Art Fusion Pre-Vernissage - Zurich

Art aficionados, this one is for you! Join us for the Art Fusion Pre-vernissage specially organised for ASW members and guests only!

ASW Events Team
ASMALLWORLD invites Members and Guests to join us at a private ASW Pre-Vernissage of 'Art Fusion Zürich Christmas Time' at Peyer Gallery.

All guests will enjoy a night with drinks and canapes while listening to the guided tour of the artists.

Be inspired by the painting, photography and digital art by Pedro Blas, Honys Torres, Pedro Martin Rojo and Federico Guerrero. Their works reflect the current testimony regarding the futuresque society.

Please note that for this event you must show a valid Covid certificate (vaccinated, recovered, tested) and an identification document with a photo.

Your and your fellow ASMALLWORLD Members' health and safety is our highest priority, and as such we will always adhere to local guidelines and regulations before reinstating in-person events in your country. Please refer to the Covid-19 Health & Safety Guidelines below to ensure that everyone makes a concerted effort to minimise the spread of the virus and to keep everyone safe.

76 members and guests from 7 cities attended

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Pedro Blas: 
Pedro Blas is a Venezuelan-Spanish artist and started painting as a teenager. In 1993 he completed his studies in design and graphics in Caracas (Venezuela), where he then worked in his studio for major brands, advertising agencies, and his artistic projects.
Blas’ work deals with graphic design, photography, painting, audiovisual media, printing, and lighting design. He continually looks for dynamism, transformation, the digital revolution, innovation, and topics related to the current time in which we live.
Since the 90s, Pedro Blas has been evoking a spirit in his work that feels like a collision between an analogue past and a digitized future, in which man and machine inevitably evolve and stand side by side in a prism of gradients of neon, geometric shapes, optical patterns and regular and irregular grids that project light and colour in a visual transformation.
Blas is a sub-product that began in the technological age when children started exploring the internet. He examines the result of this long screen time and how the light spectrum shift affects colour and module repetition.

Federico Guerrero: 
Federico Guerrero ‘Fico’, was born in Cali, Colombia, in 1977. From a young age, he began to travel extensively, taking up residence in various countries, which shaped his vision of life, thus his art and creations.
This nomadic spirit became a primary source of inspiration for him, which is reflected in the wide-ranging styles of his pieces. Guerrero moved to Zürich, Switzerland, in 2004, which by no means quenched his artistic wanderlust. He continues to travel and create striking collections of unconventional abstracts and figuratives from diverse perspectives. Contrasting colours and spontaneity are his creative signature.

Honys Torres: 
Honys Torres is a Venezuelan artist whose work is framed in the NEO POP genre. She uses irony and humour as part of her plastic discourse, as well as criticism and rhetoric in her themes and characters, sometimes anarchic and transgressive, an explosion of contrasting colours invade her work. She is characterized by the use of wefts within her colours, acrylic is her favourite medium, along with the soft shades of brightness.
Pictorial works, installations, photographs and resin sculptures are part of her artistic production. Since 2008 she has participated in several Art Salons and Biennials, in which she has obtained some awards for her participation.

Pedro Martin Rojo: 
Pedro was born in Tenerife in 1982, raised in Madrid and grew up in an art-loving family surrounded by two artists; his father, Jose Luis, and his uncle, Juan Andres. This greatly influenced his love for contemporary art, most especially pop art. Pedro studied Business in ESB in Germany, lived previously in London. He has been painting colourful portraits for more than 15 years and since 9 he is based In Zürich.
His passion is to capture the soul through the expression of the eyes and to catch the personality and feeling of the moment, for he believes that each face has a story behind it. Pedro has been commissioned to portrait well-known celebrities such as Eddie Izzard and other notable local personalities like Sara Leuetenegger, Adela Smajic or Raffa Plastic.


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