Online Experience: Rare Coloured Gemstones (Continued) with Eva Meijer - Bern

Join Eva Meijer, world class gemmologist, for this wonderful online experience where you will journey into the world of rare coloured gemstones and bespoke jewellery design. Tune in on Thursday 9th September at 20:00 CET (20:00 Zurich, 19:00 London, 14:00 New York)!

ASW Events Team
You are invited to join on Zoom for a great Virtual Experience hosted from Eva Meijer from the Netherlands! This event is a fabulous opportunity to educate yourself on rare gemstones and bespoke jewellery. Join us on Thursday 9th September at 20:00 CET (20:00 Zurich, 19:00 London, 14:00 New York)!

The Gem Class (Continued)
The differences between diamond and coloured stone grading - and 4 rare gems you need to know

During this experience, we will explore the world of gemmology - Learning about the “new precious gems” unknown to most yet snapped up by the world’s high jewellery houses, how & where they are sourced and the range of bespoke options available for those seeking unique pieces.

This session will be live-streamed from London.

Your Zoom meeting link can be found directly on the ticket. You can access the link without installing the Zoom app and it can be used on both your laptop and mobile device. Should you have any issues, please find our Zoom instructions here.

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Eva Meijer
A Dutch gem dealer and fine jewellery designer sourcing rare coloured gemstones for bespoke jewellery and her own collection of atelier pieces. As a former lawyer-turned-gemologist, she specialises in rare coloured gemstones which she sources in Bangkok - the world’s trading hub of colour stones and the place where she studied gemmology and fell in love with these rare gems.

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LinkedIn: Eva Meijer


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