ASW Webinar with Maya Hu-Chan - Bern

Join Maya Hu-Chan, globally recognized keynote speaker, author, leadership educator, and Master Certified Coach for an impactful conversation on “Saving face”, a universal concept that enables you to connect with people, break down barriers, and build trust and long-term relationships. Tune in on Tuesday, November 17th at 20:00 CET for a powerful webinar!

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ASMALLWORLD Members are invited to join an online webinar on "Building Good Relationships At Work & In Life" with guest speaker Maya Hu-Chan as part of our ASMALLWORLD Webinars Series.

"Face" is the new social currency of our time. "Face" represents one’s self-worth, identity, reputation, status, pride, and dignity. “Saving face” is a universal concept that enables you to connect with people, break down barriers, and build trust and long-term relationships.

Participants will learn the concept of honoring, losing, and saving face so they can build authentic relationships and creating a culture of psychological safety for everyone.

Tune in to this Zoom Webinar on Tuesday, November 17th at 20:00 CET (20:00 Zurich, 19:00 London, 14:00 New York).

Your Zoom meeting link can be found directly on the ticket. You can access the link without installing the Zoom app and it can be used on both your laptop and mobile device. Should you have any issues, please find our Zoom instructions here.

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Maya Hu-Chan is a globally recognized speaker, best selling author, leadership consultant, and ICF Certified Master Coach. She specializes in global leadership, cross-cultural management, and inclusion.  

Ranked Top 8 Global Solutions Thinkers by Thinkers50, World Top 30 Leadership Gurus, and Top 100 Thought Leaders in Management & Leadership, Maya has worked with thousands of leaders from major corporations throughout the Americas, Asia, Australia, and Europe.   

Maya Hu-Chan is president of Global Leadership Associates, an international management-consulting firm based in San Diego, California. Since founding the firm in 1992, she has built a reputation for excellence in global leadership, cross-cultural management, diversity, and inclusion.

Maya’s new book “Saving Face: How to Preserve Dignity and Build Trust” was Amazon #1 Best Seller in 3 categories (Berrett-Koehler, 2020).  She is the co-author of “Global Leadership: The Next Generation,” recommended by Harvard Business School Working Knowledge. She is also a contributing author of 10 business books. 

Her charismatic and engaging style has made her a regular conference presenter and popular keynote speaker. Maya has lectured at The Brookings Institution, the University of Southern California, Penn State University, The University of Chicago, Dartmouth College, and the University of California, San Diego.

Born and raised in Taiwan, Maya received her bachelor’s degree in journalism and business from National Chengchi University. She was an anchor for the China Broadcasting Company, then moved to the U.S. to get a master’s degree from The University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School for Communication. She served as the CEO of a non-profit organization in San Diego before embarking on her consulting career.

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