Afterwork Cocktail Soirée - Paris

Let's celebrate midweek with a nice after-work get-together at Serpent à Plume and enjoy a welcome drink in an ASW dedicated area.

ASW Events Team
ASMALLWORLD invites members and guests to join the ASW host Devansh Parnami at Serpent à Plume Bar for a nice after-work get-together. Fancy a drink? So do we! Come for a welcome drink (exclusively for the first 20 people), and stay for more! Enjoy the evening in good spirits with excellent company, invite your friends and make new ones.

About the venue:
Serpent à Plume is an extravagant bar hidden under the concept store. In this vast underground space with arched ceilings and handsome decor by Vincent Darré, you’ll find ancient Mayan sculptures side by side with ancient furniture. As it is excellently put by the bar: ''We are not a masterclass cocktail bar, we are a museum''.

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65 members and guests from 8 cities attended

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