10 Videos To Get You Through These Tough Times

Amber Gibson


These short but sweet videos by The School of Life will help you cope with the new challenges we're facing now. All free on YouTube and less than 10 minutes long.

Thoughts For A Storm

Let's start with their newest video, made specifically for this time. It advises that we must concede to our powerlessness and vulnerabilities to the greater forces outside our control. In these times all we can do is to love our fellow humans and build friendships among our mutual vulnerabilities. Let go of what we cannot control, serve in whatever way we can and appreciate what we have.

The Best Way To Face Difficult Times

Difficult times come in infinite unique varieties and it seems the most awful of circumstances completely blindside us, but this video encourages that “there might still be a way to live lightheartedly amidst catastrophe.” In times like these, we must find joy and hope in the small pleasures of life and “stare down the darkness and refuse to let it terrify us.” Just think of how Monty Python boisterously depicted the crucifixion of Jesus. A good one to fortify your spirits.

Loneliness And Our Craving For Community

Humans have lived in communities for the entirety of our evolutionary existence and a feeling of belonging and connection is an essential human need. We need people to trust and to know and love deeply, to celebrate and commiserate with.

While the current global necessity of social distancing is making it difficult to physically be close to those outside our immediate household, we can use technology to have virtual happy hours, digital book clubs and online yoga classes and fulfil that need. Perhaps make a pact with yourself to write a letter a day to an old friend, or check-in by phone daily by loved ones living alone.

Taking It One Day At A Time

When our current situation feels impossible, with no light at the end of the tunnel, it's easy to feel hopeless. With so much uncertainty in our lives right now, and countless predictions for best and worst case scenarios on the news, it's overwhelming to try to envision what our lives will look like in the future. Given the scale of what we're up against, we're told that “by limiting our horizons to tonight, we're girding ourselves for the long haul” and that's all we can do to maintain our sanity.

How To Stop Feeling Scared All The Time

Some of us are worriers, permanently anxious, and in times like these that sense of worry may be heightened to destructive levels. This video matter-of-factly talks through the brain chemistry and evolutionary biology that leads to worrying and how “to start to dig ourselves out of the quicksand of worry” by separating our feelings from reality. While there are certainly plenty of concrete reasons to be worried right now, it's possible to direct our minds in productive pursuits while treating ourselves with kindness.

Why We Should Not Watch Quite So Much News

More than ever, we are constantly bombarded with breaking COVID-19 news, and every bit of new information about the global crisis may seem critical. But this video points out that by tuning into an unending stream of news from the outside world, we may be silencing “the news from within” by not allowing time for personal reflection. Consider focusing only actionable news that relates directly to your life and your responsibilities rather than be swept up in the drama unfolding.

How To Cope With Depression

This video opens with the sobering statement that almost half of us will suffer from depression at some point in our lives. While many of us might think we are depressed during COVID-19, we may simply be suffering from sadness. Depression is oft misunderstood and the biggest difference between sadness and depression is that the depressed person does not know what they are sad about. Those of us susceptible to depression may find this pandemic a most dangerous time, and this video may help you reflect on your feelings.

Feeling Grateful For The Small Things

At a time when we have lost so much – jobs, savings, health, vacations and even lives – it can be hard to find things we are grateful for. Look at little joys, new flowers blooming, savoring a favorite food, reading a good great book, or sharing an inside joke with a loved one, not as “petty distractions from a mighty destiny” but as “a genuine pleasure amid a litany of troubles.”


Our minds “exaggerate how fragile we might be” and our lives can become dominated by a fear of losing. Instead, give yourself a little more credit for being resourceful, kind and strong and remember that this too shall pass. Using the example of the ancient Roman philosopher Seneca, this video demonstrates how we don't need as much as think we do in order to survive. Knowing that you'll be ok is a source of confidence.

The Meaning Of Life In 60 Seconds

This quick collage will nudge you to find what you can do for others, to find meaningful connections in innovative ways and maybe spark a leap of progress that will lead to a better new post-COVID-19 life.

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