A mystical weekend in Sedona, Arizona

Chanoa Tarle

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Outside of the nation’s national parks, the great American West lags behind more popular destinations on its buzz-worthy seacoasts. However, missing a transformative weekend in Sedona, Arizona would be a mistake. Sedona is a favourite destination of spiritually-minded travellers in the know, a hub for wellness and creative activities. What’s more, the city is home to powerful natural energy centres or vortices, to make your adventure one you won’t soon forget.

Energetic Vortices in the American West

The American West is home to two of the most prominent locations for energy vortices in the country: Mount Shasta, California and Sedona, Arizona. Sedona is famous for its four powerful energy vortices: Airport Mesa, Bell Rock, Boynton Canyon and Cathedral Rock (in fact, the entire Sedona area is considered to be an energy vortex). The vortices spiral energy either up or down, resonating for a quarter to a half-mile away from the centre of its source. Each vortex sends out a different type of energy, and no matter the vortex type, each is said to support the exploration of the inner self, healing and meditation. Travellers visit Sedona from around the world to experience a phenomenon commonly described as recharging, uplifting and creativity-boosting energy. The city of colourful and calming desert landscapes is considered a sacred place thanks to these powerful energy vortices.

Getting to Sedona, Arizona

Flying into Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is the most common route to reach Sedona. The subsequent drive requires an estimated two hours, meaning most Sedona visitors have the opportunity to enjoy two lovely desert road trips on their journeys. Private and charter aircraft may fly directly to Sedona, landing at its namesake airport in West Sedona. For those taking the road trip route, stopping to capture photos is highly recommended. Depending on one’s preference, sightseeing stops could include such places as Montezuma Castle National Monument, Black Canyon City, Agua Fria National Monument and Slide Rock State Park… all in the gorgeous Sonoran Desert. Sedona’s Mariposa Restaurant is an excellent fine-dining option for lunch or dinner with picturesque desert and mountain views. Jerome, Arizona- at a stunning 45-minute car ride away, is home to the well-favoured breakfast spot, The Mine Café and Asylum Restaurant, which sits atop Verde Valley in a historic landmark.

Healing and Spiritual Transformation

Unsurprisingly, healing and spiritual transformation are top of mind in the city of Sedona. Powerful energy abounds, and the community focuses on wellness and consciousness-lifting activities, perpetually attracting residents interested in healing or spirituality- including healers, nutritionists, reiki practitioners, hypnotherapists and shamans. Health-promoting activities run the gamut from taking in the great outdoors on nature hikes (the route near Oak Creek is highly-recommended) to taking spiritual tours to stargaze, meditate, participate in healing ceremonies and more. There’s something for everyone with activities for the most advanced in spiritual circles to visitors comfortable with more traditional forms of healing such as holistic nutrition recommendations and aromatherapy. Families are welcome in Sedona too, with child-friendly activities including trips to Slide Rock State Park (waterslides designed by nature), hiking on Airport Summit Trail and the city’s signature Pink Jeep Tours. Still, simply spending time in Sedona is said to have regenerative effects thanks to its unique energy. 

Retreats, Yoga and Spas

Many Sedona visitors choose to harness the mystical energy to make the most out of yoga sessions, spa trips and even healing retreats. Travellers seeking a truly luxurious spa experience may look to L’Auberge De Sedona Resort and Spa… also a wonderful place to stay. The resort offers numerous top tier experiences (from fine dining to canyon excursions) and it's home to L’Apothecary Spa. The nature spa specializes in healing treatments with proprietary blends for elixirs, serums and more, combining local botanicals for personalized blends based on guests’ needs and desires. Sedona Mago Retreat is top-of-mind in the world of retreats with offerings for meditation, holistic healing and other pursuits designed to soothe body, spirit and mind. Yoga centres abound, along with the opportunity to practice yoga outside, within range of specific energy vortices; various body work practices are also widely available - including massage and chakra balancing sessions.

Taking the Sedona Experience Home

Following such a restorative, adventure-filled weekend, travellers often return home with new routines, new wellness practices and a refreshed outlook on life. Other ways to take the Sedona experience home involve the retail route. The Arizona city is home to numerous shops carrying one-of-a-kind or rare items, perfect for meaningful souvenirs. Crystal shops (Crystal Magic and Mystical Bazaar are great) and speciality bookstores abound, as do stores for the likes of incense, meditation cushions, Native American art, jewellery, clothing, fossils and sage. Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village, Hozho Distinctive Shops and Galleries and Hillside Sedona are fantastic places to start.

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