Immersive Party - The End IV - Paris

Join us for the Immersive Party - the End IV. This is not one you would want to miss!

ASW Events Team
ASMALLWORLD and the Kube Hotel are happy to invite you to the Immersive Party - the End IV experience.

Where would you go if the world ended tomorrow? Once a year, THE END immersive evenings at the Kube Hotel plunge you into a unique universe.

This year, the theme is "The TITANIC's last ball" where you will be part of Morgane Calmelet's clan "ROCKIN' TITANIC". Clan attire should consist of a three-piece suit or ball gown from the early 19th century (1910s) with a rock touch: punk hairstyle, rock'n'roll accessories (gloves, wig etc) and rock make-up!

THE END is much more than a fancy dress party: it's 5 party floors, all night long and in all hotel rooms. There are more than 60 performers, 18 hot DJs on 3 stages, 7 alcohol and Champagne bars "all-inclusive", unlimited food corners open until 6 am, and an avalanche of surprises.

Are you ready with your disguise? If so, gather your tribe and come celebrate the end of the world at the Kube Hotel!

ASMALLWORLD Ambassador, Morgane Calmelet, will let you know where to meet on the day.

111 members and guests from 2 cities attended

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14 APRIL 1912 - 23:40

F**** iceberg.

This crossing of the Atlantic could have been such a great adventure...

The orchestra was playing in the magnificent ballroom, the women were dressed up, the men were dressed down, and the party was in full swing on the 3rd class deck.

Let's hope there are enough lifeboats...

Let's hope the ship is strong...

Whether you're a member of the liner, a lord, a businessman's daughter, a stowaway, 3rd class, or even worse, an evil occupant of the deep sea, put on your costume and come and experience the unique, The END.


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