Member Events Guidelines

General Guidelines

Member Events are events that are hosted by our members.

ASW evaluates each event and checks that it is in line with the ASW brand, offers value to our members, and does not conflict with an official ASW event. We also consider whether we believe there will be a demand for the proposed event or not.

ASW reserves the right to reject any proposed event.

Detailed Guidelines

  • Events must be submitted at least 2 weeks before they take place
  • Events must offer real value to ASW members (e.g. special benefit or discount)
  • The member who proposed the event must be present
  • The event description must contain all relevant details about the event
  • Start and end dates, times, and locations must be provided
  • Any cover charge, ticket fees or other costs must be mentioned
  • Where possible, a link to a page with more information should be provided
  • Events must take place in a secure and reputable location
  • In case of cancellation, the host must contact events team under as soon as possible to ensure attendees can be informed in a timely manner.

Appropriate Events

Examples of appropriate events:

  • After-work drinks
  • Brunch, lunch or dinner gatherings
  • Fashion shows
  • Music (concerts only)
  • Charity/fundraising events
  • Conferences
  • Movie and theatre premiers
  • Wine tastings
  • Art gallery openings
  • Special nightclub events (only if specific benefits are given to members)

Please note that any events of a commercial nature must offer a real added value to our members (e.g. free cover charge, meaningful discounts, a complimentary drink, giveaways).

Inappropriate Events

Examples of events which we reject:

  • Events with the primary purpose to drive sales for this event (commercial nature)
  • Events which promote a product or service (commercial nature)
  • Events which offer no special value reserved only for ASW members
  • Dating events
  • Gambling or casino events
  • Events which promote any inappropriate or illegal content, including sex (prostitution) or drugs

Examples of good event descriptions

Dinner at [restaurant name] - PARIS

ASW Member Liza Martin would like to invite ASW members and their guests to the [restaurant name] restaurant for an unforgettable gastronomic experience!

This one-star Michelin restaurant brings together the ancient cooking techniques practiced by Japanese cooks with the chaotic creativity and attention to detail of Chef Julian Dupont into a one-and-only 6-course menu so sought after that there is now a waiting list. This small yet remarkably well-decorated restaurant is well situated in the center of Paris on the 1st arrondissement, but if you do not look carefully, you might just miss it.

To learn more about this restaurant, please visit their website: [restaurant website].

The ASW table is reserved for Friday, February 9th at 8pm.

All expenses are to be covered by attendees individually, and the price for the 6-course menu is EUR 120 (one glass of red or white wine included per course). This is a special 50% discount off the regular price of EUR 240 only available to guests from ASW.

If you wish to join the dinner, please RSVP on this page and send a private message to Liza Martin by Friday February 1st.

Registration is mandatory and admission is by guest list only.

Contemporary art gallery opening - LONDON

ASW Member Franco Smith would like to invite ASW Members and their guests to the exciting opening of this new contemporary art gallery opening in the center of London on Thursday, October 18th at 5pm

Discover some of the most exceptional modern and contemporary artists of our time and their latest work during the very special opening of a new art gallery in [location address].

For ASW members only there will be a reserved area and the cover charge of £10 includes complimentary hors d'oeuvres and drinks.

To confirm attendance at this event, please RSVP on this page and send a private message to Franco Smith to add your name to the list.

Registration is mandatory and admission is by guest list only.

Halloween Party VIP style at Club Cherry - LOS ANGELES

ASW Member John Douglas would like to invite ASW Members and their guests to the VIP area of Club Cherry for their annual extravagant Halloween party.

This event will take place on Tuesday, October 31st. The club will open at 11pm and it is recommended that you come before midnight to avoid waiting in line.

Access to the VIP area at Club Cherry will cost $35 instead of the regular price $70 and will include 1 complimentary Halloween-themed cocktail or glass of Prosecco.

If you want to join in on the fun, please RSVP to this event and guarantee your name is on the VIP list by purchasing your ticket through Club Cherry's website. For ASW members only please use the promo code: ASWHALLOWEEN

Registration is mandatory and admission is by guest list only.