Dinner at JIJI - London

Enjoy a fabulous dinner in the lovely surroundings of JIJI Islington!

ASW Events Team
ASMALLWORLD members and their guests are invited to enjoy a relaxing Wednesday dinner on at JIJI Islington with London Community Manager Anastasia Chaplin!

Tables are booked for 19:00 sharp.

About JIJI
JIJI is a brand-new dining concept showcasing the finest dishes, creatively combining Japanese and Middle Eastern ingredients for incredible flavours and sumptuous cocktails in a beautifully decorated, eclectic space. The restaurant itself is reminiscent of a home kitchen with an open robata grill, eclectic artwork and photo-worthy moments found at every corner.

The restaurant has been created by Janina Wolkow, restaurateur and founder of multi-award-winning contemporary Japanese restaurant Sumosan, which boasts outposts all over the world.

11 members and guests from 3 cities attended

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Salmon with sweet soya and furikake spices | 3.5
Tuna & avocado tartare with creamy truffle sauce | 4.25
Scallop with unagi sauce crème fraiche and salmon roe | 3.9
Seabass with Jalapeno dressing | 3.75
Fiery sesame yellowtail tartare | 4.5
Soya infused salmon roe | 5


Crunchy quinoa yellowtail roll | 13
Classic spicy tuna roll | 13.5
JIJI fish tartar with truffle and ponzu vinaigrette roll | 14.5
Salmon avocado with tempura flakes | 12
Crispy Seabass with truffle and Jalapeno roll | 12

Flat bread JIJI style baked on the robata grill

with olive oil and zaatar | 4.5

Smoked aubergine sashimi

with finely chopped Israeli salad, feta and blueberries | 9.5

The perfect poached egg

in Japanese panko parmesan crumb, fresh corn truffle polenta and Shitake mushroom ragout | 11

Chicory and rocket salad

dressed with a honey walnut vinaigrette, cambezola cheese and pomegranate seeds | 9

Japanese yellow tail carpaccio

with honeydew melon and grapefruit, seasoned in our house olive soy vinaigrette | 14.5

Heritage beets

marinated in sweet white balsamic on whipped feta, scattered with ‘JIJI’ pistachio dukkah, topped with pomegranate and chervil | 7.5

Crispy sushi rice

topped with piquant fish tartar of the day | 12

Roasted melt in your mouth cauliflower

with crispy leaves, on a flamed Ezme salad, with chef’s secret cured lemon paste and tofu cream topped with our own JIJI nut mix | 8.5

Homemade fish tacos of the day | 12


Mixed seaweed salad

with a traditional crunchy Japanese peanut sesame dressing | 12

Slow cooked pulled lamb shawarma

in ‘JIJI’ spice mix with yoghurt tahini, tomato jam and zhug | 19.5

48-hour miso marinated tender baked salmon belly | 18.5


Tomato butter glazed sea kebab

with mixed fresh herbs, chilli and cured lemon | 19.5

Sando schnitzel

in Homemade Japanese milk bread with aubergine chips | 17.5

Robata grilled chicken

marinated for 72 hours in yakitori sauce | 21

Pan seared crispy red mullet

with a Mediterranean warm sherry vinegar and ripped zaatar croutons | 19.5

Honey soy marinated onglet

on smoked aubergine cream with lovage pesto and Jerusalem artichoke crisps | 24.5


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