steer clear of tourist traps.

You can expect a personalised tasting experience depending on your wine preferences as well as exclusive discounts through the company’s wine pass. Discover hidden gems and get to know new wine regions and wineries in California, Washington and Oregon that would have flown under your radar.

Priority Wine Pass offers a wide variety of tasting experiences, from large corporate events to intimate birthday parties, and they will curate custom food packages for the non-drinkers in the group. The company’s mixture of high-quality wines and knowledgeable hosts provide a fun environment for anyone who wants to expand their horizons in terms of wine.

Hope Family Wines

The name gives it away already, Hope Family Wines is a family-owned business producing quality wines at California’s Central Coast for over 30 years. Paso Robles with its rolling hills dotted with oak trees belongs to the top viticultural regions today, producing world-class red wine with the finest characteristics.

The varieties cultivated by the Hope family are Merlot, Mourvedre, Grenache, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon. Distinguished by notes of licorice, berry and spice as well as soft textures, the five individual brands offered by the winery are Quest, Treana, Austin Hope, Liberty School and Troublemaker, with grapes ripening during warm sunny days and cool coastal nights.

Sustainable growing practices ensure that only the finest grapes are used to produce the winery’s quality drops. A virtual wine tasting with the Hope family is also an intimate affair, from being assisted with the selection of wines to the experience of tasting them with your friends and family all over the world.

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